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Hello friends
I am Dia. I am going to be 17 in a month. I study in 12th class in commerce and i am from north India. I am an old user of TU but i was not active from days.
I am going to start a new fanfic. I have merged 2 serials here. First my all time fav Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. Other one is the amazing D4 get up and dance.

Characters’ intro

Niharika Sinha
Also known as baby, niharika is a sweet and simple girl living in Shimla who dreams of becoming a dancer but is held back by her family’s aspirations for her. She loves her parents but they never let her be free for anything. The college she is going to is also decided by her father.

Mikhail Shah
Mikhail is an arrogant but good at heart young boy whose life is dance. He hails basically from Haryana but stays in Delhi with hus friends. He can do anyth8ng for dance and his friends. He gas left his family who did nowant him to make a career in dance.

Nisha Gangwal
She was a freespirited tomboy who loved her family a lot until she lost all of them in an accident. After this incident she was really hearbroken but the the words of her dying cousins did not let her lose strength. She loves to dance.

Kabir Rathore
Being an orphan Kabir has grown up in an orphanage. Knowing after 21 years who he is, he got the family wealth and his home with no one. He is also a dancer.

Dia Vashisht
Dia is a classical dancer whose only family 8s her dad and her friends. She is the intelligent and witty one who alwats has the solution of the problem.

Harry D’sousa
Belonging basically from Goa harry stays in Delhi with his friends for studying. He is a backstreet hip hop dancer who can give his life for loved ones. He is the funny person who knows how to make the other laugh.

Baby, Mikhail, Dia and Harry are taken from D4 while Nisha and Kabir are from NAUC.

Hope you like it.

P.S. am a vey late updater

  1. lovly sweet heart continue … i may not comment daily …but i wil surly comment wen i get time …. keep sending me links one they get posted ….. continue ……. its awesome … by this i may come to knw abt D4 …..

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