I Loved You, I Love You & I will Always Love You ..!!! A Twinj’s Os By Purvi (3)

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Hi friends , I m back with my os .. so this is the third and last part ..

I m so glad that u guys r really liking it .. Please guys do comment as your comments r so valuable for me ..

I wanna thanks all of them who commented on last part …

Shakti – Thankyou for commenting .. ..

Paavu – Thank you so much dear… Ya I’ll surely read your ff .. And ya one more thing .. Friends …

Adya – Thankyou so much yrrr ..

Sohi- I m so sorry dear .. By mistake i posted twice …

Ramya – Hey dear .. Kunj ko kuch nhii hoga .. He'll be alright in the end .. Is part mein javab mil jayega tumhe ..

Chiku – Thankyou soo much dear .. I m glad that ur liking it … & ya i have read your ff “It was all a lie” … Yrr that was awesome …

Priya – Hey dear kuch nhii huaa Kunj ko … You'll get the answer in the end of this part that it is a happy ending or not …

.. Hey guys .. do comment haan …

Soch rahay hogay kitna bolti hun .. Per kiya karn tum logo ko thanks kerna zaroori tha naa …. coz comments dekh k to me pagal hogayi thi .. I was literally very happy …

So guys no more bak bak .. Let’s start …

Kunj & Twinkle were getting ready … All the preparations were done …

Kunj was in his room .. Just then Bebe enters his room ..

B: Kunj puttar get ready fast … nhi to dair hojaye gii ..

K: Haan bebe bas 5 mint ..

B:Kinna sundar lag raha hai mera puttar .. Nazar na lagay ..

Kunj touches her feet .. Bebe blesses him ..

K: Bebe 1 baat bolo

B: Haan bol ..

K: Bebe hot lag rahay ho …

B:(smilingly) Kuch vii ..

They leave for TANEJA MANSION ..


Twinkle was in her room getting ready .. Leela,Yuvi & Chinki with other guests were waiting for baraat to arrive … Just then Kunj’s family arrived …

Leela welcome them ..

L: Namaste jii !!!

Bebe, Usha & Manohar: Namste …

Whole mansion was decorated with different flowers … A mandap is set in centre of the hall..

Kunj goes & sits in the mandap … He was looking very handsome …

He was waiting for his lady love .. Just then light goes off & spotlight fell on the stairs .. There Twinkle was coming with Chinki ..

She was looking breath taking gorgeous in lehenga …


Kunj was just staring at her …

(Ajab Si from Om Shanti Om plays in BG)
Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain
There’s something special in your eyes
Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain
There’s something special in your eyes
Dil ko banade jo patang saansein yeh teri woh hawaein hain
Your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like a kite
Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain
There’s something special in your eyes
Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain
There’s something special in your eyes
Dil ko banade jo patang saansein yeh teri woh hawaein hain
Your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like a kite

Aayi aisi raat hai jo bahut khushnaseeb hai
This night is very lucky
Chahe jise door se duniya, woh mere kareeb hai
The one whom the whole world desires is close to me
Kitna kuch kehna hai phir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahin
I have so much to say and yet I question….
Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai woh phir se kahoon ya nahin
Should I voice what I’ve so often repeated in my heart?

Twinkle’s face was very gloomy … She was looking very sad …

She comes & sits beside Kunj … Just then Twinkle's eyes meets with Kunj's .. They share a very painful eyelock…. Words r very less to describe their pain ..
Just then Punditji starts chanting mantras …
(I m not describing the wedding in detail)

They make eo wear varmala … Then they both take vows ..

Then Kunj make her wear mangalsutra .. ..
Kunj filled her hairline with vermillion .. Twinkle closes her eyes.. She was not able to control her tears .. Kunj’s heart was breaking in pieces seeing Twinkle’s tears.., Twinkle opened her eyes .. They share an eyelock ..
(Agar Tu Hota from Baaghi plays in BG)

Meri raahon mein pade
Tere pairon ke nishaan
Ne kaha, ne kaha
Girte in aansoun mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lage hai
In ashqon mein main na khota
Agar tu hota to na rote hum
Agar tu hota to na rote hum
Agar tu hota to na rote hum
Agart tu hota to na rote hum

After this .. the most emotional moment takes place … Twinkle’s bidaai .. She was crying vigorously…She hugged Leela , then chinki … Yuvi was not present there …
T: Maa ..bhai kahan hain …?
L: I donno knw beta …
T: Maa me bhai se mile baghair nhii jaoon gi …
Just then yuvi comes from behind n..
Y: Aur mein bhi apni princess se mily baghair usy nhi jany do ga ..
Twinkle turned behind, ran to him n hugged him tightly ..
Y: Twinki princess .. Stop crying .. u knw na i can’t see u crying ..
Twinkle didn’t reply and break the hug…
She went towards the car along with all family members n sits in the car … They leave for sarna mansion…

They reached Sarna Mansion ..
Twinkle’s grah pravesh takes place … After some rituals she entered the house ..
B: Twinkle Kunj .. u both go into u r room .. u must be tired ..

