loving again part 18(twinj ff)

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Loving again part 18

she was anxious whether she put the lemon juice more than required or sugar wasn’t according to the taste. It was such a terrible and awkward moment with him, she was still dealing with this sudden arrival of him and then the knowledge that he came to meet Neha…

“she didn’t have a problem with that..right?” she asked her heart and continued serving the hot poha in the small white dishes.

With every passing day, it had been becoming hard for her to understand what her heart was directing her, she had to make the two persons in her house understand that Neha was the right choice for Kunj but…

Her own daughter wasn’t willing to let her dad go… she stopped abruptly in the process of filling the water bottle with normal water.

“did she just imply Kunj as the father of her daughter ?” she sighed troubled by her own thoughts.

Switching off the exhaust fan in the kitchen she walked to the living area where the two people were still engrossed in their What-so-ever-so -important business.

“ahem, …she cleared her throat as she kept the tray on the center table sliding the magazines aside.

“i thought you would want something heavy because you missed Lunch,” she replied to his raised brow.

“yeah thanks,” he replied.

Without no sign of a married woman on her face, she used to look pale back then but now she wore a small bindi and he noticed it now.

“you are not sitting with us… he asked as she turned to leave taking one of the plates with her.

And suddenly she wanted to lie that she wasn’t leaving the place…

“it is so hot, was going to switch on the air conditioner…” she lied meekly and tried to sound genuine.

“oh yeah… but don’t you think, Nothing.” suddenly understanding dawned on him that she came from the kitchen and she must be sweaty and all.

And without saying anything she took the remote from the top of a glass case filled with books.


“how is Neha? I wanted to talk with her but mustering up the courage to talk with her after breaking her heart is… Uma trailed off.

“she is fine Uma… just been dealing with the situations.” thinking about Neha’s situation last night Savitri replied.

“is everything alright Savitri? I am so sorry for being selfish but you do understand my condition Savitri… don’t you?” Uma asked the mother of the girl she had broken the heart.

“I understand Uma, you are right at your place Uma, thinking about Twinkle is also important and we can’t imagine her wary.” speaking the truth Savitri tried her heart to not show up.

She was trying to be modest even after it was her daughter’s life which was in danger, it was her daughter who was suffering this much but she could not be selfish and see things irrationally.she had to take a right decision for everyone and she was doing it.

“Kunj has also suffered so much Uma and now is the time for everyone to be happy… don’t think too much, even Neha wants this.”Savitri replied thinking about the swollen face of her daughter this morning as she left for the therapy session.

“thank you so much Savitri.” keeping her palm on her palm Uma expressed her gratitude.

“i wanted to meet Neha’s father to ask my forgiveness in person… Uma spoke after a moment of silence.

“yeah, we will talk about everything once Kunj comes back,” Savitri spoke and Uma pulled her palms gradually nodding her head awkwardly.

She didn’t know If Neha told her family about the meeting last night or not.

“Twinkle must be waiting for me, I should be going Savitri.”
standing up to leave Uma said.

“Yeah…” Savitri smiled.


“don’t you like this poha, princes?” seeing her making face with the taste of Poha he asked her.

“actually she is tasting the tamarind flavor for the first time so she is having trouble.” seeing the distressed face of her daughter she told him.

“oh sorry, I should not be feeding her this, you could have told me.” taking the bowl of water he said fully attentive towards the baby.

“here, have the water dear… I didn’t know na.” he sounded filled with guilt.

“Arey, she can have it if she like the taste, it is just this is the first time we are having Poha after you went to Dublin.” she pacified the agitated man.

“give her to me, I’ll feed her something else..you have the snacks.” putting her plate on the table she asked him to give her back to him.

“okay.” without waiting for a moment he leaned to her side to give the hungry girl back to her.

The serenity of evening with tea and poha kept pouring on them as he crushed the roasted peanuts and she made the attempts to make her have orange juice.

“postman delivered the passport a few days back..” she told him gaining his attention.

“the government has fastened the works…” with a smile he took a dig on government and in response she smiled.

With him, she had only witnessed the sulky and angry Kunj or the literally no- words Kunj during their initial meetings but nowadays he had surprised her with many aspects of him.

“can we talk about Neha without the subject of marriage and what I have done with her?” he asked suddenly and she looked up.

Her eyes turned grey with guilt and sorrow and if he was right he saw a relief of finally hearing what she wanted to.

“Don’t blame yourself…

“i came here only to meet her and apologize for the current events, I did so wrong to her yet…” he stopped abruptly.

“yet… she encouraged.

“yet, she guided me to what was right, we spent the whole evening together but when I started for the hotel she requested me to visit home…to visit you.” and with the last word, he looked into her eyes for something.

The revelation wasn’t something out of the box but her heart swelled with respect and an unknown feeling.

“she is a nice human…

“that she is…

Both individuals couldn’t agree more, Angels didn’t come wearing white dresses and feathers insides … for the humans they came in the form of human and here an angel had made their way long back in their life.

“do you trust me?” he asked standing up.

“what happened?” she adjusted herself after putting down the small tumbler.

“wanna come on the terrace, I want to walk through the plants with my family for a while,” a few words were not meant to come out now.

For a moment she argued what was right and what was wrong and then making her mind she stood up.

“May I?” he asked offering to take Kavya.

“yeah.” she gave him the girl and behind him followed him to the roof where someone was waiting for them.


Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay and for not updating yesterday but actually the fact is I was/am traveling so couldn’t update.

Now I have gotten a few days to break so expect the early updates ☺

Now tell me how do you like, see you on Thursday with the next part.

The guest I have mentioned has already arrived, let’s see them in the next part.

Take care of everyone

With love Morusya.

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      Hahahahhaha….. It is okay dear, i am happy with what you want to be seen. But you yourself think na how complicated their relationship has been then they didn’t get time to be with each other… Awkwardness will go but not so soon.
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