Love undefined (Episode 1)

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We see a girl dancing on the song “sun saathiya”. Her dance is awesome. When she hears footsteps she stops and jumps on the study table. A man opens the door.
“Baby” he said “why is the music on?”
“D dad” she stammered “i i like to listen music while studying”
“Its a bad habit” he snapped “you will not do it from now on. Got it?”
“Ye yes dad” she said sadly.
“This music, acting, dancing are just distractions.” Said a lady entering “You must not indulge in it Baby”
“Yes mom” obliged baby.

“Now you have grown up” said her mom “tomorrow you are going to Delhi for college. You have to take care of you yourself.”
“Yes” her dad continued “we will not be there to tell you about distractions. You will be there just for studying. Nothing else”
“Someone is there to see you ji” her mom said to her dad “lets go”
They both left without noticing that their daughter was in tears now.
A girl enters a big house. She is looking sad but when she enters a lady comes and says
“Nishu, where were you?”
“Maa you….” she said.
Another lady came “Nisha come i have made puris for you”
“Nish…see him” a girl said showing her phone “he is so cute naa”
Nisha looks around and finds her family there. She smiles seeng them but all of a sudden they disappear. Nisha looks around for them.
“Maa…Kirti…Vimla Taiji….Papa….Dadi…..”
Nisha starts crying. Showing her crying face a voiceover of past plays.
“Nisho bro a slice”
“Nishu a fanta”

“Nishu di mirinda”
“I’ve got only two hands. I’ll bring one by one” Nisha said.
“First mine”
“No first mine”
And a crash….
Nisha starts crying vigourously.
“Dada ji…..sukku…..dolly di….rupan taiji….” she called.
A big mansion is shown. In the living room there is an official meeting.
“Mr Kabir are you sure? This mansion can be…” Said one man.
“It will be used for orphanage.” Kabir cut in. “And thats final”
“Okay then” said the man “all the proceedings will be done by tomorrow”
“Thankyou Mr Gupta” Kabir replied.
And with this Mr. Gupta left.

Another elderly man came in.
He said “Kabir baba, your family will be very happy seeing you and your kindness.”
“Its my duty Darji” said Kabir “I have grown up in that orphanage. Now i have to take care of it.”
“But first you will complete your studies in Delhi” Darji said “I am here to take care of orphanage. “Its the family legacy and your father’s dream for you that you study in that college”
“Okay Darji” said Kabir “Tomorrow I will leave for Delhi but make sure no one of the old staff of the orphanage exceot Kanti tai and somar kaka enter here”
“Okay” said Darji.

Precap: Inroduction to the other three leads and all of them enter the college.

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