Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 38

Hello everyone ! I couldn’t update owing to exams. Sorry for not replying to your comments. I am going to finish this story soon as all the plots I planned for this are coming to an end.

Recap :

After ten minutes, when Shivaay came out of the washroom, almost ready in his suit and gelled hair, he saw Anika was trying to tie the dori of her blouse. He nodded his head and then went to help her. He took the strings in his hand and tied them, brushing his fingers on her back. The sudden warm touch made her shiver, but not scared. She knew this touch very well. Closing her eyes, she felt his touch and tightened her fists to stop herself from shivering. Shivaay smiled seeing this.

After Anika felt that the warm sensations was gone from her back, she slowly opened her eyes and blushed. The shivers were now gone . She turned back to find Shivaay smiling to himself. ‘What ? ‘, she asked by lifting lifting her eyebrows.
‘Nothing ‘, he answered by nodding his head.
She smiled and held his hand. Now, her cute expressions were replaced by a serious face.
Shivaay, sensing that something was bothering her, let go of his smile and kept his other hand over hers , assuring her that she needn’t worry about anything.
“Speak about it Anika, else how will I be able to solve it ? “, said Shivaay.
Anika was surprised.
“What ? ”
“There is something bothering you. If you don’t tell me what it is, how will I solve it ? ”
“How do you know ? And why will you solve it ? We will solve it. ”
“Okay baba, we will solve it. And about the earlier question, I can feel that you are disturbed. Your eyes say it. ”
“You look into my eyes and notice it ? ”
“Yes Anika….I do. ”
“How, why ? ”
“Because…because, know because.”
“I want to hear it from you. ”
“Wait for the right time dear. But tell me about your problem. ”

Anika gave up because it’s useless to argue with a bagad billa , who is full of tadi and behaves like The Great Wall of SSO.
Anika, ” Shivaay, I want to talk to you. ”
Shivaay, “Anika, I know that and you can directly say it. You don’t need to be tensed about it. Come on, say what happened ? ”
Anika took him to the bed and made him sit on it, herself sitting beside him.
Anika, ” Shivaay, Pinky Aunty…”
She was restrained from speaking any furthur, as Shivaay had lifted his palm, indicating her to stop.
Shivaay,  ” Anika, I’m really sorry to say but if you have something to say about Mrs. Oberoi, then I’m not interested in listening to anything. ”
Anika, ” Shivaay, please , just once ? ”
He nodded in no.
Anika(cross), ” You know my husband just told me that if I have something to say to him, I should say it directly. I should not be tensed about it. If I will not speak out, then how will we solve the problem. Now see, he is not even listening to me. ”
Anika again puffed up her cheeks and pouted.
Shivaay looked at her face and sighed. Nothing can happen of his girl. Now, he understood where Sahil learnt doing nautanki from. He partially regretted saying the words which she easily quoted back to him. But there was no arguing with his wife. He did not want to talk about Pinky , it reminded him of the betrayal, but here his own angel is stuck on that topic. Finally he gave in.
Shivaay, ” Okay, say whatev…”, but Shivaay was cut off by Anika.
Anika , ” Sorry Shivaay I didn’t want to force you. It’s completely fine if you don’t want to discuss about it now. I understand how difficult it must be for you. ”
Shivaay was kind of surprised. Just now she was talking about him not hearing her out and now she is apologizing for pushing it on him. What a girl, God!
Shivaay, ” It’s okay Anika, tell me what you wanted to. ”
Anika, ” Only if you’re not uncomfortable with it. Shivaay, if you feel bad, then it’s fine we will talk later. I don’t want to pressurize you, I want to help you, to support you. ”
Shivaay just stared away at the concerned face of his wife.
Shivaay, ” No Anika, it’s completely fine. I have you beside me. Tell me what you wanted to say. ”

Anika looked at him, hesitated a bit and then took his hands in hers.
” Shivaay, you know what ups and downs I’ve had in my life and you also know what wasn’t there beside me when I needed it the most. The only thing for which I have been envying people from so many years, the feeling which I have been craving for years. ”
” I know Anika, I know you always wanted a family and now see that we have such a beautiful family. Why are you hurting yourself by repeating this ? ” 
” Listen to me. Who is the most important member of a family ? The one who holds it together ? The one who looks after the happiness of the family and the one without whom the family cannot go on for even a day ? Isn’t it a mother, Shivaay ? I have never got the love of a mother. My own mom…my own parents put me up  for adoption and Sahil’s Mom, she passed away before she could show me what a mothers love is. The best feeling of being loved by my mother was never there. You had it . Don’t do this to Pinky Aunty Shivaay, don’t do this. She…” 
Shivaay, ” Anika, she is not my mother. She hasn’t given me birth. My mother is Pranaalini Thakur, who is no more in this world. ” 
Anika, ” Shivaay, haven’t you heard that ‘ Paalne waala janam dene waale se bada hota hai ‘. Pinky Aunty has raised you up, knowing that you are her step – son. She has done more for you than your own mom could do. I am not saying that Pranaalini Aunty was not good. But Shivaay, you tell me whom will you love more – that woman who has given you birth, but you have never even seen her or that woman who has not given you birth but has raised you like her own child, has not made you feel that you are alone, never even told you that you are not her son because you love her as your mom, has been with you in your failures and your success. Tell me Shivaay…” 
Shivaay just looks at Anika with an intense face. 
Anika, ” You have got the love of a Mom from your childhood….you had that. Pinky Aunty loves you a lot, Shivaay. Don’t let it go. You cannot let something so precious get away. Lucky are those who get a mother to look after them, to care for them, to support them, to stand by them, to help them, to love them. Don’t disregard her as your mother, please…because not everyone gets one. “

