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After sometime Sanskar went outside to see ranveer . He was watching Radhika ‘s room helplessly .

Sanskar : ranveer !!!!

“Yes ”

Sanskar : what are u doing ???

Ranveer : can’t u see !!!

Sanskar : I Don’t know exactly what are you doing !!!

Ranveer : seeing Radhika .

Sanskar : I know bro !!! Why can’t you propose her ???

Ranveer : I Don’t wanna spoil my life soon .

Sanskar : so u are telling by getting committed ur life ‘ll be spoiled . So sad

Ranveer : u idiot !!!!!!

He started chasing rv and after sometime both felt tired and fell on the bed and started laughing.

Ranveer : Sanskar what do u think about ragini ???

Sanskar : she is really intelligent. She is heavenly beauty. I love her eyes , it speaks a lot that too only to me . I still can’t believe that sanskar Maheshwari has fallen in love with ms . Attitude ragini Gadodia .

Really my heart dances in happiness when her heart meets me . My hands wanna take her in my embrace . My legs wanna walk with her in her path of life inspite of sorrow and happiness. I want to be her better half . No no best half !!!

Ranveer : arrey waah !!! How romantic !!!

Sanskar threw the pillow on him and both bursted out into peels of laughter .

Sanskar then composed himself : okay Bhai I ‘ll leave now !!! Good night Radhika dreams !!!

By hearing Radhika ‘s name he started blushing .

Sanskar : see someone is blushing haan.

Ranveer : shut up sanskar . good night ragu dreams .

At that moment Radhika neared his door , hearing ragu ‘s dreams she got sad once again .

“Why it’s happening with me. I really love rv , so my job is to make them together . I ‘ll work for it.”

Radhika relaxed herself and knocked the door “rv and sanky , come to eat now !!!

Okay both screamed.


Ragu came down , sanky saw her and mesmerised in her looks.

Ranveer : hey ragu , now are you fine ???

“Yeah Ranveer but my head is blasting !!! I couldn’t get anything or remember them “.

Sanskar remembered his closeness with her and was blushing like hell , but a part of his heart pained because she couldn’t feel the same way he felt .

Don’t worry ragu , I gave u extra dose . U ‘ll be alright . Do u know ur cupcakes or muffins or sansku ???

What are all these ???

Then don’t stress yourself ragu . Just leave it and sit we ‘ll eat .

Okay . What special ??

Halwa !!!!

Yipeeeee !!!! Screeched kiddo ragini and all nodded their head in disbelief .


Next day as usual all reached the college,
There was a ragging session :

“Excuse me mam ”

All jaws dropped down . Woah !!! What a beauty she is !!!! Directly from heaven exclaimed Siddharth , sanky ‘s friend.

Yes .

I ‘m really sorry mam I m very late.

What’s ur name ???

I ‘m roli .

“Come inside “.

Roli sat next to Radhika , swara and ragini . At a nick of time Ragini started talking with her very well and both became thick friends .


All the seniors gathered and divided the batch  into 6 groups with Sanskar , ragini and roli in the same group.

They called ragini , shekar, Smitha , Sunitha and Sneha . They asked all the girls to wrap tissue papers around shekar . That event was called “MUMMY IN PROGRESS” . Ragini was wrapping  around his face and that guy didn’t co operate he was talking continuously . So she took a steel water bottle and hit his head . All the seniors were shocked by her act.  Later the senior there spoke with her and because of her friendly nature , that senior – sreeram and ragu became best friends .

Later Sanskar was asked to dance.  He is not very good at dancing , so he did some extra ordinary movements – like peeling banana ‘s skin and like bowling.  All the female seniors were impressed by his act and they were supporting him .


Two seniors called ragini and swara

Senior 1 : what’s ur name ??

“Ragini “.

And urs ??

“Swara “.

Okay now ragini , u have to propose swara . The situation is that u both are friends and u love her sincerely. 

“Now proceed “.

Ragini : swara , I wanna talk with you for few minutes , so can u please wait ??

Yeah sure

Swara , I know we were best friends before and we ‘ll be afterwards too. But I don’t know from when I started having feelings for you. I don’t love u coz u are beautiful , I love only ur inner Beauty , that is ur character . U are caring , friendly , loyal . I know if I start describing you then I can’t stop . So I love u truly and I wanna take our friendship to next level , are u willing for it ???

Swara : errr !!!! No

Ragini : okay .

Senior was dumbstruck with her proposal

If u had proposed me , then I would have accepted it . Then he thought about the ragini hitting the guy and gulped in fear and kept his hand on his head .

Sensing his intention ragini and swara bursted out into laughter.

Senior glared them and both stopped laughing .

Senior : okay ragini tell me , why u said okay ??

Ragu :  I said because I love her truly . I wanna see her in happy state.  In love u shouldn’t force anyone . If so then it’s not love , it’s obsession.

Senior : okay meri ma . Lecture enough !!!!

A girl from senior batch came to stage and started : All listen now here comes our batch representative to dance . Let’s all cheer him.

“Menu Kala chashma ”

All turned to see him

Ragu and Radhika both were stunned :wowwwwwww !!!

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