Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 31

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Hello guys ! Congratulations to all who have just got their ICSE / ISC results. A sincere thank you to all who have wished me success. I owe you a part of my 95% in ICSE, who have supported me throughout and have been patient with my extreme irregularities. 


Chapter 30

Jhanvi, ” Where did Pinky go ? ”
Shakti, “Just now she was standing here. Again some drama. Let’s check in the Mansion. She should be here only.”
Everyone started searching in the Mansion and Shivaay asked Khanna to check the CCTV of the main gate of Oberoi Mansion.
Khanna informed Shivaay that Pinky hadn’t left the Mansion. Anika started her search from Pinky’s room *intelligent I must say* and found her there, weeping and packing up a bag. She knocked at the door and Pinky looked up at her.
Anika came in and examined the stuff which was spread all over the bed.
Anika, “Aunty, what is all this ? Why are you packing all these things ? ”
No response.
Anika, “Pinky Aunty, please tell me why are you packing all your things ?”
No response.
Anika kept her hand on Pinky’s shoulder.
Anika, ” Aunty, are you angry with me ? I m sorry Aunty, I didn’t mean to do all this. It…it all just happened. I never wanted that this truth will come out in such a way. I know you felt insulted outside, and I am really sorry that all this happened. I did not even think that the matter could worsen to such an extent. I…I…”
Anika stopped when Pinky raised her hand, indicating the same.
By this time, Shivaay and the family had also come there, but was unknown to the two ladies.
Pinky,”Let me speak. I am leaving from here.”
Anika was shocked, so were the others.
Anika ,”Leaving ? Where are you going ? Why are you leaving Aunty ??”
“I am leaving this house forever. I don’t know where will I go, but I will not stay here. I…I made a mess of everything. I know that Shivaay had never seen Pranaalini, he always regarded me as his mother, but I, I only broke his trust on myself. I cannot live here, seeing hatred in his eyes for me. I have always raised him as my own son, never thought that he is not mine, and today, I stooped so low that I made a fool of the fact that I had raised him. He is not illegitimate, but he is feeling that he is. I lied to him, and made him hate me. What can I do to undo everything ? Nothing. I cannot change his hatred towards me, nor can I live with it. So, I am leaving. I will not stay here. ”
Anika, “But Aunty, how can you leave like this ?”
Pinky, “I don’t want to listen to anything. I will not stay here and that is final. I have to leave my house just because of you. You are still the root of all my problems. I tried so much to seperate you from Shivaay, but you, you are still stuck to him like a chewing gum. How can you be so shameless ? Oh sorry, you middle class people are supposed to be like that, isn’t it ? You just know how to break others houses as you don’t have any family of your own. I thought after I directly target you, you will understand and leave, but see, I have to leave because of you. You snatched my son away. He doesn’t call me Mom anymore. Now, you stay here and…”
Anika and Pinky looked behind them to find a fuming Shivaay and a disappointed Oberoi family. Shivaay went ahead, grabbed Pinky’s hand and brought her to the living room, with the others following.
@Living room
Shivaay, “Even after doing all this nonsense, you are not satisfied Mrs. Oberoi. Why the hell do you hate her so much, when she always does things for which she should be praised ? She exposed Tia, saved us from Kamini, brought back Mahi, stood with us in our hard and bad times, helped us in our good times and supported everyone when they needed it. You know, she has been a perfect family member to everyone. Dadi, Dad, Badi Maa and Bade Papa look at her like their daughter, Mahi finds his best friend in her and Omru are as close to her as to me. What else do you need in a family member ? Why can’t you just accept her when everyone else has ? ”
Pinky shouts, “Because she is a middle class, no surname woman.”

Everyone looks on disgusted.
Shivaay looks away now and Omru shoot ashes at her and so does the family but no one speaks anything.
“Enough. Enough I have heard about Bhabhi. Chhoti Maa,if you cannot respect her, then you don’t have the right to insult her. You won’t utter any word against her now, else I will forget that you are my Chhoti Maa. ”
He looks at Om, who gives him a supportive nod. Shivaay looks at his baby bro who now seems suddenly matured.
OmRu go to Anika who cannot stop her tears and Rudra holds her hand while Om wipes her tears.
“Bhabhi, come with me. You don’t have to listen to all this anymore. You don’t deserve this treatment and Chhoti Maa doesn’t deserve you. ”
Om nods in agreement.
Om, “I think this is more than enough drama for now. We will all discuss about this in the evening. Chhoti Maa, Dadi is the eldest in the family, so she will decide about your staying in the mansion. Now since everyone is tired, you will have to stay here till evening. After that , the decision is yours and Dadi ‘s. I will tell the servants to send lunch to everyone’s rooms and Rudy, can you please show Mahi his room ? ”
Everyone instantly agrees because this seemed most sensible to everyone at that time. Rudra takes Mahi away and everyone disperses. Om takes Anika to his room.

Sorry guys for being late. New school is a tough job which is quite pissing me off and then was the fest , Youthopia’ 18. I want to share something with you all.

The man in yellow is none other than the heartthrob, Darshan Raval, Live in concert, where I fortunately managed to get a clear view. Wanted to share with all DR fans.

Bye, until next time, which I hope will be soon ?

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  1. awesome…tooo good ..i loved the way shivaay counted anika’s good deeds towards him and the oberoi family …and the way omru supported their dear bhabhi/friend/sister ..anika deserves soo much more love and care ..loved it!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pui

      Hi Mrinal. Thank you so much for such a compliment. I absolutely agree with you. Anika is shown to be such a pure soul, too good for this world. Hope to do her justice.

  2. Arpita6

    Congratulations my dear…I really love yiur effort. So irregular prblm actually helped you. .
    95%mark…… once again congrats my dear..many more success is on the way..
    And also loved to see your love towards Darsh Raval….hi hi hi..
    Aab waqt nile toh okj bhi aajaya karo..missing yiuyour r comedic satire comments very much.
    Love you.
    And this part was want some good shivika scene.. its been quite long

    1. Pui

      Hi Di !!!! Thank you so much Di! Means a lot to me. Yeah, irregular problem actually helped me.
      Hopefully success follows after this…Darshan Raval is just bliss….
      I’m sorry Di, I have stopped watching ishqbaaz because of the change in my new school time. There wasn’t any time for the telecast earlier, only repeat. Ab toh woh bhi band because Star Plus changed time of repeat. I find it difficult to watch it on Hotstar every single day. With the new track, I have totally given up. So, probably no PKJ in the near future. Me also waiting to finish off this drama for a good Shivika ending.

  3. Niriha

    Awesome update …congratulations for ur result dear

    1. Pui

      Thank u di !! Thank u so much 🙂

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Congo Pui, on your results….You just rocked it…And coming to the epi.. Pinky ka tho kuch nahi ho sakhtha… Loved how OmRu supported their bhabhi..Will be waiting for the next…till then Take you…

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Prabha Di !!! I know 🙁 Pinky is disgusting, but I only told Shivika not to forgive her so easily. OmRuAni rock !!! Love you too <3 :")

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Congrats for ur results

    1. Pui

      Thank u so so so much Di !! 🙂

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