Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 41

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Recap :

Anika had not actually used the lane. She had covered just some distance inside, so that she could hide and the Obros would find another way and go. When Anika was sure that they must have gone, she started her way back to the main road.
Smart Anika, I must say. She bamboozled the Great SSO. Haha, but he is also not less. Let’s see what he does.
Here, ShivOmRu were sitting in the car and thinking what should be done.
Shivaay, ” Okay, let’s wait for 5 minutes. If Anika turns up, then good, else we will look around for her, right ? ”
The other two nodded their heads in approval.
They waited for 5 minutes, looking here and there, waiting for Anika if would come that side.
Here, Anika started her way back to the main road. That lane was just a distraction trick so that the Obros would go on a wrong route.
She was riding back to the road, when an auto – rickshaw came the other way and they both collided. The rickshaw did not get damaged so it went off but poor Anika fell off her Champa.
An employee of the shop nearby came and helped her to her feet. He was a young  boy, maybe in his late teens.
Boy, ” Didi, are you alright ? ”
Anika, ” Yes, I am fine. Thank you so much. ”
Chhotu,” Didi, be careful on your scooter.”
Anika,” Oye, it is not an ordinary scooter. Champa hai meri. My best friend.”
Chhotu,” Sarry didi. Sarry Champa.”
Anika,” Haha, it’s okay. Thank you so much. ”
The shopkeeper,  ” I don’t understand why people drive so rashly. This generation of kids na, uff, always hurting others. Arre chhotu, get me the supply box from Misraji’s shop. ”
The boy smiled and Anika returned that smile. Then she sat on Champa and zoomed away on the same route as the original one, that is the main road, out of the lane.
Chhotu went to Misraji’s shop which was at the end of the lane, the place where the Obros had reached from the back side.
Since 5 minutes had passed, the Obros were enquiring at the shops with Anika’s photo on their phone.

At Misraji’s shop,
Om, ” Uncle, have you seen this lady ? She must have passed this area just sometime back on a red scooter.  Have you seen her ?
Misraji, ” No. I haven’t seen her. ”
Chhotu arrives at that time.
Chhotu, ” Uncleji, Kaku is asking for the supply box. ”
Misraji, ” Ahh, wait. ”
Misraji goes in while Chhotu looks around and sees Anika’s picture on Om’s phone.
Chhotu, ” Arre, yeh toh wahi hai….”
Om looked at him.
Om, ” Have you seen her ? ”
Chhotu, ” Yes bhaiyaji, just two minutes back.”
Om, ” Was she on a red scooty ? ”
Chhotu,” Oye, it was not an ordinary scooter. It was her Champa. Her best friend. ”
Om(thinking),” Even he knows about Champa. Waah bhabhi ! ”
Om,” Where did you see her?”
Chhotu ,” Here only.”
Om,” Where….? Here ?”
Chhotu,” Yes, yes here only”
Om,” I am asking you where here ?”
Chhotu ,” Yes, that is what I am telling you. Yes, here only.”
Om (iritated),” Ohhhoooo, I mean where..where did you see her ?”
Chhotu, “Ohhh, then say that na. Why were you doing where, here, where, there, where,here.”
Om,” Arre will you tell me where ?”
Chhotu,” Yes . In front of my shop. ”
Om,” Where is your shop?”
Chhotu,” Here only.”
Om,” Where here ?”
Chhotu,” Yes, here only.”
Om(frustrated),” WHERE?????!!!!!”
Chhotu,” At the beginning of the lane. She collided with an auto rickshaw in front of my shop and I helped her back on the scooter. Arre, sarry sarry, scooter nahi, Champa hai woh. ”
Om, ” Where did she go ? ”
Chhotu, ” Why are you asking about her ? Do you want to kidnap her ? Hey bhagwaan, wait, I will just call the police. Why do you want to kidnap her? How much ransom will you ask from her family? I will not let you kidnap her. Someone please help ! ”
Om, ” Abbe, bhabhi hai meri. ”
Chhotu, ” Oh, sarry sarry. I thought you want to kidnap her. I am sarry na bhaiyaji, please don’t hand me over to the police. I have my sister at home. She is unmarried also. How will she marry ? Who will marry someone if her brother is in jail? I am just a kid bhaiyaji…”
Om rolls his eyes.
(thinking),” Itna drama toh Rudra bhi nahi karta hai !! ”
Om,” Okay stop. Just tell me where did she go?”
Chhotu,” She went back to the main road from where she came. It looked as if she was hiding from someone. ”
Om,” Okay. Thank you.”
He smiles and goes back to the car, where Shiv and Ru were already waiting.
ShivRu,” No luck.”
Shivaay,” No one seems to know her here. Probably she hasn’t come yet.”
Om,” Yes, and she will not come also.”
Ru,” Omg O ! Sharam nahi aati aisi apshaguni baatein karne me ? Why do you say that bhabhi will not come ?”
Om,” Ru, shut up with your nonsense. One shop worker identified her and said that she had a minor accident in front of his shop and she returned to the main road, the one she had come from in 5 minutes.”
Shivaay,” This means that all that lane drama was a trick to distract us. Oh God ! This Anika is a complete idiot. Don’t know what is cooking in her mind.”
Ru,” Bhaiya, bhabhi doesn’t cook in the kitchen then how can she cook anything in her head? Bhaiya, are you really becoming older day by day?”
ShivOm,” Shut up Rudra.”
Shivaay,” We have no time to waste. Let’s go back to the main road and see what can we do.”
All three nodded and set off to the same place from where they had taken the back way.

So now it looks like Anika has escaped the clutches of the Obros. Where is she going? Which is the place where she does not want any disturbance? Will the Obros be able to track her ? Let’s see in the upcoming updates.
Bye, until next time.

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