Guys im actually gonna be referring to yesterdays episode but this is a fanfiction, hope y’all like it

Day 2
Sona wakes up early and quietly goes to the bathroom and takes a shower
Suha wakes up and looks for sona
Suha: mummer…. where are u? making a sad face*
Sonakshi comes out of the bathroom and says what happened ms boss?
Sona is wearing above ankle leggings and a tanktop with a pink brand sweater
Suha: where are u going? can i come also?
Sona: im going to the gym, beta u know kids aren’t allowed there, Maya will come and take you to the breakfast lounge, okay?
Sona: yes, tell her to call me if she has any other plans and needs to go somewhere?
Suha: okay mumma bye bye
Blows a air kiss*
Sona gets her bag and water bottle and leaves and looks by dev’s room and remembers the girl hugging him, and leaves out of rage.
Dev comes out also ready and sees sona and follows her
Sona reaches the gym and talks to her bff Tia and works out
Dev also works out in a distance and watches sonakshi
Tia: sona… i gtg you already know my kids cant stay a second without me, but I’ll meet you at your hotel room tonight we have to go to a party tonight with the kids
Sona: omg yes!! they are so adamant come by at 7pm
T: Bye babe
S: bye

Sona keeps working out and keeps getting calls but doesn’t pick any up
Sona runs on the treadmill and starts to turn pale
Dev wonders why isn’t she taking any calls and keeps looking
Sona starts breathing heavily and gets off the treadmill and bends on her knees
Dev: wtf is she doing?
Sona takes her phone in her hands and is shaking and out of breath she texts “maya” and her phone drops on the ground and falls on the ground
Dev gets shocked and runs towards her
he tries to wake her up and get water and splashes it on her face
She doesn’t wake up and picks her up and takes her to the hospital and puts her phone in his pockets

At the hospital
Dev comes there with sonakshi in his arms
The doctor comes their and say what happened?
d: idk she just fainted and isn’t waking up
The nurses come there with a stretcher and takes her in the room
Sona’s phone keeps ringing and picks up the call
Over the phone
Maya: Sona ma!! where are you why weren’t you picking my calls up? Suha is getting scared and crying
Dev: mum this is Dev
M: wheres my mom?
D: mom? um sona is at the hospital
M: what!! which hospital?
D: city hospital
M: okay im coming
hangs up the phone

Devs in his thoughts
MOM? Suha? Wtf is going on!
Maya comes their with suha in her arms and says wheres my mom?!
D: She’s in the room with the doctors
M: Who are u? Suha sit down and close your ears and stay quiet!
Suha: but…. ma..
M: do what i say!
D: why are you being harsh on the lil kid
M: who are you?
D: dev… sonakshi’s ex husband
Maya stays there shocked and says ohhh her ex husband wow! so what brings u here with my mom!
D: don’t give me attitude! she fell sick at the gym and i was apparently there and helped her, and mom? whose the lil girl?
M: doesn’t even know about his wife, wow (rolls her eyes)
M: yea yea whatever, we are her daughters! and sadly suha is your daughter
Dev is shocked and says how are you her daughter then?
M: im not biologically her daughter…. she….adopted me
D: suha…. is my daughter?
M: why are you so shocked? why even care now? laughs sarcastically
Dev looks at Suha and sees her sitting hold her lil hands on her ears and kicking her fetes
Maya calls Veer
M: Veer!! come to the city hospital, mumma (cries*)
V: im coming!! take care of suha
Maya goes to Suha and talks to her
Suha: what happened? making a sad face
M: Sona ma is just not feeling well
S: what happened to mumma!? i wanna see her!!
Suha cries
Maya takes her in her arms and makes her sit on her lap and says don’t worry nothing happened, she just sick
Dev looks on and tears up
Veer comes there and says what happened to sona?!
M: idek yet but someone brought her to the hospital
V: who
Maya points towards dev, Veer says thanks!

The doctor comes out and says Sona’s family members?
V&M&S&D looks and say yes
Doc: Sona is going through a minor breathing issues, not that serious but her stomach tissue hasn’t devolved yet, so im just wondering was there any issues with her health?
Veer: mum actually yes, she had complications during giving birth to her daughter, and has been taking medication for that
Doc: what kind of complications?
Suha and maya leaves from there to the hospitals cafeteria
Veer: umm she was stressed and had breathing problems during delivery and she has been having breathing/stressing problems after her delivery.
Doc: im sorry to hear, but you should’ve been more careful with her, she could’ve died
V: she has been stressing a lot yesterday after her award ceremony as maya and Suha told me, i should pay more attention.
Doc: yes, okay for now you could take her home but make sure she takes her medicines on the right time! umm sorry but how are you related to her?
V: im her best friend and her 19 year old daughter just went out with her other daughter
Doc: 19? oh i remember she’s Mrs Malhotra’s patient she adopted Maya…do u know where her husband is?
Dev looks on and says im her husband
Veer looks at him shockingly and says DEV!
Doc: i think thats my cue, get these medicines for mrs sonakshi
Veer holds devs collar and says i always wondered whose her husband, how dare u! get out now!! i don’t want sonakshi facing any other problems
Maya comes back with suha sleeping in her arms and without he discharged papers
Dev looks on and leaves
They take sona home as sona is sleeping thru the drive back to the hotel

PRECAP: Sona and Tia gets ready as Veer waits for them, Maya takes the kids to the carnival, Sona and Tia and Veer goes to the hookah lounge. Dev comes there with his “girlfriend” Dev and Sona sees each other and sona drinks.

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