Lovers -an ishqbaaz ff part 4

Anika,Ayesha&Araha reached anika’s house
Anika’s mom-at last you came I was waiting for you arre arsha and ayesha you too so we will all eat the dinner together I have madewhite sauce pasta …arsha your favourite.
arsha-wow aunty it smells awesome first I will eat that ayesha anika baith na.
ayesha- relax anu aa tu bhi baith
anika-no guys you all enjoy Ive got a headache I am going to rest .Saying this she went to her room.
mom-what happened to her annu anu shold I give you the medicine

anika said no from inside
mom-what happened to her
arsha-nothing aunty the old problem
ayesha-aunty anything happened to anu..
Listning to ayesha she remembered that evening….
She and her husband were travelling by bus in mumbai. suddenly they heard a loud noise and the bus and some other vehicles fell in the cliff.When she got consious she saw that the bus had caught fire .Everyone execept her diedbecause she was thrown out of the bus . suddenly she saw something

precap-anika reads about shivay and start panicking.

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