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Now into the story :

Sanskar imagined himself in a horrible situation where  ragini was chasing with a broom stick to beat him after what had happened between them .

To his surprise ragini didn’t scold him or giving death glares .

On the other side :

Security guard thinks : the time is already 6:00 PM . I guess no one ‘ll be there in the hospital block . 

So without even checking the hospital block he locked it outside which includes all the lab .

Coming to our lovely pair which is inside the lab :

Ragini : water , water please .

Sanskar who was lost in his horror world came out after hearing a faint voice .

Sanskar : Ragini , ragini wait . One second I think I have water in my water bottle . I ‘ll check out .

He ran towards the other end of the room where his bag was there . He took his bottle and came near her and sat down .

Sanskar : ragini , have some water .

Ragini sipped the water little by little .

She was feeling somewhat better .

She stood up and asked him to go to open the door so that they can leave .

Sanskar went and tried opening the door , but he couldn’t . Then he opened the windows to see only that the room is locked .

Sanskar : shit !!! The room is locked what ‘ll we do now ???

Ragini : offo !!! I can’t stay here for the whole night . That too with this idiot.

Sanskar :  miss.  Stupid stop showing attitude .

Ragini : okay . Now think how to get out from this room.

Sanskar : stop your bak bak . Wait let me think . After sometime


Ragini : what is that ????( Eagerly waiting )

Sanskar : take your mobile and call any of the  hostel student , so they can get the key from the admin block and open the door for us .

Ragini : not a bad idea .

Sanskar : I know ( with a smirk )

Ragini searches for her phone but she didn’t get it .

Ragini : oops !!! I think I left  my phone in the cafeteria itself .

Sanskar : you are fit for nothing ms . Stupid .

Ragini : shut up Mr . Idiot .

Sanskar : stop it right now . I don’t want to fight with you .

Sanskar took his Mobile and called to Radhika .

Radhika : hello Sanskar . Do u know where ragu is ??

Sanskar : now who is this ragu ??

Radhika : arrey  idiot !!! It’s ragini only

Sanskar : yeah she is with me . Actually we both have got locked inside the lab . Can you ask any hostel student to get the key from admin block and open the door ??

Radhika : hey ya swara is a hostel student . She is here with me  . We both ‘ll come to college now .

Sanskar : where are you now ??

Radhika : shopping.

Sanskar : I m here stuck with that stupid but you , you are enjoying .

Radhika : don’t call my ragu stupid . And yeah I ‘m sorry .

Sanskar : come soon.

After the end of the phone call , sanskar told about the whole conversation between him and Radhika .

Ragini went and opened the windows on left side  to get fresh air .

Ragini : Sanskar, from where are you from

Sanskar gets into his own thoughts after listening to her question .

His chain of thoughts were broken by ragini.

Ragini :  where were you lost ??

Sanskar : nothing like that Ragini.

Ragini : then answer my question .

Sanskar : actually I was from Kolkata . We shifted here for our college .

Ragini : hmmmm good .

Sanskar : and you ragini ??

Ragini : well , I don’t know from where I was from. I don’t remember anything . Whenever I ask my dad he gets irritated .I don’t know the reason for it.

Sanskar : Hmmmm.

As they were conversing , it started to rain .

Ragini : Sanskar see it’s drizzling .

Sanskar gets some flashes :

“Sansku come see it’s raining . Let’s dance ”

“No ladoo , u ll catch cold so no dance ”

“Please sansku . ”

” No means no ”

“How mean you are (with a pout )”

” Stop it drama queen ”

” Okay ”

But he couldn’t recognise anything . His thoughts were broken by the sudden hug of Ragini .

Sanskar : ragini , what happened ??

Ragini : thunder and lightening .

At that time the door was opened and swara Came  to them.

Swara : Sanskar and ragini are you guys fine ??

Ragini broke the hug – yeah swara.  We are fine .

Swara : come guys let’s go . 

Swara and sanskar help her in walking and they  reached the parking lot .

Swara : ragu and sanskar get inside the car .  I’ll drive .

Ragini : yeah sure swara .

All these were happening while sanskar was pondering upon the thoughts.


What happened to ragini in the past ??

What was that flash back of sanskar ???

Any guess???

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