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Guys thank u so much for reading !!! I’m very happy that u guys like it. Coming to the story

There was only inch between manik and nandhini .

On the other side :

Ragini was very tensed . She was moving here and there . She didn’t know what to do . She was crying , a senior went at that side ,

Ragini : excuse me please , may I know how to go to D block side left ??

Senior : you need to go straight , take left and at 2 nd right you ‘ll reach D block

Ragini :. Thank you bhaiya .

Ragini literally ran at the corridor , there was soap water where she slipped and was going to fall down , when two muscular arms holded her . She holded his shirt collar and closed her eyes in fear . When she felt that she didn’t fell down she opened her eyes to see HIM . He was wearing black shirt with black pant and was looking stunning .
She cleared her throat ,

Ragini : I’m sorry !!!!

Boy : That’s okay ragini . This is the second time I helped you . Be careful , not always everyone ‘ll help like me .

Ragini : Hereafter I ‘ll be careful laksh . Anyways thank u so much !!!!

At that time , Radhika came to them

Radhika : hey ragu !!!

Ragini : hello rads !!!

Radhika : aren’t you not feeling well ??

Ragini : not like that . Actually I ‘m going on an important work . I’ll talk to you later bye.

Ragu went without even listening for the reply.

In the lift :

Manik was slow close to Nandhini and both were immersed in the others thought that they didn’t realise that lift started working again .

By the time manik was about to kiss her , the lift opened and ragini saw them

Ragini was shocked : ooooooh please do your romance at any private place not here in public places

Manik :  ragini , I I …….. I ….

Ragini ; you ??

Manik : I ……I…….I….. Actually she was afraid so I stopped her blabbering .

Nandhini was blushing and turned like a red tomato

Nandhini : ragini , come let’s go it’s late for us.

Ragini : someone is blushing haan

Nandhini : stop it ragini , let’s go

Manik : bye ragu and byeee na….ndh…ini

Nandhini : bye


In class :

Students today we are going to divide you into 3 groups and
Group A: you docs have yoga class
Group B : you docs are going to see the whole college and hospital .
Group C: you guys are going for vaccination programme.

Radhika , ragini , sanskar and swara belongs to group B .

Ragini : Hey Radhika we belong to same group.

“Hey girls can I join you ?”

Radhika : hey swara , eeeeee !!!! How are you baby , after a long time we are meeting , you never told me you are going to join here . I ‘m not going to talk to you .

Swara : relax , baby . I ‘m really sorry .

Radhika : hey swara , meet ragini .

Swara : hello ragini

Ragini : hey swara.

Swara : friends .

Ragini : yeah  sure baby.

Faculty member : so docs please come and be in groups . Don’t go alone  , go with your friends .

All dispersed from their seminar hall .


All were roaming outside , rads , swara and sanky were chit chatting while ragini was observing all the departments .

Now the time was 5:00 PM .

Radhika : swara , come let’s go . Time up buddy.

Swara : yeah .

Sanskar : by the way where is ragini ???

Swara :I didn’t see her.

Sanskar : where she ‘ll go??? She don’t know any place in this college .

Radhika : relax sanky . Hey wait wait why are you so worried for her ???

Sanskar : hey donkey nothing like that .

Radhika : okay monkey .

On the other side :

Ragini was alone . She was shouting for help .

Ragini : hello anyone there ???

Sanskar : ragini , ragini where are you ????

Sanskar had unknown fear . He didn’t know the reason for his fear . He had a feeling of loosing her .

Sanskar : ragini please don’t play any game . Please come.

Ragini was there in the room inside the lab and she heard someone calling her  but she couldn’t recognise anything . She was breathing heavily and profusely sweating .She wasn’t there in the oriented state .

Ragini : I ‘m here .

Sanskar :ragini please get up please .

Ragini : sanskar please help me . I wont scold you .

Sanskar : ragini if u don’t get up then who ‘ll fight with me.

Ragini : sanskar , she couldn’t speak . In fear she holded his shirt and accidentally she pulled it .

Sanskar lost his balance and fell down on her . He was on top of her , and with that force his lips touched her left cheek .

Both were shocked at his act .


What ‘ll her reaction be ???

Guys how is it ??? Please vote and comment .

Keep smiling !!!

Please vote and comment please !!!!

Bubyee !!!


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