Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 29

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Recap :

Chapter 28

During the silence, Shivaay spoke up again.

” I also checked the CCTV footages of the Mansion of the past few days. It could be clearly seen that it was her (pointing to Pinky ) who brought Nayantara home, who manipulated Mr. T. V. Bajaj in the context of Anika’s past, who was the one behind Ranveer and Prinku’s marriage and also was the one who mixed the acid in the mehendi. And all the other allegations which were put on Anika, were because of her deeds, isn’t it? ”

Pinky could only nod positively while crying.

This broke the last string of patience. A chatak sound was heard, which echoed in the Mansion. It was the sound of a slap which had been given to Pinky by Dadi. Everyone leaving Shivaay cupped their mouth.
Dadi,”  Chee Pinky ! I never expected you to do this. I have forgiven so many mistakes of yours thinking that you were nadaan and will gradually mend your ways. But I was wrong. You did not mend your ways but detoriated the intensity of the hatred. If I would have done this a long time back, then maybe I wouldn’t be seeing this day. How can you tag your own son as illegitimate? Didn’t you think about how he would feel once he gets to know that his own Mom will try to snatch his happiness ? Did it prick your heart that the son whom you have raised all these years could now look at you with hatred ?  I will never forgive you, never. ”
Saying so, Dadi sat down on the sofa and buried her face in her hands.
It was that illegitimate word which struck Anika. She went upto Shivaay, “Shivaay, are you not upset over this ? Do you even now believe in naam , khoon and khaandan ? ”

Shivaay, “No Anika, this naam , khoon and khaandan theory was put into me by Mom but after you came, it slowly started breaking away. I don’t believe in it anymore. As far as I am concerned, I will not believe this illegitimate thing until Dad and Mom both confirm it together.”

Shivaay went upto Shakti who was fuming at Pinky . Shivaay had faint tears in his eyes which were unnoticeable.
Shivaay, “Dad, am I really illegitimate? Is Mrs. Oberoi not my real Mom ? Are you really my Dad ? Am I not a true Oberoi ? If not, then whose son am I ? What is my real identity ? ”

Shakti had tears in his eyes and he hugged Shivaay tightly and sobbed and his shoulder. Shivaay , as a reflex, reciprocated the hug.
After a few seconds, Shakti broke the hug and wiped his tears. Taking a deep breath, he said,
” No Shivaay, you are not illegitimate. Yes, Pinky is not your real mother, but I am your real father. You are my son. ”
Shivaay, “But Dad, it does mean that I m illegitimate. ”
Shakti,”No. You are not illegitimate and never say this again. You are my son and will always be. ”

Shivaay,” Dad, then who is my Mom ?”

Shakti, “Not is Shivaay. Was. I got married to my college sweetheart, Pranaalini Thakur. She was my wife and we loved each other a lot. After a year, we were blessed with twin sons , whom we named Shivaay and Mahendra. Pranaalini fought all the complications in her pregnancy, which made her very week, and took time to get back to her routine.  For the next six months, our lives were going well. Pranaalini had regained her routine completely in these six months after her delivery, you and Mahendra were healthy and with no sickness and also our business was growing in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, as well as our first step in Iternational Trade was put up. It was then one fateful day which shook up everything. 
Pranaalini was going to meet her friend, what was her name er…Ak..Aksh…no…no…it was Akansha. Yes, she was going to meet Akansha and she took Mahendra with her because he was cranky and could be handled by her only. You were slightly quiet and could be handled by Maa also, so you were at home. In the way, the car met with an accident and the driver died on the spot. The car crashed badly and was broken into pieces. It was a devastating accident and Pranaalini suffered serious injuries. The passers-by informed the police and also contacted us. When we reached the accident spot, we saw Pranaalini was being taken up and sent to the hospital. Maa went with her and I was there on the spot, inquiring the officers about my Mahendra.

No one had a clue of where he was.. I was so scared…. Tears were After roaming around the whole site many times, I came across a small bundle of white cloth, which I remembered was the cloth which Mahendra was wearing. That one fear of losing him gripped me and I picked him up. The face was destroyed so badly that we couldn’t even recognise him. I lost my son……We were sure that Mahendra was no more, so we didn’t go for any formalities because that was the only way I could conpensate for not being a good father– to relieve him of all the unnecessary burdened tests and reports. But, it looked like my luck was bad. I couldn’t be a good father, neither a good husband. Pranaalini succumbed to her injuries. After they both left me, I went into depression. I isolated myself from everyone, cut off everything from me. Maa was the one who took care of you .

Two years had passed, then came Pinky. She was Maa’s friend’s daughter. She made me understand that I needed to come out of depression and take up your responsibility, and that worked. Within six months, I was back on my feet and to my normal self, the only difference was that I couldn’t really get over that incident and lost my cheerful self. Seeing this, Maa decided to get me married again and I agreed because you needed a motherly figure to look after him. We thought that Pinky would be a perfect mother to you. So, from whenever you have got your senses, you had always seen Pinky as your mother and Pinky also left no stone unturned for your happiness. She had never seen you as her step son. She always loved you as her own son.

But, gradually when Shivaay grew up, Pinky’s love for him started decreasing, no not decreasing, it turned into greed. She wanted Shivaay to be the heir of Oberoi Empire and started treating him as a robot.

Shivaay had also felt this change. But now, Pinky has crossed all her limits. I really fail to understand what made her change and why did this all happen !
Were you like this from the beginning Pinky? Was it us who failed to look through? Or was there a deficit in our love which made you like this ? Was there any mistake on my side for which you punished my son ? Tell me Pinky. Answer me now…..”
The last lines were said in anger and also sadness, while Pinky was nodding a no, crying hysterically.
Everyone was shocked with this revelation except Dadi, but were happy to know that Shivaay was not illegitimate.

Hoping to put up the next chapter soon. Tomorrow I will be going to my new school on the first day. Settling there in a new environment might take time, so please excuse a long delay. Thank you all for your support ! ❤

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  1. Aafiya

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    1. Pui

      Thank you so so much for your support and appreciation Dear !
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      I m going to 11th….I just sat for my ICSE a month back ?
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  2. It was very good..beautifully penned …thank you so much for taking my request into account of revealing pinki’s all the other evil deeds ..finally in atleast FFs its been included…

    1. Pui

      Thank u so much Darling ! Don’t thank me please…I must thank you for ur request….
      Pinky deserves a big and powerful knack for her deeds and I hope I can give justice to Shivika ?

      1. your welcome dear…yeah true..she definetly deservesa big knack for it..n yeah iam sure u can give justice to shivika..

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    1. Pui

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