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Helloooo  buddies !!!! I ‘m very happy that all are reading this ff .

In the car :

Swara is sitting in the front driving while sanskar and ragini are sitting back . Ragini is peacefully sleeping in his arms while sanskar is lost in his world .

The atmosphere was quite without any interaction .

They reached their house.

Radhika was waiting outside in their garden for ragu . Though they both were friends only for a week , they developed a bond which is unbreakable.

Swara got down from the car and opened the door for ragu to get down.

Swara : sanskar !!!! Sanskar !!!

( No response )

Swara  shouted : Sanskar !!!

Sanskar jerked.

Swara : we have reached your house . Get down and wake up ragu also.

Sanskar : ragu wake up  . See we have reached my house .

Ragu : ma pls 5 more mins.

Sanskar : I m not your mom , I ‘m sanskar your batch mate .

Ragini : maa when have you started behaving like that Bandar .

Sanskar : Bandar .

Ragini : yeah Bandar . Not only Bandar , attitude , idiot , stupid ,etc etc etc

Sanskar got irritated by her behaviour and yelled “what the hell !!!”

Ragini got up the sound and rubbed her eyes like a small kid.  For a second sanskar got mesmerised seeing her like that , strands  of hair fall on her face which is disturbing her . He took those strands and tucked it behind her ear . She  opened her eyes to see that person but she was shocked to see that it was sanskar . Her eyes widened in shock and she remembered what she told sometime back .

She smiled sheepishly .

He asked her to get down

Ragu was shocked as he didn’t scold her .

She moved aside to get down . At that time she couldn’t move as her chain got entangled with his chain.  Both looked at each other and had a cute eyelock , which was broken by sanskar . Both kept their hand at their chains at the same time . Both were eyeing each other where ragu had weird feeling and sanskar had mixed emotions.

Sanskar : stop being romantic with me and remove the chain .

Ragini : romantic and you !!! My foot !!

Sanskar : don’t act !!!

Ragini : shut up .

And ragini removed the chain and while getting down, gave a death glare to Sanskar and got down .

Radhika : ragu ma

Ragini went and they both had a bone crushing hug .

Radhika : okay come I ‘ll take you to the guest room and you can take rest there.

Ragu : it’s okay rads . I ‘ll go to  my home .

Radhika : no means no . You are staying here  only .

Ragini : as you wish my lord  and she bowed .

Radhika smiled at her childishness and she took her to the room .


Sanskar closed his room door and went near the window immersed in his thoughts :

He closed his eyes and some flashes came in front of him :

“Can u please help me ??”

“If I  help you , what ‘ll you give me ??”

“I ‘ll give you choci !!!”

“I ‘m not a kiddy girl to eat chocolate ”

” Is there any rule that only girls eat chocolate ??”

” No ”

” Then why you said like that ”

“Okay stop your lecture meri ma and tell me “.

” Then what you want ?”

” Can we become friends ??”

” Yeah sure . Is that what you want ??”

” No. When the time comes I ‘ll ask you ”

” Okay . Now help me ”

He tried to remember all those things but he couldn’t .

His head ached and he held his head in frustration.

In his anger he broke everything in his room .

Hearing noises rads came rushing to his room.

Radhika : sanky pls relax .

Sanskar : rads please tell me why are those flashes coming .

Radhika : how do I know ??? Anyways you ‘ll study about it in the upcoming years. Now sleep. Good night Bhai.

Sanskar : good night rads.


Radhika went to her room :

Radhika ‘s POV :

“I can’t tell you sanky . I know you both are made for each other.  You ‘ll get her soon . Because of her small mistake , you lost your life and your sweetheart ‘s life too . I ‘m really sorry sanky . Ragu is a good girl . I saw love for her in your eyes.  Hope she changes you .”

With this rads drifted off to her sleep.


What flashes does sanky get??

Who is his sweetheart ??

Whose mistake is that ??

Is ragini related ???

To know more , check out next chappy !!!

Any guess??? Most welcome !!!

Guys I know I stopped the chappy at the right time . I ‘m really sorry for it . Please tell me how the chappy is !!! I ‘m eagerly waiting for your comments and votes too

Have a good day !!!




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    amazing and I think Ragini is his sweetheart xx

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    Awesome varshu

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    awesome dear….mystery dear…loved it…waiting for their reveal…tkcr dear…

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