Love will find its way: A Story Of Abhigya and Rabul Episode-5 (Abhigya Special)

Hi guys, really sorry for the late update. So, we directly move into the story……….

After dropping pragya home, abhi is returning home when some people stop his car by coming infront of it. Abhi goes out and one of them attacks him.
Goon: your friend didn’t do it right by getting our men caught. Now you have to pay for it. Saying this he hit abhi with a broken wooden piece with nails. The wood piece breaks but nothing happens to abhi.
Abhi: You know what, 3 years ago my wife died, since then I have lost it.
He forcefully removes that piece and knocks out everyone.

Mehra Mansion
Abhi is in his room thinking….
Abhi:I have to talk to purab, don’t know what he’s doing.
One iron nail is stuck in his shoulder whick he removes with a force when he sees a woman sitting ,covering her eyes with her hands sitting on a couch at his back.It’s ishika.
Ishika: Is it done.
Abhi: yes its done (sits beside her).
Ishika: for how long will it be like this.
Abhi: till this purab doesn’t agree with me to leave everything.
Ishika: then why you left all this if purab didn’t left.
Abhi: because purab doesn’t have such a precious wife like you. (pulls her cheek)
Suddenly his phone rings.
Ishika signals him

Abhi:what..he turns to see his phone and then he again turns and sees ishika gone.
He is disappointed. He remembers his moments with ishika, their marriage, happy moments
Kabhi na kabhi toh
Kahtam hi ho jayengi apni saansein
Tab tak mera sath dena
Jitni bhi lambi ho raatein
Jitni bhi lambi ho raatein
Badloge karwat nazar aayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo
Aankhon mein teri simat jayenge
Koi ishaara toh karo
Abhi’s phone rings again. Its purab.
Abhi: Ya purab. I am just coming. Just then abhi receives a message from pragya.
THANK YOU SIR. Reading this a small smile comes on abhi’s face which he don’t know why.
The next morning abhi enters the hospital and clashes with pragya and all her papers fly in the air. He help her with that. While picking up a paper from the floor when both bang each other’s head accidently. Abhi didn’t get the time to react and Justas he looks at her she bangs her head with him once again.

Pragya: OUCH! Sir your very hard.(said while rubbing her head.)
Abhi: then who told you to do this.
Pragya: because it is said that if you doesn’t bang your head again then a black dog will bite you. And she smiles.
Abhi is taken back to a similar encounter with ishika and is shocked that how there can be so many similarities between pragya and ishika. Just then purab calls abhi.
Pragya: Is it purab sir, please ask him about bulbul. She’s not picking up my phone.
Abhi: ok. Says with a tensed face and attends the call….
The screen shifts towards Bulbul who is searching for something.
Bulbul (in her mind): I have to get a clue. Who this purab actually is.
Just then she pulls a drawer a gets Purab’s ID card and is shocked to know that he’s a secret intelligence force officer. She gets some more documents and pics and realizes that abhi is also One of the Intelligence force officer. Just then Purab enters the room.
Purab: So, now you must have got to know who we are.
Bulbul: Who are these people and why you and abhi sir hid your identity.
Purab: Abhi is no more a officer. He resigned 3 years ago and told me to resign as well.
Bulbul: Why.

Purab: 3 years ago, I and abhi were on a search for a big underground gang involved in various illegal activities and in an encounter abhi killed the leader’s younger brother. In order to take revenge, he killed Ishika Bhabhi, Abhi’s wife. At that time she was 2 months pregnant and they hit her car with a truck. Abhi’s dadi and sister were unaware of this fact so we told them that it was an accident. Ishika knew about our identities and she was proud of abhi. After losing her he resigned but I had to catch her murderers that’s why I stayed and researched for them. Before dying, Ishika donated her heart to a girl. Today abhi hate ishika’s murderers and the girl carrying her heart.
Bulbul: What did you say, she donated her heart to a girl….when?
Purab:3 years ago.
Bulbul: Oh my god. It can’t be possible.
Purab: What.
Bulbul(stammers): Pragya di is the girl carrying ishika’s heart.
Suddenly they hear some sound of things falling and they see abhi standing at the door,shocked.
The screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: Abhi tries to control his anger and ignores pragya. Pragya comes to know about the truth. Ishika’s vision tells abhi not to hate pragya but love her.

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