loving again part 21(twinj ff)


“I think I should leave now,” she whispered after a while but she made no attempt to leave the comfort.

It was a new feeling that she never felt with Yuvi, the feeling of trusting someone when you are meeting for the first time, when it is not an arranged setting but a kind of set up where there is a tension lying between the two persons every time.

But it was not because the love was not enough BACK THEN but because with Yuvi, she was friends the very next day of meeting him.

“I am just one call away and I hope you know that,” he said breaking the hug.

“hmm.” she hummed and walked back a few steps.

“walk slowly… “ he warned her as she turned swiftly.

Making yourself love someone else was not an easy thing and who knew it better than him.even her marriage with his brother could not change the fact how much he loved her…

“thank you.. she whispered as she was about to leave his room.

“for…” he looked up.

“for everything.” this time her voice was quite confident, “ I ‘ll try compensating for the sorrows I caused you back then.” he could hear the unspoken gratitude she was willing to offer.

“rather I’ll want us to start afresh without looking back.” he surprised her again with his words.

Baat dil ki nazaro ne ki, sach kah raha teri kasam..

Tere sath ho jayenge khatam

I know I have hurt you but this time I mean my words.” she turned up to look into his eyes.

Weathers changed suddenly throwing the strong gust of air inside the room through the open window.in this month cyclones and rains were common, it was nothing unusual… and they walked to close the windows and doors.

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum…


“Kunj! Son, how will you go to the airport? It is raining heavily.” Uma spoke eyeing the dark clouds spreading over the city.

“there is still time, we will wait Bebe.. if it does not stop they themselves will cancel the flight and then I’ll take another available ticket,” he said sipping the tea as he leaned on the kitchen door.

“i went to meet Savitri today and…

“and… he asked as his mother got busy in stirring the paneer sabji she had been cooking today.

“i am happy they understood my worry and even I am surprised of Neha… she was always a beautiful soul.” his mother sighed, there was a time she wanted to make this girl her daughter in law.

“but she is also suffering bebe, and please pray she moves on.” he felt guilty at the very mention of Neha.

“don’t worry son, everything would be good, besides Neha is going to meet the guy who wanted to marry her before we reached to them with your proposal,” she told him the thing Savitri was telling her earlier in the day.

“oh ..that’s a great news I am hearing,” he answered pulling out the knife from the cutlery holder.

Suddenly he hopped on the platform and with a puzzled look his mother turned to him.

“thought to set this wire right,” he said wrapping the spare wire hanging just beside the kitchen chimney.

“but at least switch off the main power, Son!” Uma said worriedly.

“won’t be needing Bebe,” he replied as he wrapped it inside one of the air ventilators.

“you two never listen any of my words.” she spoke annoyingly turning back to the pot. “ just another day, Yuvi climbed on that wall extension… what could I have done if he would have fallen.”

Without knowing what she was talking she kept stirring the pot.

“Bebe, it is fine,” he said jumping down instantly seeing her state.

“no, it is not fine…” and suddenly she realized her words and as soon as he hugged her. “ she whispered. “ I told him to take care but he didn’t … he went away Kunj… he just went away.”

“I’m sorry bebe, I am sorry. I’ll take care from next time.” he felt guilt creeping up.

The hug was tightening as his mother whispered a few words and that was the time when for the first time his mother hugged him and together they shared a moment missing the one who was gone to never come back.

He felt how alone his mother as though she tried every possible way to help them all to survive without dropping a single tear.

He wished things were not like this, he wished his father has not left for that mission decades back, he wished his brother was not gone in such a way. He just wished things were not the way they were today.

He hugged her kissing her hairs to console his strong mother, he knew he needed to come back as soon as possible.

“it is okay Bebe, and by the way I had to tell you something before going back.” he initiated it in a hope to change the topic.

“hmmm… Say son,” trying to step back she replied, “I am okay,” she assured him.

But he kept hugging her and spoke, “she agreed Ma so ….” he paused for a moment. “get it done whenever you want.”

“i knew it the moment I entered the house Son,” her smile was visible in her voice.

“Her poor son knew how to lift her up and he kept the things to himself for such moments.” she mused inwardly.

“ I have to change my clothes.” he turned away in an attempt to leave the embarrassment.

“you made me so happy..thank you my son.” she said behind him. “ to live without a spouse is not easy and who knows it better than your own mother.” taking a brief moment she continued. “ I didn’t want Twinkle to go through the same agony, same aloofness, and same uncompleted longings when it was clear her husband was not coming back unlike your father about whom we didn’t get single information.”


He heard his mother coming to him with her favorite person nowadays.

“you need to tell him to come soon my princess,” he smiled on his mother’s voice from the corridor.

“i thought you might want to meet her before leaving for work, Son.” Uma entered inside and waited for her son to complete combing his hair.

“i was just coming downstairs,” he said as he put the comb inside the drawer and closed it.

“take your time, we’ll wait for you.” said his mother in a baby tone sitting on the chair with the little girl in her lap who was staring the man with curiosity.

“ say pa.” directed Uma to her granddaughter who was saying small words nowadays.

The baby stared her granny for a while to perhaps get what she was trying to say and she smiled as she has gotten what her granny meant.

“Pah,” she whispered in the same low voice audible to only he granny.