Twinkle heads towards Kunj’s room (now Twinj’s room)
She entered the room … the room was decorated with red roses & candles …
Twinkle:(thinks) Babaji ye kya kar rahy ho mere saath … Me kya karn .. I love him so much.. I knw that jb Kunj aayega to apny harsh words se mujhe hurt keray ga .. so its better k me change ker k so jaaon kunj k aany se pehlay ..

She went towards the cupboard to take her clothes … When she opened the door a diary with thousands of pictures fall down …
She sit down on the floor and starts to pick the pictures .. She was stunned to see the pictures .. She started picking up the pictures quickly …. All the pictures were of twinkle .. She was shocked to see those pictures ..

Then she opened the diary and starts reading it … On the first page it was written in bold letters

Under this it is written in small letters … “jo kabhi poori nhii ho paayegi”

Twinkle turned the page… On the next page it is written

“Aj us larki se mila … Aj laga ki life ki best choice mil gayii … Us ka name nhi jaanta mgr ye zaroor janta hun k wo bht innocent hai .. She is the most gorgeous, pure hearted & pretty girl on the earth …..”

She again turned the page ..
“Twinkle .. Twinkle Taneja name hai us ka .. Bht attitude hai us mein but jo bhi hai bs dil kerta hai us k sath rahun .. Pata nhii kesi feeling hai ye … Aj se pehlah kabhi aesa feel nhii kiya .. Shayad mujhe piyarr hogaya hai .. No this is not possible..”

Reading her owm name .. a tear dropped from her eye ..
She again turned the page .. .
“Haan pyaar hogaya hai mujhe .. Kiisi or se nhii Twinkle se .. Pyaar to us se pehly din hi hogaya tha jis din usy daylha tha but realize aaj hua ..”

She was shocked to read that Kunj loved her …
She again turned the page ..

“Aj socha Twinkle ko propose ker do .. but aj apni zindagi ka sub se bitter truth pata chala … Twinkle k behaviour se mujhe laga k wo bhi mujhse pyaar kerti hai .. Lekin me usy such nhii bata sakta … Is liye aj apny dil pe patthar rakh ker 1 decision liya haii .. I’ll pretend to hate Twinkle … Mein usy toot tey huay nhii dekh sakta .. Apni zindagi ka such nhi bata sakta k mein …”

Now Twinkle couldn’t able to stop her tears .. She starts crying bitterly …
T:(thinks) Kunj aesa kya haii jo tum apna pyaar mujh se chupaty rahy .. Kyun nhii bataya ki itna pyaar kerty ho …

She turned the page to read more .. just then Kunj entered the room .. He was stunned to see Twinkle on floor with his diary .. and all the pics … He quickly grabbed his diary and the pics from twinkle’s hand …
K: “ Kisi se pooche baghair us ki cheezon mein nhii ghustay ..”
T:” To ab tum mujhe sikhaaogay gy k kis ki cheezein me ghustay hain or kis ki nhii ..”

Kunj thinks that she doesn’t read the diary … He heads towards washroom ignoring Twinkle .. She quickly grabbed his hand …
T:” Aj tum aesy bach k nhi jaany waly Kunj .. Tumhein mere har sawal ka javab dena pade ga ..”
K:(rudely) “ Tum kesay sawalon k javab mang rahi ho .. Mujy kuch samajh nhii araha ..”
T:” Saamajh to mujy tum nhi aatay Kunj .. Tum bolte kuch or ho … or tumhare dil me kuch hota haii … Aj tum mujhe sab samjhaogay Kunj ..”

K: “ Twinkle daykh mery pass tere fuzool sawalon ka koi javab nhii .. “
T: “ To ab tumhein meri baatein fuzool lagny lag gayi haan … Aesa kiya hai jo tum mujh se chhupa rahh ho …” (crying bitterly)
K: “ Me ne tujh se kuch nhi chupays ..

