Lovebirds: A Shivika ff Episode 16

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Hey readers…Sorry I m a bit late again. So here is the next part.
Recap: Mahi is shown learning dialogues when Anika and Omru are about to execute their plan.
The “tomorrow” comes damn fast. Whenever we are nervous,the time flies like a helicopter, er…chopper.*So much of Anika influence*. Omru and Anika along with Jhanvi knew the whole situation and were trying to make the plan a success , although they didnt want this to happen. Shivaay was in his room , checking out his file (only for others ) , his eyes were checking out his khidkitod khoobsurat biwi who was sitting on the bed and staring at nothing particularly. Shivaay noticed her tensed expressions and comes to sit beside her. He holds her hand and makes her look towards him.
Shivaay : Anika ,what happened to you ? Why do you look so worried ? Is something wrong?
Anika :No Shivaay, nothing is wrong.
Shivaay :Then why is my tadibaaz biwi sitting like she has lost something? Anika , something is wrong. You can tell me .
Anika’s eyes filled with tears and she hugged Shivaay, making him startle. She buried her face in his chest to feel him for the last time. After this , she would be making an exit from his life and this house , making sure that he hated her.
Shivaay : Anika….dont cry . You know na that I dont like it when you cry.
Anika :Shivaay, I was thinking that what will happen if for some reason we both will have to part ways ?
Shivaay cupped herface with his warm palms.
Shivaay : Why are you saying this Anika ? Nothing will happen. We both will never part ways. I wont let you go away from me. I will always stay with you no matter what. You are very special to me , Anika. You are my wife. I wont let anything happen to you. Dont let these stupid thoughts disturb your peace of mind. Okay?
Anika gave a faint smile and reassured herself that Shivaay should not break. This motivated her to execute the plan.

It was the afternoon time when Anika was getting ready to execute her plan when the person whom she would have not liked to see at the time , entered the room.
Voice :Oh my Mata Aneeka, are you plannings to gos or I tells Shivaay the truths ? It doesnt looks like you are leavings Oberoi Mansions.
Anika :Auntyji, I am stressed and I dont want to see you now. What you wanted , is what is Happening. So let me do what I m doing.
Pinky: Oh my Mata. So my wings attached to your bodys. Mind your words , Aneeka.
Anika: What will I mind my words. When I couldnt mind my thoughts about you.
Pinky : I am Shivaay’s mom. Mind it.
Anika: You are Shivaays mom thats why I ve been tolerating you. Else , pata nahi abhi tak apni kitni chandniyaan todh chuki hoti main. The door is that side. Please leave.

Pinky makes an angry expression and on finding that its not affecting Anika , she left the room. Although Anika showed that it didnt affect her , it was actually breaking her inside. The thought of leaving Shivaay was giving her shudders. But she motivated herself by assuming that Shivaay would stay happy when she would leave. Now who was daring enough to make her understand that Shivaay’s happiness was with her. Uff Anika !
Omru and Anika went to that desolate room that had been prepared for the plan. There were chairs with ropes around them in such a n arrangement that anyone could slip in and out anytime they liked. Once sitting on the chair, it would seem as if you were kidnapped and tied. Om and Rudra sat on the chairs and Anika called up Mahi,
Anika: Mahi , have you reached the gates of Oberoi Mansion?
Mahi: Yes Anika. Oh sorry, Anika bhabhi. Iss speech ne na meri gangaaram kar rahi hai. I have reached. I can see Khanna from here.
Anika: Good. Keep up this accent. I will leave from here as soon as Shivaay comes here.

With an unknown cell, Rudra called up Shivaay, and in a terrified tone ,
Rudra: Hello, bhaiya. Bhaiya please save me. Bhaiya do something.
Shivaay: What happened Rudra, where are you.
Rudra: Bhaiya, I dont know anything. All I know is that me and O are tied up here. Please come fast Bhaiya.
Shivaay: I m coming Rudra.
Shivaay disconnected the call and contacted Khanna to trace the number and the location to find his beloved Obros.
This is it for the time. I have posted two other articles also. Sorry, I wont be able to post for the next whole month because of EXAMS. I hope they will keep you going in my absence. See ya soon….

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