“Pa..” Uma tried encouraging her to say louder but to her vain Kavya whispered lowly.

“Give her to me Bebe,’ Kunj came to take her as he was done and Uma scrunched her nose for the failure.

“come soon son, I am setting the table for dinner,” Uma said leaving for the said.

“i am coming in a few minutes Bebe…” he replied as he got busy with his daughter.

“okay Son..” and Uma left his room not before hearing.

“what you and Granny were talking ..haan?” he asked her narrowing his eyes lovingly.

They chatted as he took his little bag and closed the door of his room.


“tell us when you reach London.” Uma told him as he got ready to leave for airport.

“yeah Bebe, sure,” he said as he knelt down to take her blessing.

“take care of you Son.. and be happy.” she blessed him as she took a glance on Twinkle standing in a corner.

“i think I forgot to close the door to terrace son..I am going to close it.” she spoke suddenly.

‘i had closed it Bebe.” twinkle said as she remembered she had closed it.

“No… I had gone for something .” she caught it hurriedly.

“Okay, I’ll go and latch it.” Twinkle said already turning to the stairs.

‘No Twinkle, you are already injured..you stay here and close the main gate as Kunj leaves..I’ll go and latch it.” she ordered her as she handed Kavya to Kunj.

“okay, Bebe.” Twinkle answered her suddenly stern mother in law who smiled on her victory.

“I’ll call as I reach,” he said knowing she had been following him to the gate.

“Okay,” she replied.

“i know I never said that earlier but take care of Ma, today she was stressed,” he asked her.

“I’ll” she replied in two words and the no eye to eye talks kept going.

“so see you soon princess,” he said as they reached the door and the baby smiled as he talked to her.

“take care of you too,” he said finally.

“hmmm….and they looked to themselves for a brief moment. And just when he turned to cross the doorway.

“listen… she called him and he turned back with surprise.

“don’t rely on alcohols ever, they cause no good,” she said with straight eyes.

“okay.’ he smiled on the concern.

And when the two grown-up thought it was it, the little one thought to say something.

“Paah…” it was just a little word, no big talks but as soon as this word left her lips her mother froze and the man leaving the doorway came to just hear it for one more time.

Not only the father knew the right time to say the things even the daughter was on her way to follow his dad’s footprints.


Hello everyone, so how was Father’s Day for all of you? I baked a cake for daddy that’s another thing my brother had more than half of it 😉

No, but baking cake or the other things was just the excitement these days bring, the most valuable thing is how we treat our parents, we can argue with them, we can get scolded by them but what matters is the respect we should always give them.

With this little hearty talk, I hope you liked this chapter and I am taking this moment to thank every one of you for the love and support you have been.

Thank you for all the beautiful comments,likes and even the silent reads, I hope to do the chapters even better.

With love Morusya

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  1. Happy father’s day to u too..
    Superb episode dear..
    Twinj talks with eachother were soothing..
    Kavya and Kunj bonding cute
    Uma being the dotted MIL so sweet
    Best moment for Kunj when Kavya called him paah so adorable yr..
    Waiting for your next episode
    Please post soon

    1. Morusya51

      hey Drishti, thank you so much, Man!! I am so happy with the love you guys are giving as chapters are proceeding. .
      i am happy you with the minute observation you are doing, i am happy about it. …and yes “that Paah” is the soul of this chapter😊😊😊
      coming soon dear…

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Happy father’s day to you too dear.
    Twinj 😍😍😍
    Kavya and kunj scene… 😍😍😍😍
    Amazing episode dear
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    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear for liking this part, with every passing day the pressure is increasing on me… i get so happy when i see your messages. thanks again❤❤

  3. It was indeed …superb…
    Specially kavya & kunj scenes…
    & efforts of uma…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Yashika for writing how you liked,.. i am so happy with increasing response..thanks Man♥♥

  4. Shalu02

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear post soon

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Shalu..coming real soon

  5. Shalu02

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    1. Morusya51

      yeah babies are so cute and so is our Kavya

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      thank you dear

    1. Morusya51


    That’s all I can say 😍
    Kavya and Kunj’s bonding is so Adorable ❣❣
    The moment Kavya called Kunj “paah” was just to cute and on perfect timing 😍
    I would love to read these kind of scenes more on them 😄
    TWINJ are progressing at a good pace 😍
    The changes and acceptance to something new for Twinj is so beautifully portrayed ❤
    Loving the story so far ❣
    ps: sorry mourasya for not commenting on last few episodes. I had to prepare for Entry tests 😬
    Eagerly waiting for next 🤗

    1. Morusya51

      first of all it is no issue dear, comment whenever you can otherwise it is totally good because i know on this site they close the commenting after a few days so read whenever you can and enjoy it😍
      now wat a beautiful comment Love!!! i am so happy reading this comment… you observed them so closely.
      and most of all i am happy that your guys are liking the pace because every time i post the next part i feel anxious whether i am doing it the right way or not but such beautiful comments give me the courage to write more.

      thanks you again dear and coming real soon♥♥

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  11. Me_rp_27

    Everything was so beautiful….
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    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much… yeah, their talks will help them, everyone should talk- about their life,their problems and about things needed to be talked.
      and our cutie Kavya she made the right time to open her mouth..didnt she?
      coming soon with next part:-)

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