T:(shouting) “ To phir wo sab kuch kiya hai jo us diary mein tha .. Haan bolo .. Kitne jhoot bolo gay Kunj ..
K: “ Twinkle me tujhe kya bataon…
T: “Yehi k tum kyun pretemd kertay rahay k mujh se nafrat kertay ho .. Itna pyaar kertay thay to bol kyun nhii diya .. Aesi kiya wajah hai jis ne tumhe rok rakha hai … Jaanty ho kitne mushkil raatsey se guzri ho mein .. Nhii na . Tumhe to bs apni fikr hai .. apna khayal hai .. Kabhi mere baary me bhi socha haan .. bolo .. koi javab nhi haii .. Tum jaanty ho k mujhy kitni takleef hui hai .. Mera dil toota hai .. Mery har aanso sirf tumhari wajah se nikalta hai .. Mera dil kaanch ki tarah toot chuka hai .. or tum jaanty ho kis ne toda … tum ne .. sirf tum ne .. Tum se nafrat kerna chahti hun but nhii ker paati … Aur 1 baat or jaanty ho mera dil tumne toda hai na .. to sirf tum hi jod sakty ho … In sb k bawajood ye jaanty huay k tum mujhse nafrat kerty ho .. Me phir bhii nhii rok paayi khud ko … Pyaar ho hi gaya tum se … Haan … I LOVE YOUUU KUNJ .. (she grabs his collar) Kyun kiya tumne mere sath aesa …. whyyyyyyy ?? Whyyyyy? “ (I m sorry guys … i couldn’t translate these lines into english .. bcoz I don’t have time to translate it … Plss pardon me .. bolo to kaan bhi pakad loon)
Saying this she break down into tears … and kneeled down …
Kunj was not in his senses .. He was also crying … He sits down nd cupped her face ..
K: Twinkle …!! I LOVE YOU TOO …
T: Then why did u pretended that u hates me .. why kunj??
K: Twinkle !! Tujhse humesha ye baat chupana chahta tha mgr ab tujhr haq hai janny ka … meri zindagi ka such jannay ka … (Not making eye contact) … Twinkle !! MUJHE CANCER HAII … (He starts crying)
T: K … ku.. nj… yo .. u ..aaa…re …jjo..ki..ng…
K: No Twinkle I m serious … My cancer us on 2nd last stage .. Ghr me bhi kisi ko nhii bataya me ne … (He stands up) Doctor r saying that if one week will pass without any problems then there will be chances …
Twinkle felt dizzzy and she fell unconscious … Kunj turned behind nd see twinkle unconscious …
K: Twinkle … Twinkle .. What happened to u plssss open ur eyes .. I can’t live without u … plss open ur eyes …

He was crying like a child … (Sad music plays in BG) He picked her up in his arms & places her on the bed .. Then sits beside her on the bed holding her hand …
K: Twinkle this all happened bcoz of me .. I shouldn’t have told u … Twinkle plsss open your eyes …
He kisses her hand and places it on his eyes and closes his eyes ..

After sometime .. Twinkle starts gaining senses .. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Kunj like that … She quickly hugged Kunj ….
K: Twin..
(Agar Tum Saath Ho from Tamasha plays in BG)
pal bhar Theher jaao
dil ye sambhal jaaye
kaise tumhe roka karoon
meri taraf aata
har gham phisal jaaye
aankhon mein tumko bharoon,
bin bole baatein tumse karoon,
gar tum saath ho,
agar tum saath ho..

stop for a moment,
let this heart get stable
how should I stop you..
every sorrow coming towards me
would slip away..
I’ll fill you in my eyes
I’ll talk to you without speaking,
if you are with me
if you are with me..

behti rehti neher nadiyaan si teri duniya mein
meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
main Dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
gar tum saath ho..

in your world, canals and rivers seem to be flowing
my world is in your love
I mould according to your habits
if you are with me..

teri nazron mein hai tere sapne,
tere sapnon mein hai naraazi,
mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil ki
hoti lafzon ki dhokhebaazi
tum saath ho ya na ho
kya fark hai
bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

your dreams are there in your eyes,
and because of your dreams there is anger (in you)..
I feel the talks of heart
are all deception..
whether you are there with me or not,
what is the difference,
the life was merciless, and is merciless.

agar tum saath ho
agar tum saath ho..

if you are with me
if you are with me..

palken jhapakte hi
din ye nikal jaaye
baiThi baiThi bhaagi phiroon
meri taraf aata
har gham phisal jaaye
aankhon mein tumko bharoon,
bin bole baatein tumse karoon,
gar tum saath ho,
agar tum saath ho..

as soon as the I blink,
the day comes out.
I keep running around while sitting only..
every sorrow coming towards me
would slip away..
I’ll fill you in my eyes
I’ll talk to you without speaking,
if you are with me
if you are with me..

teri nazron mein hai tere sapne,
tere sapnon mein hai naaraazi,
mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil ki
hoti lafzon ki dhokhebaazi
tum saath ho ya na ho
kya fark hai
bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

agar tum saath ho
dil ye sambhal jaaye
agar tum saath ho..
har gham phisal jaaye
agar tum saath ho..
din ye nikal jaaye.
agar tum saath ho..
har gham phisal jaaye
He hugged her tightly … Their bodies were touching eo .. The hug was very tight that even air couldn’t have space to pass from between them … The hug was very passionate … They both wanted this from a long time … It felt like heaven in your beloved one’s embrace … Both of them were not in a mood to break the hug …
Just then Kunj tries to break it ..

