Loving again – part 11 (twinj ff)

Loving again – part 11

The night was bright with the moon but her little girl was very restless today, Twinkle has understood many signs of her daughter by now but today she was just crying every now and then after small breaks.

Her arms were now starting to ache due to the constant carrying but she had no options left but do this in an attempt to pacify her.

They had gone to the general physician who had given a few medicines but it seemed they were not working.

“Twinkle, beta give her to me… you would be tired.” her mother in law entered into her room.

“Arey Bebe, you should take rest… you already did everything.” due to the restless girl Twinkle was involved in her all the time and so Usha had managed everything.

“it is okay Twinkle, let me see her.” and taking the girl to her arms Usha made a few childish sounds to engage the baby.

“I am taking her to my room, you take rest beta,” telling her softly Usha stepped towards the door.

Though she felt bad she just stretched herself on the bed and stared the moon outside of her window.

She loved staring moon in these full moon nights; the otherwise dark room in nights was always lit because of the moon and she recalled how embarrassed she used to feel when they were being intimate in such nights.

A cold wind touched her with this thought, suddenly she wanted him to be around her, she wanted to hug him, she wanted his lips to tell he was sleeping just next to her.

The loneliness made her feel awkward, the memories of their nights together ran back to her and she felt her breaths getting sharper and sharper. She tried closing those thoughts away and crumbled the blankets in her fists but there was no way they were going to leave her.

Unable to fight those memories she opened her phone and scrolled through social media to find anything which could help her forget those thoughts. Songs have already left her side because every song reminded her one thing or another.

And when everything left her side to make her feel good. She opened Whatsapp and went to his name…

He was Online, that’s what she found opening the chat inbox, “Perhaps, he was busy with his office clients.” she told herself.

But her fingers just couldn’t control and she typed, “ you doing fine?” but then backspaced and exited the application.

She wasn’t supposed to talk with him and it was wrong so wrong… she wanted to distract herself by talking with him, how could she stoop this low.

All these thoughts made her regret her momentarily lack of self-conscience.

She just didn’t feel like talking with anyone at this time because everyone who talked with her nowadays was half of the time consoling her.

Unknown to her the TYPING and then her going offline was noticed by someone.




“Did she need to talk about something or something happened because it was late in India?” he tried reasoning with all the possibilities.

He had been sending messages about the sells data to one of his foreign colleague for him to make global reports and so he was online for half an hour.

And suddenly he saw her typing something but then no message came and he opened the inbox but she was offline.

So as soon as he was done with the work he thought to call her but then if anything was wrong his mother was going to call him. But his heart could not find ease and he dialed the number keeping an eye on the milk kept on the induction.

The phone was connected and after one full ring where he thought to cut the call, she took it…

“Hello,” the soft and little surprised voice came from another side.

“Hello…” and suddenly he felt himself dumbest person to call her when they had nothing to talk.

27 days have passed since that last call where she had asked her well being.

“Kunj, are you okay?” afraid that he might have been drunk again she asked sitting on her bed.

“Yeah, didn’t sleep?” he asked her.

“was going to bed.” she lied hiding the fact that she was feeling alone.

“little girl is sick? I mean you are saying you are going to bed at 1” he asked giving a quick glance on the Indian wall clock.

“Yeah, she was restless so bebe took her with her,” she answered.

“how are you?” the words came out before he could control himself.

“fine… and she felt her eyes filling up with tears.

“I have completed the resignation process… but need to work here 5 more months so the contract isn’t breached.” he just felt like telling her.

So he was serious about shifting to India…she thought herself.

“okay.” she muttered in a small voice.

“Bebe was telling she is organizing the Naamkaran ceremony of baby girl coming Wednesday,” he asked her trying to talk something else.

“hmmm, Bebe thinks its the time,” she replied with no emotion.

“okay then take care… good night,” he said when it seemed the call wasn’t a good idea.

“Yeah, Goodnight,” she replied and stared the moon after the call was cut.

“was it just a coincidence that I wanted to talk and he called me!!!” she asked herself.

“but anyways Thanks Kunj.” the silent whisper was heard by the moonlight spread on her face which witnessed the smile on her face.


Hello everyone, next part is updated…last few days were tough due to all the things going between India and Pakistan.

I still believe not every person of both the countries is bad, it is only a few people who for their own greed spread the fire of hatred and innocents lose their lives.

Take care everyone

With love Morusya.

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