Love is the way!(episode-48)

Hello guys! I know these days u all aren’t interested in my ff so I’m rushing their honeymoon and not writing in detail about it.And please do tell me if u are bored with this I’ll end it soon as I’m not getting good response from all of u.

The episode starts with Golu’s b’day preparations going on the next day.
Menka: Anuj, which dress should I wear today evening?
Anuj: Menka..It’s Golu’s b’day and not yours.
Menka: So what? I’m his mausi.
Anuj: Fine!! U may wear the green salwar.
Menka: OK as u wish.

Menka kisses Anuj on his cheeks and runs away
At the hall
Suhani is playing with Golu.
Suhani: Golu aaj aap ek saal ke ho gaye ho…U are a big boy now!
Yuvi comes there and sits besides Golu
Suhani: Yuvi please engage him for sometime I’ve got to prepare the breakfast..
Yuvi: But Suhani…
She leaves
He looks at Golu just then Rags comes there with Riya
Rags: Meenu kaha ho tum??
Yuvi: Bhabhi she has gone out with Bhavna di for ordering cake..
Rags: But they could’ve ordered it by making a call..

Yuvi: Actually they weren’t picking up the call so they went to the shop directly..
Rags: Oh..This Saurab will also not listen to me..
Yuvi: What’s the matter bhabhi?
Rags gets an idea
Rags: Yuvraj please look after Riya for an hour until I come back from the beauty parlour!!
Rags makes Riya sit on the sofa and leaves
Yuvi: Bhabhi???? Oh gosh! Now I will have to look after 2 kids..
Golu starts getting bored and he cries
Yuvi: Now what’s your problem?
He cries even more
Yuvi: Suhani!!!!

She comes rushing there
Suhani: What? Ohho Yuvi why don’t u take care of kids properly.
Yuvi: I didn’t do anything! He started crying for no reason.
Suhani: He must be hungry..I’ll bring milk
She gives it to Yuvi
Suhani: Here take this and feed him..
She goes
Yuvi feeds Golu just then he notices that Riya is not there
Yuvi: Riya?? Oh now where has she disappeared?

He searches for her but does not find her
Yuvi: Suhani!!!!
Meanwhile at the kitchen
Riya comes walking to Suhani and she sees her
Suhani: Riya beta aap yaha?
Riya: Mausi…Vo..Vo Mamu mera saath nahi khel rahe
Suhani: Achha? Ab tumhare mamu itna chilla kyun rahe hai?
Yuvi(in a tensed tone): Suhani, Riya is lost!
Suhani comes there
Suhani: Oh really? Then who is this?(pointing towards Riya)
Yuvi gives a sarcastic smile
Suhani: Yuvi what’s all this? Can’t u manage two small kids? I just can’t imagine what would happen when we will have children..
Yuvi: U shut up! Can’t u manage them? And when it comes to our child I’ll not be a bad father..
Suhani: U are bad!
Yuvi: No I’m not!
Suhani: U are!
Pratima comes there hearing their argument
Riya: Dadi look at them.. I don’t like anybody fighting.
Pratima: Suhani ,Yuvraj bas karo tum dono..
Yuvi: Look at your bahu! She calls me a bad father.

Suhani: That is the truth..
Pratima: Father?
YuvAni look at each other
Pratima laughs
Pratima: Suhani I’ll give u guarantee he will be good.
Yuvi makes faces
Suhani fumes and goes
Pratima: Why do u argue with her unnecessarily?

Yuvi(smilingly): It’s fun to argue with her..
Its evening all including Ishu, Raman and Suhani’s parents come at Birla house and celebrated Golu’s birthday.
After two days all the couples leave for their honeymoon and enjoys a lot at France.
After 2 months
@Bhalla house
Toshi: Raman, come have your breakfast..
Raman(in an angry tone): I’m not hungry. I’m leaving for office
He goes.Ishu sees that.
Toshi: Ishu what’s the matter with him?

