Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi- 14)

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Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-14)

SUHANI’S PoV cont’d…..

He took my hand and pressed it against his chest.. I could feel his heartbeat.. But I couldn’t understand why did he do so.. After a minute, I moved my hand away.. It was an ackward moment.. “If you don’t want to tell me, its ok..” I said and started to leave.. “Didn’t you understand anything? Do I really need to speak out??” He asked.. I stopped.. I turned towards him.. I looked into his eyes, which were heavy with emotions..

I couldn’t understand what I wanted.. On one side, I wanted to hear that he too had similar feelings for me.. And on the other, I was afraid thinking if it was true.. “What are you thinking?” He asked.. “Why are you here, yuvraj? Why don’t you leave? What do you want?” I asked.. “You!” He replied.. I was stunned.. “Did I hear it right?” I thought.. I was worried.. He came close to me.. We were standing just an inch apart..

“I love you Suhani.. I’m not a flirt.. I’m not one of those guys who fall in love again and again.. I have loved you, and only you, since the moment Pankaj Uncle showed me your pic for the first time.. After that, I couldn’t think of being with anyone except you.. That’s why I’m here, for your safety..” He said.. I was frozen for a minute.. I couldn’t comprehend how to react.. We just looked into each others’ eyes.. “Won’t you say anything?..” He said.. I caressed his face gently with my right hand.. He closed his eyes.. I wanted to stop thinking anything for sometime, but I heard sambhav calling me.. I moved back as I recalled my marriage with that betrayer.. I realised I should leave before I made a move towards yuvraj.. I turned around..

“There is nothing like that from my side.. Please leave from here, and don’t ever come back.. Don’t make things more complicated for me.. I’ll handle everything..” I said controlling my tears.. “Ok.. As you wish.. I’ll leave tomorrow.. When you wake up, I won’t be here..” He said.. I looked at him from the corner of my eye.. He opened his cupboard and started packing his bag.. I wanted to stop him, but didn’t.. I left the room..

I went to my room.. Sambhav started to irritate me.. “Time is running out.. You need to decide fast..” He warned.. I wasn’t scared of him as I knew that his end was near.. “I have decided what to do.. And you will know it tomorrow..” I said.. He smirked and left..

I couldn’t sleep all night.. Every single moment that I had spent with yuvraj since the day I had met him replayed into my mind again and again.. I was feeling miserable.. I realised that I was solely responsible for the current state of mine.. Reality hit me hard..

Next morning, yuvraj wasn’t there at home.. He had left.. It was good for him, but I was unhappy.. Snoopy came to me.. He too looked sad.. I hugged him..


Suhani’s phone rings.. Sambhav sees Rohan’s name flashing on the screen.. He thinks why is Rohan calling Suhani.. He takes the call.. Rohan tell him that as per pankaj’s will, name of the beneficiary after suhani is not mentioned.. He is shocked.. “Are you sure??” He asks to confirm.. “Yes, the will is in my hand.. If you want, you can come and see it.. If anything happens to her, you will be the beneficiary as per law..” Rohan replies.. Sambhav hangs up.. He is very happy.. “If anything happens to suhani, I’ll automatically get everything..” He says and leaves..

Barbie searches for yuvraj, but fails to find him.. She sees suhani talking over the phone.. “Yes, I’ll be reaching the hotel in half an hour.. What’s your room no.?” Suhani asks over the phone.. “Is she going to meet yuvraj? I need to find out..” Barbie thinks.. Suhani leaves.. Barbie follows her.. Suhani reaches the hotel.. She gets inside.. Barbie follows her.. She collides with someone and misses to see suhani.. Barbie looks around for her..

Suhani passes by a room.. Yuvraj is shown coming out of the same room.. He doesn’t see her, but feels her presence.. He looks to his left and sees a girl in red top and black jeans going.. Suhani too stops for a moment feeling yuvraj must be around, but then thinks he can’t be there..

Suhani knocks at a door.. Rohan opens it.. Just then, yuvraj sees her.. He is shocked.. “Suhani, here? But why? And who is in that room?” He thinks.. He sees rohan.. “You are ten mins late..” Rohan says.. Suhani smiles.. She gets inside and the door closes.. Yuvraj looks away.. He fumes.. “I should find out what’s going on..” He murmurs..

