I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-8

Episode 7

Ragsan came restaurant for dinner..it has been so long they cam out as always sanskar feard to take her out..but this time ragini insist to go out…so sanskar planned dinner date….
Both settled in chairs…sanskar ordered food…
Sanskar stares at her without blinking his eyes..
Sanskar:u r looking se*y.
Ragini(with attitude):i knw that..im always..but u looks old..

Sanskar:are u thinking i got old..u knw now also i can make girls fall for me..
Ragini:no one can fall for uncle..she huffs
Ragini:haan..u only
Sanskar:dear u r insulting me..its time to proove ..how girls are crazyabout me..
Sanskar:fine..wait nd watch..

Saying sanskar moved to one table where 4 girls are there..
Sanskar(forwarded pen to one girl):mam can i have autograph..
The girl looked at him confused..
Sanskar:plzz deepika mam,im big fan of u..
Girl:deepika??im radhika
Sanskar:u were not deepika apadukone..i though u were deepika..u r looking like that only..how beautiful u are..
She blushes like hell..
Ragini widened her eyes…
Sanskar:u r relally looks gorgeous

Radhika:u too looking hot
Sanskar:not more than u
she blushes again..
Sanskar:im sanskar
girl 2:im neha..u r dashing
Girl 3:yeah.such mein(she looks at sanskar seductively)

Sanskar rolled his eyes…
Sanskar sat with them nd flirts with them..those girls too flirts with sanskar..they took selfies with sanskar ,placing hands on sanskar shoulder nd moves with him close which makes ragini fume..
She cursed herself for provoking him…
She goes to them nd take off girl hand frm sanskar..
Sanskar smiles…
Radhika:hey..who are u..
Ragini:dont u have shame to flirt..
Girl 2:its non of ur business..

Ragini:shut up..im ragini sanskat maheswari..his wife..
ALl:what u got married
Sanskar nodded pouting..
all faces fell..
Sanskar:dont wry girls.we can meet whenever u we wants(he said looking at ragini)
Ragini:i will kill u all then..(shen warns girls)
Ragini holds his hand nd drags him to their table…
Sanskar:someone said i became old no one can see me..
Ragini(glares at him):i dont knw..u r a big flirt..
Sanskar smiles

Ragini:dont smile..im getting angry.
Sanskar:but u only said na no one can fall..
Ragini:i jst said tio tease but,i didnt expect u wouls flirt with girls like this..
Sanskar laughs seeing her jealous cute face..
Ragini (hitted him playfully):dont laugh
Sanskar:ok sry..calm down..
food came..sanskar feeds her to one spoon..

Ragini:sanskar we are not at home
Sanskar:so what,i dont care..
Ragini smiles..
both are having good time..suddenly Ragini eyes fell on one table ,where one couple came with their small babies..the baby insisat to eat,her mother tries to feed her ,making some actions whch makes the baby giggles nd ate..as usual ragini again goes to that trance..she keeps on looking at them…sanskar sees this..
Sanskar:dear chalo
Ragini doesnt respond,she jst stares at them..Sanskar holds her hand nd takes her nd makes her sit in car..

Ragini:im ok sanskar
Sanskar kissed her forehead nd makes her sleep on his shoulder nd drives the car….
Both reached home..
Ragini took dress to change,she turns to go washroom..
Sanskar:ragini stop

(Sanskar knws,she was hoiding her tears infront of him..she will definitely cry in washroom,which he doesnt want)
Ragini:what sanskar
Sanskar:change here only
Ragini:no i will change in washroom..
Sanskar:im asking to change here

Ragini(annoyed):sanskar plzz
Sanskar(stern):change here only
Ragini throws saree angrily nd goes to bed..
Sanskar(goes beside her):dear
Ragini:leave me alone sanskar
Sanskar:look at me
Sanskar makes her turn to him nd hugged her tight…
Ragini closed her eyes tight..sanskar caressed her hair nd said i love u..ragini silently wipes her tears..

Ragini calls swara..
Ragini:hello swara..how are u now,are u taking madecine properly
Swara:ha ragini..mein bilkul teek hu…
Ragini:how is baby
Swara:he is perfectly fine..
Ragini:can i see him once..

Swara:sure..wait ..i will conncet vedoi call..
Ragini nodded..
Swara connect veio call..ragini sees Laksh who is playing with baby..ragini smiles seeing them..she can see the happiness in laksh eyes…she recalled last night..
swara:ragini..where are u lost
Ragini:nothing..i will call u later..tc..bye
ragini cuts d call nd turns at sanskar who is getting ready for office..
Ragini:sanskar i want baby
Sanskar:u said u wont take this topic again..

Ragini:haan,i said but i cant stay like this sanskar..i cant stay..plzz sanskar
Sanskar:ragini y dont u understand my pain..
Ragini:y dont u understand my pain sanskar..
Sanskar:im here to heal ur pain..
Ragini:no sanskar u cant..
Sanskar:dont be stubborn..

Ragini:u r only behaving stubornly..i want baby..i want baby..i want baby..
Sanskar(shouts):how many times i told u..cant u understand..
..i need u…i wont agree for this..dont take this topic again..
saying he angrily leaves to office..ragini breaks all things in room…
sanskar came home from office..he doesnt find ragini anywhere in house..he called her but she wasnt lifting d call…he gets worried..he found one latter in their room..
“im leaving sanskar”..this sentense making his heart beat stopped once as soon as he biguns to read..

“Im leaving u sanskar…u dont knw the pain which im going through…nd u dont knw how it fells to one women being called infertile..im dying every day sanskar…i need baby sanskar..i want to became mother..i knw u will never agree for this..thats y im leaving.i will get what ever i want..
{dont pull logic ,how can she became mother without sanskar..im talking about operation}..i can understand ur fear sanskar but i will proove u sanskar nothing will happend to me..i will come being alive…if i die..she cross this line..no..nothing happend like that..i have faith on god sanskar..im sorr6y sanskar”
Sanskar jst stood numb..he could not believe that his ragini did like this…
he throws d letter nd took d car keys nd drives..he searched all railyway stations,bus stations ,airports ..he could not fnd her mbl gps also…he became mad..he banged the car angrily..tears rolling down on his cheeks..then he gets msg from ragini “come home”..as soon as he rd the message,he drives car fastly nd reached home without doing any late…
he came running to their room nd sees ragini who sat on bed bowing her head down pouting..
[when sanskar left office angrily..she too got angry on sanskar,she felt he was not understanding her pain..she took decision being angry to leave..but after realized what she was doing,how could she think to leave sanskr like this..so she returned back]
Sanskar jst stood looking at her with all mixed emotions..

Ragini slowly lifts her head nd sees sanskar looks at her angry yet painfully…
Ragini( moves towars him):vo..i knw what u r feeling now..u want to slap me nah..slap..
Sanskar doesnt say anything..he jst stood with same look..
Ragini:sanskar say something
Sanskar doesnt respond..

Ragini cupped his face..sanskar jerks.
sanskar:y did u came back,u dicided to leave me naa((he askd painfully))
Ragini:vo..u cant live without me naa so i came back
Sanskar(angrily):i can live..u go do what ever u want..no need to think about me..go
Ragini:sorry sanskar..i did being angry..im really sorry..
Sanskar gives painful look to her nd goes to washroom angrily..
Ragini pouts sadly…

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