T: Kunj plss some time more …
K:Okkk !!
After sometime Twinkle broke the hug ..

T: “Don’t worry Kunj … I m with u … Me babaji se dher sari prays karo gi k tum thk hojao .. or dekhna tum thk hojao gay … Tumhe thk hona pary ga Kunj .. Mere liye … Hamare pyaar k liye ..

K: Twinkle I’m sorry plss forgive me .. Me ne tujhe bhtt hur….
He was stopped by Twinkle … Twinkle smashed her lips into his … He can feel the soft touch of Twinkle .. He was shocked at this sudden act of Twinkle .. But then he gave in … He tightly hold her waist .. nd start chewing nd biting her lips … She reciprocates with equal force … They both were lost in each other … Twinkle was caressing his hair .. nd he was squeezing her waist … The kiss was very passionate nd wild … He started biting her lower lip ..She bites his upper lip … After 5 mnts they broke the kiss … Both were breathing heavily ….
K: “Twinkle … Mujy pata nhi tha k maafi maangne pe aesa kuch milne wala hai … Agar pata hota hai to me to har waqt maafi mangta rehta …”
Twinkle was turned crimson .. She tried to control her blush …
K: Haaye ye tera blush kerna … I just wanna eat u ..
She blushed harder & start beating him on his chest …

K: Acha naa meri maa … Ab bachhe ki jaan legi kyaa …
They both hugged again ….
T: Kunj mujy neend aarahi hai plss sojao … or sone do..
K: Acha .. okkk ..
They both slept in eo embrace …

After Few Days …

Twinkle with Kunj goes to meet the doctor … In these days .. Twinkle prayed for Kunj’s health … Evryday she goes to gurdwara and prays Babaji for Kunj’s health .. They both went to hospital for checking the reports of tests ..

In the Hospital ..

Twinkle: “ Doctor is evrything fine … Kunj ki reports kesi hain … “
Doctor: “ I can’t believe this … Me ne aj tak apni life jitne patients ko cancer ki is stage tak pohanchay huay dekha hai .. un mein se koi bhii nhi bach paaya .. But its a miracle Mrs.Sarna … Mr.Sarna’s reports are cleared … Its looking like inhein kabhi cancer thaa hi nhii .. I do ‘t knw how it happens …”
T:(excitedly) I m very happy doctor .. Mery liye ye bht bari baat hai k Kunj ab thk haiii …

Saying this both Twinkle & Kunj came out of the hospital … Kunj was quite all the time …
T: “ Kunj .. What happened …? Is evrythin ok ? ..
K: “ No Twinkle .. Its nothing like that .. I was thinking how it happened .. I mean ..
T: “ Kunj plss don’t be stressed … Ye 1 bht badi bat hai k tum thk hoo ..
She hugged Kunj ..
They both reached home .. No one was at home .. Shanaya has gone with her friends … Bebe & Usha went to a party .. & Manohar was out of country due to some office work ..
They both went towards their room …
T: “ Kunj u knw … I always wanted to sing for u … but .. “
K: “So what’s a big deal in it .. U can sing for me now …
T: Now?
K: So what ?
He took out the guitar and give it to Twinkle …
K: Twinkle plsss …

T: Ohk …
She starts tuning the guitar and starts singing …
Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho….

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho….

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sirphire
Hathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhe mere

Meri hansi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya be-qadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Ho ho…
She was having tears in her eyes … He was also crying…

Immediately after she finished the song he hugged her tightly..
K: “Thank you so much Twinkle for coming in my life & for evrything …
K: “Twinkle I Loved You, I Love & I will always Love You ….!”
He kissed her forehead and they joined their heads smiling endlessly …


So guys this os is ended here … Plss tell me through your comments whether u like it or not ….
Loads of love ..

Bye bye ..

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    You’re really good at writing. Actually, to be more accurate, PERFECT! God bless!

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    Lovely n heart touching… keep writing

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  13. Purvi128

    Thank you so much guys for your valuable comments … I m very happy … Guys i’ll soon come back with a new os of ShraMan … May be today .. Plss guys read that and do comment

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  15. Purvi128

    Maria dear .. thankyou so much yrrrr … I have written an os on ShraMan … & just posted it now … u can read after sometime

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