Loving again part 12(twinj ff)

Loving again – part 12

“Neha, I don’t think it would be a good idea to go there.” her mother was concerned about her and she knew it but she hated the way her life has turned out to be.

Just two months back they were going to marry, she had been going to be with him finally… her meek heart never expected such a beautiful turn of events but when she heard about the proposal she couldn’t ask more from god.

how could her destiny turn this way, she never showed a hint of her hidden feelings for him… even decided to let it all go when he was ready to marry Twinkle but now it just seemed all so difficult, unjustified, and something she had been finding hard to go along.

One more time a trail of angry tears flowed on her cheeks and touched the papers she had been working on and she jumped as the ink got smudged.

“tsk, Ma I just want to come with you and please leave me alone for a while….please.” the frustrations of ruined paper mixed with hundred another things she had been going all these days drained her up.

“Okay dear,” without looking at her tear stricken face her mother left the room and closed the door with no sound.

“why did you do this to me god, I never wished him to be with me…cause I just never believed such a thing was meant to happen but you gave me and then snatching it away….its not done God, it is just not done.” more tears flowed with her silent fight with god.


the early blossoms of bougainvillea had stretched themselves completely on the railings of their house.it was Kunj’s only hobby she knew he loved doing passionately; since their childhood, she had observed different plants on this house’s terrace and yard every season.

The ceremony had ended long back and her mother had been meeting with other friends of her, so finding nothing to do she came to the terrace of the house which she loved because of the touches and fragrances of the plants connected her to him.

Strolling through the climbers on the wall she sat on one of the chairs and stared the pictures from their engagement.

Though his eyes spoke some unsaid storms the pictures pretended the moment…. her henna coated finger looked so perfect with his long ones, she mused seeing that specific pose Yuvraj had insisted to click.

“Neha… why sitting here?” she trembled with the voice and it took her a tiny moment that it was her supposed sister-in-law who was no longer holding that title but who had taken who was always hers.

“came here to breathe some fresh air…” she tried smiling but failed and her lips opened to say something but closed again.

“let’s go downstairs, it seems it is about to rain Neha… and let’s have some talks in my room.” Twinkle offered seeing something different in her behavior.

it is raining from so long Twinkle, everyone had their umbrella.. it is just I took refuge in wrong one…” she muttered to herself and led the way.

“come fast otherwise you will get drenched…” she felt anger seeping through her veins but she controlled herself and called her without looking back.

“I need to talk with Neha, I need to sort out everything.” telling to herself Twinkle collected the clothes from the line and ran to avoid the rains


“So you guys named her Kavya… it’s a beautiful name,” he replied hearing the name.

“yeah, Guruji told to name her with letter k so…” she answered resting her head on the bed rest, it was a big and tiring day with a lot of activities. They didn’t invite many people but still, there were a good 30 to 40 people from both side of the family including her mother and sister.

“so auntie didn’t stay for the night?” he asked through the earphone and cutting the cherry tomatoes for his pasta.

“No, they are leaving for Nainitaal for the knee transplant of papa tomorrow,” she answered him.

“so how’s our Kavya doing?” he asked without realizing the little thing which she took by heart.

“our Kavya” the words hit some high notes in her brain but she ignored it.

“she is sleeping, it is 11 here in India… I am also very tired,” she said on purpose.

“oh yeah, you should sleep… I am also busy preparing my dinner.” and his work made her smile.

“and what’s cooking in your kitchen?” she asked with interest.

“some plain pasta with tomato and garlic,” he replied stirring the pan.

“can’t cook like yours but still…” he loved the way she made it with garlic and tomato.

“Oh, you liked it!!!” she felt good hearing the appreciation.

“Hey, you go and sleep ….my pasta is done and I don’t want it to get cold,” he told her to sleep.

That night he had sensed her unrest soul so he called her every night with some excuse, and today was the excuse of naming ceremony and with every new excuse, distances were meant to lessen.


Hey everyone….again big apologies for the delay but bear with me.

So this time I am exploring Neha, why do we keep forgetting other important people in the lives of our main leads? I wanted to show her insides, what she went through and how she was supposed to react, I tried my level and my own thoughts for a situation like Neha.

I hope you guys liked the chapter, now like, comment and encourage me like always.

Also Happy HOLI in advance♥♥♥

With love Morusya.

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