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Menu Kala chasma ”

All turned to that direction to see him

A guy with white shirt and black pant was hot !!!

Tere naa’ diyan dhooman pe gaiyan
Tu chandigarh tohn ayi ni
Tenu dekh ke hoke bharde ne
Khade chowkan vich sipahi ni

Swaragini and Radhika ‘s jaw touched the ground .

Three at the same time

Hawtttttttttttyyyyyyy !!!

Ranveer accompanied them to see their college .

Sanskar and ranveer were burning in jealousy .

Thoddi te kala til kudiye
Jyon daag ae chann de tukde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

He was dancing perfectly . His steps suited the song perfectly .

He saw radhika standing near the stage and pulled her to the stage .

He asked her to join the dance and both did the signature step of the song .

Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe tu humein, Jhooti liar!

He was dancing her while holding her waist .

Kala kala chasma jachta tere mukhde pe
Jaise kala til jachta hai tere chin pe
Apni adaaon se zyada nahi to 10-12 ladke to
Maar hi deti hogi tu din me

Tujh jaise 36 phirte hain
Meri wargi aur na honi ve
Munda bilkul desi hai
Main Katrina ton sohni ve

Radhika was dancing beautifully while doing some s*xy moves .

Ranveer ‘s mouth was in ‘o ‘ shape and he didn’t close his mouth.

Ragini : offo ranveer please close ur mouth . See all the mosquitoes are asking me permission for entering your mouth.

Ranveer : hey ragu tomorrow remind me I have to laugh for ur stupid so called joke .

Ragini : so mean ranveer

Ranveer : sorry baba .

Haay.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Haay.. main fed up ho gaiyaan mundeya
Sun sun ke dukhde ve
Menu kala chashma…
Ho menu kala kala kala…
Ho menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ai gore mukhde pe
Menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
Jachda hai gore mukhde te

Sadkon pe chale jab
Ladkon ke dilon mein tu
Aag laga de baby, Fire!
Oh menu.. Oh menu..

Nakli se nakhre tu kare
Jab dekhe humein
Jhooti liar!

Ho menu kala chashma…
Ho menu kala kala chashma
Aye kala chasma..
Oh kala kala kala kala kala oy…


Kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Jachda ae gore mukhde te

They both finished their dance very well and the whole auditorium applauded them .

that female went to the stage and started ” thank  you so much for coming Arjun” .

Arjun : its my pleasure shakshi

( yeah that guy is Arjun bijlani )

radhika went down and all cheered her .

swara : hey rads !!! that guy was really cool!!!

ragini : yeah rags he was really handsome !!!

rads : he was really cool ragu and swara !!! he came to know that I was  uncomfortable while dancing and gave my own space . he is such a good guy !!!

here ranveer was burning in jealousy . ” excuse me guys !!! I ll come in few seconds ” . saying this he went out.

swara : sanky can we got out ??? I want to tell you something .

sanky : sure swara . excuse us ragini .

ragini : okay .


Ragini was standing alone . Manik came to her

Manik : hey ragini !!!! how are you ???

Ragini : yeah fine manik !!! how are u ???

Manik : not good .

” why what happened ??? ragini daggered her question with worried expression ”

“the feeling of love ”

” oooooo !!!! someone in love haan ??”

manik blushed hearing her statement . “I don’t know how to propose her ???”

whom??? nandhini asked them .

nothing nandhini we were just talking about that game said manik and left from that place to avoid further quiz .

” okay ragu now I ll leave too ”

“hmmmm okay nandhini ”

  ragini went out to the food court


swara and sanky saw each other and the next second bursted into laughter !!!

sanky : I never thought ur idea ll work out swara . u saw how ranveer was jealous

swara : yeah Arjun bhaiya acted very well .my idea will always work out . swara is great !!!

sanskar : come on swara already I m laughing a lot today . inspite of that u are joking !!!

swara : sanky !!! u!!! see I wont talk to u . she started to leave .

sanky : I m sorry   swara ,and he pulled her . with that force she hit him such that her front hit him.

sanky : I m sorry swara !!!

swara felt butterflies in her stomach . she was eyeing him lovingly .

swara : that’s okay sanky . got to go , I ll leave now .

saying this she ran away from that place .    

“he is really hot !!!! swara exclaimed in her mesmerised tone.


ragini was scrolling  the newsfeed of here fb profile . suddenly a notification popped out .

she opened to see the notification curiously .

It showed     “1 friend request ” . she clicked it to see whom it was

“laksh maheshwari “.

she accepted his request and was surfing his account . she was seeing his photos .

” he looks really dashing !!!!! woah breath taking !!!” exclaimed ragu in her admiring tone .

PRECAP : official college fresher party !!! some dance of swarag and sanlak

so guys how was it ????

I m really sorry i didn’t show any ragsan scene . but as a compensation next one ll be ragsan spl

don’t bash me for showing swasan and raglak scene but its necessary

I hope u guys ll understand and support me !!!!

please tell me how is it ???

don’t forget to hit the star button and comment !!!


love u all !!!

a big hug and lot of chocos  <3 🙂


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