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Sanskar was shocked to see the person .

It is Ragu’s childhood pic (u guys guessed it correctly ).

Now his flashes were clear , the small girl who was a puzzle to him was ragini !!! Yes ms. Ragini Gadodia. The girl whom he wished to have in her lifetime , the day when he saw her , he wished her to be his better half . His love proved that age is just a number. He could get his memory – the day when they both went to temple someone kidnapped little kiddo ragini and made accident to the car in which Sanskar went , but fortunately on before hand Sanskar ‘s driver came to know about it and made it to hit in the tree near by so that they couldn’t suffer that much .

He stood numb, all these years he was in hell in thinking about his dream girl , his sweety but to his astonishment it is his ragu !!! Yeah the one who disturbed him all his nights not letting him sleep peacefully is his ragu ‘s childhood pic. His mind couldn’t gasp  anything at that moment.  His head was paining and spinning and next moment Sanskar was on floor unconscious.

Ranveer got her reports and turned excitedly to inform to sanskar but he saw him lying on the floor .

Ranveer shouted out of happiness : hey sanky see i got her reports , what are u doing ??? Sleeping ??? That too down !!! See ur lover ‘s bed sleep there so u could enjoy with her.  Now get up sanky !!! We ‘ll go to our house and then sleep.

No response ………

“Sanky don’t play get up” said a worried ranveer.

Again no response ……

Sanky wake up said ranveer by  patting his cheek . Then he took water from the nearby jug and sprinkled  it on her face.

Aaahhhhhhhh it’s paining ranveer I couldn’t tolerate said sanky .

Ranveer : what happened ???

Sanskar : sanky see this photo !!!

Ranveer was also shocked equally to know that his childhood friend ladoo was his ragini .

Ranveer in his mind “wow ragu !!!! Finally we found u !!! I don’t know whether sanky got that it was u are not ???? I think he had panic attack.  First let me take him to Maheshwari mansion . There we ‘ll talk . Along with it I ‘ll take ragu ‘s reports too. It ‘ll help to know her condition.”

Ranveer : see sanky come first we ‘ll go to our home , there we ‘ll talk .

Sanskar : u got the reports ??

Ranveer : yeah I did .

Both reached MM ,

He took Sanskar to his room and gave him the tablets .

He went out and Radhika came running to him ,

What happened to sanky??

“He met his sweety ”

Sweety ???? When ??? Where ??? How ???

“Hello miss question bank stop it !!! I ‘ll tell u . U know our sweety is!!!

“Sweety is !!!

Sweety issss  !!!!

Tell me u stupid .

“U told me stupid so I ‘m not telling u “.

Please rv tell me

Okay but u have to kiss me !!!

Her eyes widened in shock !!!

Whatttttt !!!!!

What u heard ???”

U asked me to kiss u as Radhika with her head bend due to his shyness .

I think u heard it right!!!!

Do I have any other option ???

No u don’t .

She neared him while both of their heart beats shooted up …..

Ranveer holding his thumping heart , tachycardia

Radhika : huh !!!

Ranveer : increased in heart rate!!!

Radhika : u never changed u nerdy fellow !!!!

Ranveer pouted !!!

Radhika had the sudden urge to kiss that pout and she kissed him !!!

Ranveer couldn’t get anything.  Radhika then realised that he wasn’t her old Ranveer .

Radhika : I ‘m really sorry ranveer . To break the ice she spoke up ” tell me  about our sweety !!!”

Ranveer softly : she is our ragini !!!

What !!! Asked a shock Radhika .

“Yeah Radhika , our ragu is our sweety !!!”

Yayyyyyyy shouted Radhika and she hugged ranveer in excitement !!!!

Both Radhika and ranveer felt shivers passing through their spines.

Ranveer thought ,” I never felt this much happiness in my life before or after , may be I would be happy to see our son or daughter in our hands . I was waiting for this moment in my life . I just asked u to kiss me just for fun , I know u love me too much that’s why you kissed me , but I ‘ll make u to admit the feelings for me for sure.  I really love u Radhika !!! I ‘ll love u only in my life . Those tears welling up are happy tears !!!! After our marriage I ll never leave u !!!! ”

Radhika thought ” what did I do just now ??
I kissed him !!! I kissed my hubby , my rv !!! Why did I do like that ?? I loved him to the core !!! For that I can’t kiss him . What ‘ll he think !!!

Then she felt his tears on her shoulders

“Is he crying because of me ???? I know he loves ragini , how come I forgot it ??? She is our sweety.  My Bhai ‘s love , but rv also loves her.  Why u put me in this situation god ?? Whom should I support ??? Ranveer or sanky ??? Both loves her to the core.

His grip tightened her.

She broke the hug and looked at him . Both had a painful eyelock ,

Radhika spoke up : I ‘m really sorry !!! I was in an excitement that I hugged u !!!! I shouldn’t have done that !!! I know how should have ur heart ached by this act of mine !!! I ‘m really sorry ranveer said she in a chocked tone.

Ranveer couldn’t figure out !!! Finally he spoke up : what are u blabbering ?????

Radhika felt he could never understand her feelings and hot tears flowed through her cheeks . She ran away from that place .

PRECAP : college scenes .

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