Our love will never die even after years…. (OS on DevAkshi)

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Hi there people,
I so happy u all loved my OS and I got positive comment do read this and give ur beautiful comments again


Today I’m getting married. I’m really happy because I’m getting married to the love of my life Sonakshi. Our love story was simple but hard…….. didn’t understand right !! When I tell my story u’ll understand. Our story started 10 years ago in college. U all must be thinking what took me so long to get married. I know but as I tell my story u’ll understand. Sona and I were toppers in college. One day we both were walking from opposite directions with piles of books and we crashed. She got really angry while I was just lost in her beauty while she was shouing ” Obhodro ” she said and left. I couldn’t resist her beauty so I kept following her just like a dog follows his master. Yes I was ready to be her slave life long. Few months passed swiftly we became best friends but I still couldn’t tell her that I loved her. God knows weather she loves me but if she doesn’t maybe our friendship will be at stake so I kept this to myself. One day I told ma about this but she wasn’t happy but she never expressed it but I understood by looking at her face but she encouraged me to tell my feelings to Sona.

So the next day I decide to tell my feelings to her. In the cafe I told her what I felt ” Look Sona from the time I met u I’ve fallen for u I won’t tell lies but I really really love u. If u don’t love me it’s……..” I stopped and looked down and saw her hugging me and I reciprocated the hug then she asked her ” Y couldn’t u tell me before ? ” I was silent but I smiled and replied ” Sorry Sona I didn’t want to lose u but know were together forever ” This was the happiest moment of m life. U all must be wondering y I said my story was hard. I’ll tell. After 2 years of relation ma separated us because she didn’t like her when I told her this she said nothing but hugged me and left ” Sona wait ” I said as I held her wrist ” What happened y aren’t u telling me anything ” She still didn’t reply and left from there. I repeatedly kept calling her about 25 times and she maybe got irritated and picked the phone up ” Yes Dev what is it ” She asked me ” Why did u leave me and go ” I asked her back ” Ya because ur ma doesn’t want us to meet each other so y should v bye till next time we meet ” She said and cut the phone.

8 years passed by we neither talked nor met each other I was going mad my love was not with me nothing felt alright I wasn’t myself I lost myself in those 8 years. I loved her so much that I started seeing her everywhere. Once I was so sad that I came home drunk. Ma was surprised with my behaviour but that day I vented out all my anger on her how much bad, sad and angry I felt with her decision. She was filled with remorse and was repenting her decision but it was of no use I didn’t know in which part of the world was she in.

Next day while going to office I dashed into someone but this came out of my mouth ” Sona look and walk ” and that lady replied ” How do u know my name Mr. ” She looked at me and I was shocked to my Sona standing in front of me after 8 long years which was nothing less than 80 years I just hugged her ” My Sona!! where were u these 8 years we haven’t seen each other since ages” She also hugged me back ” Dev I know but ur ma….” She said that as I put my hand on her mouth ” Sona ma agreed for our relation 8 years I spent without u only I know how these 8 years were ” She kissed me on my cheeks because she was terribly happy ” I love u ” She said and hugged me. The best part was even after years our love didn’t reduce which made me very happy.

Now coming back to my marriage it’s time for me to go down where Sona and I become one.

Please tell me how was this OS I got a short time to write so please give ur views through the comments I will surely come up with something new

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  1. Lovely do write more os

    1. Rithu2089

      Thank u akshita

  2. Manya


    1. Rithu2089

      thank u ayushi

  3. Niki645

    Wow! It was amazing ?????????

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u niki

  4. Hey there!
    This was really cute, especially the starting. Loved to see Dev being happy on being Sonakshi’s slave as well! Hahaha…
    The second part, however, included Pisswari and there she was, making things go terrible!
    The story was short and sweet, I’d say. The ending was quite short and sorry if I hurt you, but kinda abrupt.
    Moreover, a longer one would’ve done better, but this was no bad either!
    Post the next one soon!
    Take care!<3

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u anshita no u didn’t hurt me this is the 2nd time im writing an os so mistakes r bound to happen

      1. Yes, of course! Infact, I believe that mistakes are what make you better and I bet that the next article written by you will exceed all our expectations!
        Also, I write this FF named ‘ME, YOU AND PASSION’. I’ve just uploaded a promo for the same. Incase you’d want to have a look at it, please do so and if possible, do drop in a comment as well!

  5. Amazing rithu ??????
    short and sweet amazingly OS loved it to the core come with something sweet like this will be waiting?????

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u liya

  6. Nice

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u princess

  7. Alka

    Lovely os ??

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u alka

  8. U wrote it amazing dear….???????…..it was awesome and cute one…..

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u maleeha

  9. Rockzzzzzz

    It was commendable episode??
    I loved it??….

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u pari

  10. Eeshi

    amazing rithu I read ur previous OS to it was rocking so is this one????

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u eeshita

  11. Angel20

    Simple and cute one!

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u maria

  12. Rj12

    Amazingly awesome rithu short and sweet post something sweet like this again???????❤️???????

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u rithika

  13. Aadya

    Too cute

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u aadya

  14. Erina

    Simply amazing dear .. ?☺??????????

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u erina


    Rithu it was a nice one dear….loved it….??

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u shaheer

  16. Aarti32

    Awesome..I wish dis would hv happened in d show..

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u aarti
      Even I wish it would happen in the show

    1. Rithu2089

      thank u simplesweety

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