Surya was jumping on his bed and squealed happily. He laid on his bed n rolled over his bed.He was reminiscing of her..He never thought in his life ,that he would become friends with her.Hwe cute smile for which he could give anything.

He ran to his closet n took many dresses.He was standing before his closet mirror ,he kept one by one all shirt over him n threw them.It formed a pile of mountain.He was not satisfied.He sat on his bed thinking of what to wear to impress her.He smiled as he got an idea.

He called his brother Siddharth.He is her friend. Sid came.surya asked him to sit n pointed a cushion.sid sat on it n asked him why he called him.Surya said so how’s ur studies going on? Sid said brother could you pls come to the point directly. Surya was twitching his hands,he was nervous. Finally gathering courage he asked what is her favourite colour.sid asked who??surya said ur friend.sid understood but pretended n said I have many friends .surya said WO WO WO.sid asked what WO WO.surya said WO that girl whom I hate……but not now he whisphered like a kid.sid gave him a questioning look n asked why r u asking her favourite colour.Surya said bcos we have a party,I don’t want to wear her favourite or same colour as hers.

Sid smiled n said aqua blue with teal.surya exclaimed what?????sid asked him what what.she likes that colour.

Surya said oh godd but I don’t have any dress in that colour,what will i do??sid asked what?? Surya said I have no dress in that colour so thank god n joined his hands.

Sid said I’m going.Surya was searching for dress.He remembered his mom giving him a aqua blue shirt with teal border.He threw it in his room as he doesn’t like that colour.What to do ??noe he has to wear it for her.He searched and atlast he found it. He wore it n saw himself on mirror. He applied gel n set his hair.He was looking dashing.Surya sprayed his favourite perfume n went down.

He went to kitchen.His mom dropped bowl on floor seeing Surya. She touched his forehead n said no fever,beta are u alright.She gave him a doubtful look as he doesn’t like this colour .She called sid.Sid too was equally shocked.Surya sat on table ignoring those two.He filled his mouth with bread .His mom said surya u don’t like this colour na??He said mom just for a change n blue I love it.His mom opened her eyes wide .sid said Maa change because bhabhi likes blue hain naa bhai.surya choked n drank water.

His mom asked what,she turned to Surya n asked How that girl will be??is she beautiful?Will she like me??I want to see her,when will you bring her?

Surya was shocked,he himself didn’t know whether she likes him.He said Maa ,she ruffled His hair n said just teasing beta.

Surya said Maa I’m going out bye.He twirled his bike keys, when sid said she likes cycle rides than bike.she once told me that she want her prince charming to take her on a cycle ride.

Surya scratched his head,where will a get a cycle now?? Sid threw a key n said blue cycle in shed take it.

Surya hugged him n gave him a Peck on his cheek n said thanks bhai.sid rubbed his cheek n said keep a little for bhabhi bhai.Surya blushed n hit him.He ran to shed.Sid smiled n said don’t hurt her bhai.surya said never ever.HE TOOK the cycle ,it was a hero cycle.He was about to ride it.His mom came,she gave him some money n said buy a gift for my daughter in law sorry future daughter in law n smiled.surya said Maa n rode off in his cycle.

He stopped it before a shop n went in.He was searching a gift for her.His eyes caught a beautiful bracelet. He asked for it.Manager said they even make names written on it n asked him what shall we write.surya said him.

He bought it packed in heart shaped box with golden wrapper n a heart shaped balloon stuck to it.He kept it in his pocket when his phone buzzed.He saw it was a measaage from her.she has messaged that her parents told her to go in a traditional dress n sorry.He smiled seeing it n called her.She picked it up n asked sorry.He said its okk I have no problem with it. I live you as long as ur are you.she asked what with her cheeks crimson broan.He said like you n cut the call saying he’ll come soon.

Girl was waiting in her room ,when she heard a cycle bell.She saw down from her window n ran down.She said grandma he came n bless me.Grandma said long live happily beti.

She was about to turn the knob,when her father asked are you going to elope with him.She said no pa.Her father hugged her n said beti don’t leave ur pappa.she said never .Her mom came n said started ur melodrama,let her go n enjoy beti. Is that boy here??

She smiled n said yes.she went out with her eyes searching for Surya. She spotted him.

Surya was waiting for her humming a tune.

Seeing her his jaw dropped.His eyes fixed to her. Moreover his mind glued on heavenly beauty n her eyes oh god….

Naan un alaginilae theivam unarugiren
Undhan aruginilae ennai unarugiren…..


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  1. Tania-the fairy

    Amaizing,wonderul,mindblowing,dont have any word.do one thing krisha give a happy ending to this.its really nice .waiting for next,awesomeee writing dear…

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