I loved you mistakenly… (SwaSan ss) part -1

Hii friends…  It’s my first ss.This short story is about my Swasan. The story starts from where lakshya starts thinking that he love swara but for her, he is just a friend only. Then our hero means my sanskar makes his entry and Swara’s life changes…
It’s a short story with a sad ending. I hope u all will like it. Plzz ignore my stupid mistakes.
A girl was walking on road with a beautiful smile on her face. She was returning from music academy after her music classes. She was in hurry to reach home because today her dida had made her favorite fish curry for her and she was really hungry on that time. Traffic was less on that road but some cars and two wheelers were passing from there. A expensive car was running with high speed, a handsome young man was driving car while he was talking on phone via Bluetooth. Tension was clearly shown on his face. He was instructing someone about his any important meeting. A old couple was coming from other side on a old scooter. They were also busy in there talks. That girl had seen that car coming in high speed. She was cursing under her breath to the rich arrogant peoples who don’t follow traffic rules. That old uncle who was riding the scooter tried to stop but unfortunately he found it’s break failed. The scooter came in front of car and was about to smash with it but that young man pressed break. Car was in high speed so it didn’t stopped instantly. It crawled a bit and clashed with scooter but with low force. That old couple fall down and the car stopped. That girl couldn’t see what happened cause it happened so Suddenly but when she saw that old couple fall down on road, she thought that car had hit them by it’s driver’s mistake. That girl ran towards that couple and stopped near them. She bend to help that old aunty who got her elbow got hurt a bit.
Girl- are u ok aunty??
Aunty- my elbow got hurt.
That young man who was driving the car hurriedly came out. That girl looked at him and his stupid mind Suddenly started admiring him, even in this condition. That old aunty make a painful sound “ahh” then that girl came back in her sense. Young man came towards them. Girl mentally slapped her head for admiring such a careless rich guy who hit a old couple with his high speed car. Now anger took place in her heart for him even she didn’t know anything about what happened. Her theory was “hamesha galat k khilaf aawaj uthao”. She thought that this man will now accuse that old uncle for not driving safely and will shout on them but for her surprise that young man quickly bend over that uncle who was still lying on road cause of shock of this sudden accident.
Young man- uncle. Are u ok?? Did u both got hut??

That uncle came in sense. He got up and sit on road, meanwhile many other peoples also gather there around them.
Old uncle to that young man – we got a bit hurt beta but thank god u pr…
That man saw aunty’s hurt elbow.
Young man- aunty your elbow is hurt. Oh s##t it’s bleeding.
Now that girl’s anger was increased. According to her first he hit them cause of his carelessness and now was showing fake concern to get save from punishment.
Girl to that young man- oh hello mr. First to u hit them and now showing this fake concern..
Young man – look mam. It was not my fault..
Girl- now u will say like this only. People like u just know how to hurt other and then cover their deeds with money and sweetness…
Young man- shut up u little girl. Stop commenting on me when u don’t know the whole thing..
Girl(to all people)- look, just look at this man. First he did a mistake and now he is shouting on me..
That old uncle tried to say something thing but that girl stopped him.
Girl – no uncle. There is no need to say anything. We all will help u. We all saw how he hit your scooter and now shouting on u.
Young man – oh hello madam. I am not shouting on him…
Girl- u would have shouted on him if this public will not be here but we all are here to help them.
A man from crowd – rich people like this boy do this only. They just know to misbehave with common people.
Another man- yes, they have so much pride of their money..
That old couple was trying to say something but know one was listening to them.
Young man- oh stop it u all. You all are accusing me and are not helping this old uncle aunty. Stupid peoples..
Girl helped that aunty to got up and that young man helped that uncle. They both got up. Uncle’s leg was hurt so he couldn’t stand properly. Aunty tried to support him but she was also in pain. That young man helped uncle to stand straight.

