Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 40

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Anika ran directly out of the white building into the parking lot. She took out the keys from her jean pocket, wore her helmet, kick started her Champa and drove away in anger and disappointment. Meanwhile, when ShivOmRu were coming out of the building, Shivaay called Khanna to get the car.
When they came out, the signature black SSO car was already there. Shivaay took the steering and Om took the seat beside him, while Rudra climbed in the backseat.
Shivaay, ” Khanna, track Anika. ”
Khanna nodded and left and out zoomed the brothers from the mansion.
Anika had been a fast rider always, and moreover, she was in anger, so her speed was faster than her normal one.
Shivaay had set out behind her when he got a call from Khanna on his Bluetooth.
Shivaay, ” Yes Khanna. ”
Khanna, ” Sir, Anika ma’am cannot be tracked.”
Shivaay, ” What the hell Khanna? Why ? ”
Khanna, ” Sir, she has left her phone at home. So whatever we do, her location will show Oberoi Mansion only. ”
Shivaay cut the phone and in anger threw his Bluetooth at the back seat, which hit Rudra on the eye.
Rudra, ” Ahh bhaiya, dekh ke khenka karo. Masoom baccho ko lag sakti hai. ”
Om, ” Rudra, do one thing. ”
Rudra, ” Yes O, say. ”
Om, ” Shut up. ”
Rudra makes a face and leans back on the seat.
Om, ” What did Khanna say, Shivaay?”
Shivaay,” Anika has left her phone at home. So she cannot beΒ  tracked.”
Om, ” So now, where do we find her ? ”
Shivaay, ” Om this is not a main road so there aren’t many turns and twists. There is only one way that is forward. I think if we accelerate, we can track her. ”
Om nodded his head and Shivaay accelerated the car.
In a few minutes, they could catch a glimpse of Anika and Champa taking a right turn.
Ru, ” Bhaiya, see bhabhi is taking a turn. ”
Both elders saw and took a turn that way.
The road was leading in a lane, but it was quite fine for passage of cars.
Anika saw the Obros from her side mirror and accelerated more. Shivaay also accelerated.
It was like a race between a car and a scooty, sorry for the misused word ( thank God Anika is not reading this, else she would have beaten me into pulp πŸ˜‰ ) , between a car and Champa. Anika was not able to make them lose track easily because Shivaay had an excellent way of driving.
She turned back and looked at them. Om signed her to stop. She looked in front, nodded her head to shake off her thoughts and continued further.
Anika aage aage, Obros peeche peeche. She did not want anyone to disturb her at the moment. She knew they will have things to say to her, to make her feel happy, to make her feel relieved,to make her feel loved, to make her feel that she is not wrong, but that would not make her normal again.You know, sometimes you just don’t need someone putting your good qualities in your head, that makes situations worse.You just need to take time for yourself and think what was happening was right or not, and if not, how are you supposed to make it right. What she needed now was to sit alone, in silence and get her mind right. Anika believed that this was not the time for consoling, for consoling is needed by someone who undergoes a lot of grief. She was not grief – stricken. She had started questioning her existence. No amount of consoling would make any difference to the inner turmoil that she was facing. She admitted that Shivaay could make her feel better any day with his presence around her, but this was not the correct time. So, she really did not want to face any of the three brothers at the moment.

She looked back once again and saw them still following her. Next, she looked ahead and suddenly turned into a narrow, slum lane. She knew that it would not be possible for Shivaay to drive the car in that narrow lane, so she thought that she cleverly escaped them. She drove away with full speed whereas the Obros were stopped at the entrance.
Ru,” Bhaiya, how is the car going to get in here ?”

Om, ” Yes Shivaay, we cannot get in here. The lane is too narrow. If in case another car or for that matter, any vehicle comes from the other end, we will be stuck. What do we do now?”
Shivaay,” Anika is very smart. She doesn’t want us to follow her, so she intentionally took this route. I just hope she doesn’t do anything stupid. “
Om,” Hmm. That is fine, but what do we do now?”
After cracking their heads for a whole five minutes, an idea struck Rudra.
Ru,” Oh God, how stupid are we.”
Om,” Not us, Rudra, it is just you.”
Ru,” O, just listen to me. We people are so stupid, we have the latest technology, but still we are cracking our brains. “
Shivaay,” I do not understand what you are saying.”
Ru,” Bhaiya, wait, see. We have Google Maps. We can see which lane did Bhabhi take and which is the back way from that. Where does that lane lead to and how can we reach there.”
Shivaay,” Correct. Why couldn’t we think of Google Maps? You are a genius Rudy. Thank you. I love you. “
Ru,”Β  Huh ! Because you are becoming old bhaiya and your memory is becoming low day by day. And I know that I amΒ  a genius. Love you too bhaiya.”
Om,” If you both are done with your show of brotherhood, shall we proceed?”
ShivRu,” Ya, lets go.”
They use Google Maps and take a back road to the end of the lane, just to find that Anika was nowhere to be seen.
Ru,” I think we came late. Looks like bhabhi has already left from here.”
Om,” Or maybe not yet come.””
Ru,” O, didn’t you see how fast bhabhi was? She must have crossed at least 10 lanes like these.”
Om,” Shivaay, there is usually a lot of crowd and traffic in these narrow lanes. It takes time to cross them. Roadside hawkers, markets, small shops and lots of things. We took approximately thirteen minutes till here, I do not really think that she has crossed yet.”
Shivaay,” It is really difficult to say if we should wait here or start looking around for her. Ugh ! What a situation. If she has left, and we keep waiting here then we will lose track of her and if we go and she comes later, then also we lose track of her. Uhhh, what should I do now ?”

What do you all think the Obros should do ? Keep waiting or look around for her? Has Anika crossed that area or is she stuck in the lane? Or has she actually taken the route or….
Well, that is for you to find out in the next chapter.
Until then,
Bye, Happy Navaratri and Shubho Sharodiya.
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