Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 33

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Recap :

Chapter 32

Anika ,” I have a plan .”


Om, ” I think this plan is good. We can do this. What does everyone say ?”

Tej,” It has risk, but if we keep everything under security control and track Kamini constantly, we should be successful. ”

Pinky, ” I must say, girl, in all these matters, your brain works at double speed than normal ones. Looks like you are used to a lot of planning and plotting. Maybe you are here as a result of this only. ”

Everyone angrily glared at Pinky and so she had to shut up for the good of all. ( What a creature she is…worse than animals but hopefully better than a beast)

Mahi ,” What do we need a plan for ?”

Rudra, ” Arre, Mahi bhaiya, Kamini Aunty is not our neighbor that whenever we will go, she will be sitting for us. After doing such a lot of gangaram in our family, obviously she will be hiding somewhere na ?”

Mahi, ” This is a correct thing wihich you have said pehelwan.”

Shivaay,” Okay, so did everyone understand the plan ? Any doubts or problems ?”. Everyone nodded a yes and set to whatever they had to do. Dadi and Prinku would be at home cause she was slightly unwell and didn’t want to unintentionally sabotage their plan, Prinku would probably look after her. 

In the evening,

@Star Shine Chawl (probably Kamini had changed her residence after the expose of her evil but highly stupid plan )

Phone rings…triiii…triiii….triii…

Kamini,” Oh God ! Now why the hell is this stupid phone ringing ? Who in this whole wide world is calling me ? Already I’m suffering after my plan was caught. I had to leave Goodluck chawl, had to leave my golden egg laying hen called Mahi, had to let  go of that stupid Priyanka. I can’t go out freely because probably the Oberoi security would still be on rounds to find me. Ranveer was just suspended because he could make Commissioner believe that he was being trapped. Now, here I have to do all the household work and this Ranveer is also missing from some time. Pata nahi kahan bhatakta firta hai. Kahan mai Oberoi Mansion ki rani banne chali thi, kahan yeh chawl ki naukar banke reh jayi. Huh !”

With this she picked up the phone,slightly irritated by seeing an unknown number.

Kamini, ” Hello, who is this ?”

Voice,” Mausi….Mausi…help me. ”

Kamini,” Hello, hello, Ranveer…Ranveer where are you ? Whose number is this ? What has happened to you ?”

Ranveer,” Mausi,I’m…I’m….I think I am in some old garage or factory. It’s dark and I can’t see anything. Please..please save me Mausi, please….”

Kamini,” Hello Ranveer….where…where are you exactly ? Hello…hello ?”

And the call was disconnected.

Kamini,” Did I have less of troubles before that this new one has come to sit on my head ? Uff…now Ranveer is in trouble. Ho na ho, this is done by Oberois only. Because of them, my whole life has become a jhand. This time I will do something really big, but before that, I need to save Ranveer and then see what to do. ”

She dialled another number.

” Hello Vishnu, I’m Kamini……yes, yes, that Kamini only…..Please please listen to me I need your help…..I will return your money as soon as I get something…..But now I need your help…..Okay, I’m sending you a phone number, just track and tell me where that is,….yes, I know I need to return your money and I will do it…….For old relation’s sake please do this……no,no police case in involved….yes, please….thankyou.”

She sent the number from which Ranveer had called to Vishnu. Three minutes later she gets a reply.


After Kamini locked the house and set out to rescue Ranveer, a pair of eyes constantly followed her without her notice and signaled a‘ successful’ to the ones on the other side of this phone, smirking at the event.

What has happened to Ranveer ? Are Oberois behind his kidnap ? What are Oberois upto ? Is it a trap ? Will Pinky ever in this life leave Anika alone?

So sorry for the short chapter again. I plan to update soon.

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  1. wow..interesting…i cant believe pinky still has the audacity to speak ill abt anika in front of everyone…in front of shivaay ..i mean she is really worst than animals man…i hate pinky ..she is really pain to see..even after doing all the spiteful things against anika ..she still has the guts to comment abt anika …urgggh i hate pinky!!!!!!!!!

  2. Niriha

    Superb interesting update next part soon

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..Interesting…Well Pinky nahi chodne wali hai..toh hum hi pinky ko chod dethe hai…Will be waiting for the next..Till then Take care..Love you..

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