Ishu: Mummy ji we didn’t get a project yesterday and so he is not in a good mood..I’ll go with him.U don’t worry.
She leaves
Toshi: From the day this Ashok has returned from U.S all problems started happening.. I just hope that Raman does not loose his hope.
Both reach at the office
Ishu goes to Raman’s cabin
Ishu: Raman, please don’t get angry its after all a project!
Raman: I don’t need your advice! Just go from here.
Ishu: U won’t succeed until u accept your failures..So
Raman: Ishita shut up! I know that u are on his side and u believe him more than me..
Ishu: What nonsense?! OK I agree that I’m his friend but u are everything for me..
Raman(still angry):Really?
Ishu also gets furious

Ishu: I don’t need to prove that to u!!! Nowadays u get irritated by hearing my lectures right?
Raman: Its good that you’ve understood..
Ishu: Raman why do u forget that I’m your wife and I have rights
in leading u in a right path..
Raman: I’m always right! And this is an office so here, u are just the CEO and I’m your boss that’s it! So let’s not discuss about this matter anymore.
Ishu: Fine!!
She goes. Romi comes there.(he also works in the same office)
Romi: Bhai what’s all this? Why do talk like this to bhabhi?
Raman: But u tell me is she right in supporting her friend over me?
Romi(about Ishu): This is your problem.. Bhai when u don’t have what u want then u get tensed whether u would get it or not ,and when u get it u feel insecure..
Raman: I’m not insecure!!
Romi: I don’t have to tell that, u know what u feel when your enemy(Ashok) is being friendly with bhabhi.
Raman looks on

Raman: I guess u are right..Always its me who is wrong and Ishita was always right. But Ashok..
Romi: I just want to tell u one thing that don’t let Ashok spoil the relationship between u two. And I know he sometimes is cunning or does some cheating but he is a faithful friend of Ishu bhabhi..
Raman thinks. Romi goes.
@Birla house
Yuvi: Suhani where is my bag? I had important files in that.
Suhani: Yuvi look its right here.U are just so careless.
Yuvi (smilingly): Sorry meri ma!
Suhani: I’ll miss u..
Yuvi: Come on Suhani its just for two days.U know even its difficult for me to stay away from u but its for a presentation that I’m going(Mumbai).
Suhani: Ok..but not more than two days.

Yuvi: Promise! And u too leave for work its getting late.
They hug and Suhani, Menka &Yuvi leaves
Bhavna and Rags are having a talk
Rags: I’m definitely gonna order this dress. Its so nice!
Bhavna: Aajkal online mein tho bahuth accha collections bhi aata hai..
Rags: This online website is one of my friends’.Its all designed by her.
Bhavna: Why don’t u also continue with fashion designing?
Rags: No Meenu.. Riya is still a small kid let her be at least 6or 7 years then I’ll think about it.
Bhavna smiles
At the bank
Menka is busy checking with all the accounts while Suhani feels drowsy.
Suhani: Meenu I’m not feeling good.
Menka: Is it because Yuvi is not there?
Suhani: No I’m feeling dizzy..
Menka: Here have some water.

She drinks
Menka: Is it okay?
Suhani holds her head
Their Hod(a lady) sees Suhani
Lady: Suhani are u alright?
Menka: Actually mam she is unwell.
Lady: So why don’t u consult a doctor? There is a clinic nearby and the doctor there is my friend I’ll get an appointment for u but before that could u check these files and go?
Suhani: Sure mam..And thank u.
She goes
They also finish their work and leave to the clinic. They consult the doctor and return to Birla house.

Menka rings the bell and Pratima opens the door.
Both stand at the door with a smiling face
Pratima: U guys look so happy? What’s the reason for this?
All come at the hall including Dadi
Suhani hugs Pratima and rushes to her room
Bhavna: Now what’s going on here Menka?
Menka tells them. FB shows
They go to the doctor
Menka: Is my sister all right doctor?
Doctor: Of course she is..And I just saw the reports and got to know that Mrs.Suhani Birla is pregnant.
Menka(very excited): Is that true?
Doctor: Yeah..She is asleep now as we had taken the blood test.U may meet her..
Menka sees Suhani sleeping.
Menka: Wake up !!Wake up!
Suhani opens her eyes and before she could understand what was happening Menka hugs her tight.
Suhani: Menka relax.. Now what is it?
Menka: Suhani Now you are gonna become a mother!
Suhani (excited): Kya ye sach hai??
Menka nods and Suhani gets happy tears.They hug
FB ends
All get happy tears and they rush to her room.

Precap: Suhani informs ishRa about she is gonna become a mother and Raman apologises to Ishu for his behavior.

Hope u guys like it.And please do comment this time.

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