A woman from crowd- this man has to pay for this couples medical treatment otherwise we all will call police..
Young man- i will pay but it was not my fault..
Young man to uncle aunty- You both need medical treatment. Come with me. I will leave u at hospital..
Uncle – no beta, it was not your mistake..
Girl- no uncle. It was his mistake. he was driving so fast. Let me call police..
She took her mobile out and was about to dial 100 when aunty snached mobile from her.
Aunty- beti, first listen to us and then do anything..
Girl – what??
Uncle – it was not his mistake. My scooter is old and it’s breaks don’t work properly. We were busy in Our talks when i realized that it’s was not working a bit. We was about to hit his car but fortunately he pressed break on time. If he had not done that don’t know what had happened to us.
Girl(with shocked expression)- so it was really not his mistake..
Young man- yes it was not my mistake. I was driving in speed but still i was careful but u all were accusing me.
Girl – but i thought..
Young man- leave your thoughts mam and any of you help to get this uncle aunty to hospital..
Now the crowd was quite. Some people had already left.
Young man – wow before a minute you all were cursing me and now… It’s ok i don’t expect anything from u all.
Saying this he helped that old Uncle and took him towards his car. Girl was standing there with a guilty feeling. She accused such a good person. She was holding that aunty’s hand. That young man returned to took aunty with him. When that aunty walked, she realized that she also had a injury in her leg. She winced in pain and was about to fall. That young man tried to help her but aunty was a bit fate. He was about to loose his grip on her soldier but before aunty could fall, that girl hold her from other side. They both looked each other.
Girl – i am coming with u for your help.
That young man give him a ok look. They settled aunty beside uncle on backseat. Girl sit on passenger seat. Young man went and pick up the scooter. He park it beside a tea stall and told stall owner to take care of it till they come back to pick it up. Girl looked his act and again felt herself admiring him. He hurriedly came towards car, took the driver seat and moved towards nearby hospital. Girl was again and again asking uncle aunty that r their injuries are paining much. Suddenly young man’s mobile rang, he received it and started talking via Bluetooth. One thing was clear by his talks that he was getting late for his important meeting. Finally he shouted on person who was on other side that he is busy in a more important work. That old uncle told him to leave them here only if he is getting late. They will call their son but he denied saying this he can’t leave them in this situation. Finally they reached hospital. Doctor started old couple’s treatment. Uncle called his son that they are in hospital. Girl was looking at that young boy. She never got this much affected from any boy’s look but she was founding him special.
Girl to young man- i am really sorry. I should not have talk like that with u.
Young man- it’s ok. You were just trying to take their side.
Girl- you know many rich people do like that so i thought that u also…
Young man- all are not same. I know the value of life.
There was a pain in his voice. Girl again felt guilty but before she could say anything further, his mobile rang. He received call, which was from his office only. Girl listened his conversation and advised him to go. She told that she is with them and after some time their son will also come. At last he paid hospital’s bill against that old couple’s wish. He told that girl to stay with them till their son came. She accepted this even if her stomach was growling cause of hunger. That young man was about to go when he stopped in front of that girl.
Young man- btw miss you didn’t tell your name to me??
Girl- i am Swara Bosh and u??
Young man- Sanskar, Sanskar ma…
Before Sanskar could complete his mobile again started to ring. He received it and said he will be their in 10 minutes without giving a chance to say anything to other side’s person.
Swara- i think u have a very important meeting Sanskar..
Sanskar – yes. I have to go..
Swara felt an unknown bad feeling when he said that he had to go.
Sanskar – miss Bosh, your a nice girl who knows to rise her voice against wrong but we should react on any situation after knowing everything about it.
Swara- i am really sorry..
Sanskar- stop saying sorry now. There is no need of it.
Swara-ok, now go. You are getting late.
Sanskar – ok ok. Btw nice to meet u miss Bosh..
He forwarded his hand towards her for a handshake. Swara gave her hand in his hand. She felt his warm and big palm. Her body felt something good and different. Sanskar took hand back, he turned and started moving out. Swara was continuously at his back. She didn’t know why but she wanted him to look at her again. Finally Sanskar turned his face and give a big smile to swara. Swara also smiled back. She had seen many handsome boys but She found Sanskar’s smile much more better then others. Now sanskar was gone and swara was standing there only. After sometime that Uncle aunt’s son came. They told whole story to him. He thanked swara and took uncle aunty with him. He told swara to thank sanskar also for help. Swara thought that Sanskar was a stranger and now she will never meet him again. This thought made her a bit sad. She didn’t know why. She also left from hospital trying to remove sanskar from her mind and thinking about her favorite fish curry.
This was the first chapter of this ss. I don’t know how’s it. I was liking it before but now after writing, i am not liking it a bit. Specially use of “Young man” and “girl”. I hope u all will like it. Give your views in comments.
bye bye… Tc…

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    Btw, if Swara is bengali, I feel her surname will be ‘Bose’ not Bosh although bengalis pronounce it as Bosh, its Bose

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