“Yuvraj Goenka is the beneficiary of your entire property.. And yes, as per our plan, sambhav now believes that he will get everything if anything happens to you..” Rohan says.. Suhani thanks him..


I walked and stopped outside the room.. I tried to hear their conversation.. “This bag has a bulletproof jacket and a gun..” The man said.. I was taken aback.. Why did she need it? Was she planning to kill sambhav? “Ok, we shall leave now..” He said.. I walked away so that they don’t see me.. I saw them leaving.. I couldn’t understand how to stop her.. I saw a waiter.. I bribed him.. He purposely collided with suhani and the entire food in the tray ended up falling on her from head to toe.. He apologised to her and insisted her to go to the room and use the bathroom.. She agreed..


I opened the door and went inside.. Somebody knocked.. I was stunned seeing yuvraj.. He forcibly got in and locked the door.. “What are you doing here?” I asked.. “First go and clean yourself.. Then we will talk..” He replied.. I nodded.. I went to the bathroom and turned the shower on.. I kept thinking why was he there.. I came out of the bathroom.. I was shocked seeing yuvraj holding the gun and pointing it against his head.. “Are you crazy, yuvraj? This gun is real.. Keep it down, please..” I requested.. “I have a condition.. You will have to answer a few questions, and you won’t say anything else.. If you do, I’ll pull the trigger..” He threatened me.. I agreed to answer everything.. He asked me to sit and kept the gun aside.. I sat on the edge of the bed.. He stood leaning against the door.. “What’s your plan? Who is the man who was with you? Why did he get this gun and jacket?” He questioned.. “Yuvraj you…..” I said.. “Tell me everything.. I won’t interfere in your plan.. I’m leaving tomorrow, forever..” He said..

“We planned to make sambhav believe that there is no beneficiary mentioned in my dad’s will, not even the trust.. Now, somehow we will inform him that I want to kill him and make you the beneficiary.. This will provoke him to confront me.. I’ll make him confess his crime.. I’ll act as if I wana shoot him with this gun and he will try to kill me.. The jacket is for my safety.. And, the entire scene will be recorded and shown live.. That’s all..” I said.. He clapped.. I looked on.. “Your plan is absolutely silly.. How can you be so sure that he won’t shoot you on your head? Or by some planned way? How can you underestimate his evilness?” He asked.. He was furious.. “I’m not answerable to you..” I replied angrily.. I took the jacket.. He took the gun.. “Do whatever you want.. One last question, why do you want me to stay away from your plan? Why?” He asked.. I couldn’t understand what to say.. If I told him about my feelings, he would stay back..


Suhani turned around.. It felt like she was crying.. I could hear her sobbing.. I walked towards her and turned her around.. She avoided eye-contact.. I wiped her tears.. “Please don’t cry.. I can tolerate anything, but not tears in your eyes.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. I’m sorry.. I won’t ask you anything else.. I’m leaving.. Goodbye.. Take care..” I said.. I handed the gun to her.. I opened the door to leave.. She held my wrist.. I turned back towards her.. He hugged me tight and cried.. She seemed emotionally broken..


Suhani’s confession..

Barbie joins hands with sam and tells him everything about Suhani’s plan..

Sam- thanks.. U will get ur share..
Bar- suhani’s death will be my share!!

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  1. Yuvani

    Thrilling epi, Yuvani scenes were awesome, precap, just cool can’t wait,
    Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂

  2. Wonderful episode yuvraj confession is too good and I like yuvraj anger when she went into rohan room but even after knowing the plan suhani life has risk and yuvraj really left suhani without helping her

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂 Yuvraj won’t leave her, its obvious.. . 😉

  3. Nice thriller napsha you always rock… Share me your Earlier ffs so that I can read…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂 You will get the links to all my articles by clicking on the link below:

  4. Yuvani_saraj


    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂

  5. Wooo amazing……yuvi confession superb.. I hope suhani ko kuch nahi hogi…plzz jaldi upload karooo

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂

  6. read all the 3 episodes in a go..three are cant wait for the next..

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. 🙂

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