Shivaay was in deep thoughts. What Anika said, was making sense to him. He had not given a thought to this angle. Anika had just made him realize the importance of a mother.
But just as he was about to agree to her, the betrayal dawned upon him.

Shivaay,” Anika, she betrayed me. She tried to keep me away from you. She thought that by sending you away from me, she can keep me happy. I can never forgive her for this….Never.  Is this what a mother does? ” 
Shivaay, furious, stood up,waiting for her to say something.
Anika came from the back to his front and ran her hands over his shoulders, visibly calming him down. Then she held him by his elbows, slowly running her hands to his palms.
Anika, ” Shivaay, she thought that keeping us away would make you happy, because she knows what your happiness lies in. If it isn’t true, then it is you who should explain it to her where your happiness lies. You have to make her understand that your happiness does not lie in what she is doing. She did not betray you Shivaay, she just made a mistake. Can mothers not make mistakes? Are they not humans ? ”
” Anika, she has wronged you so much. Today if I ask you to forgive her, will you be able to forget all that she has done and move on ? Will you be able to forgive her? “

” Shivaay, just calm down. You need to relax. Whatever she did was wrong, I agree and I cannot forget that so easily. I am no angel. I am hurt, very hurt so it will take time to get back to normal terms with her. “
“That is exactly what I want to say. Anika, how can you ask me to forgive her so easily ?” 
“Shivaay, I am not asking you to forgive her. As a son, you might be all the more hurt than I am. I am just asking you to not make her mistake look like a sin. The way everyone has been behaving with her from the past few days, it will lead to more hatred inside her and not finish it. ” 
“What do you want me to do then ? Pretend to be normal when I ain’t? ” 
“No Shivaay, you cannot pretend to be someone you aren’t. I am just saying that don’t disregard her as your mother. She is already getting punishment when you, her son is not considering her as your mom.  Don’t call her Mrs. Oberoi. Call her Mom just as you used to. I know there will be a lot of anger, guilt and awkwardness after this, but eventually it will get fine. I am not asking you to be a divine power who doesn’t get hurt. I am not forcing you to forgive her. I am not telling to get normal with her as if nothing happened. I am just asking to call her mom and not Mrs. Oberoi. Can you do just this, Shivaay ? Please… if not for her then for me, please ?” 
Keeping in mind all of Anika Arguments and thoughts, Shivaay thought to give it a chance. Obviously, he was The Great Wall of SSO, and in no condition he wanted his family to tear apart. He looked into Anika’s eyes and nodded slightly. Anika smiled brightly and seeing her smile, Shivaay couldn’t contain himself. He also smiled brightly and then hugged her. She reciprocated his hug with equal ferver.
Shivaay kissed her forehead and she blushed in response.

Rudra had come to call them down and had been knocking at their door from the past three minutes, but since these lovebirds were engrossed in their own world, they had failed to realize that. This time when Rudra knocked really loudly, they both had to break their hug. Shivaay opened the door and faced an angry Rudra.
Rudra, ” What bhaiya, romancing early in the morning ? ”
Shivaay, ” Excuse me ?”
Rudra, ” Bhaiya, let your excuse me drown in your black coffee. I have been knocking for the past 3 minutes. Where were you ? ”
Shivaay, ” Bath..Bathroom mein tha. ”
Rudra( raising eyebrow)” Hawww ! You and bhabhi together haa in the bathroom ? Waah! I am soon going to become chachu. ”
Shivaay, ” Shut up Rudra. Wait now…” and he was going to take after his brother, who skipped away.
Rudra, ” Bhaiya, when you finish your romance please come down for breakfast. Everyone is waiting. ”
Saying so he ran away.
Shivaay,” Badmaash !”

This is all for now and I’m planning to come back soon with another update.
Until next time,
Keep smiling and stay happy.

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