I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-29)

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Ragini gets awake nd sees d time it was 5am she lioks at sanskar who was sleeping ..she wakes him up “sanskar utho”…sanskar said let him sleep…ragini moves close to his ear nd said bit loudly get up u r in badi ,u have to go mm…sanskar gets up with annoyed face…ragini asks him to go…sanskar hugs her nd said plz come soon,ragini nodded sanskar leaves…
Sanskar came to mm nd finds no one awake still ,so he silently goes his room nd sleeps….

Ragini gets fresh nd went to kitchen nd sees swara already present there..seeing ragini swara hugs her…ragini asks what happend,misiing laksh….swara nodded nd said but he was not missing me…ragini asks y did u think like that…swara said even he doesnt call r msg me..ragini asks her to dnt wry…nikhil came…
ragini:how r u felling now
Nikhil:im fine
Ragini:k u sit i will bring coffee
Nikhil nodded…
Ragini was making coffee nikhil was staring at her nd says in mind oh god how beautiful she is ,i cant loose her ,i will do something…swara noticed nikhil gaze on ragini…she feels fishy…ragini made coffee nd about go..swara takes nd says i will give him…ragini nodded.
Swara:nikhil i think u have to go now as u r
fine now,ur family must be waiting for u..
Ragini shocked by swara sudden behaviour..
Nikhil nervously nodded nd bid bye to them nd leaves… Ragini asks swara y did she asks him ti go ,what he will think.. Swara said i didnt like him,seems he was not a good nd asks her to leave that matter…ragini nodes nd said k i have to go to mm…swara says what?then i…ragini smiles nd says laksh will come to take u…swara says but ragini …ragini cutted her nd said no buts nd vuts u stay here i will go…

Laksh wakes up nd asks swara to bring coffee…then he realized swara was not there he gets annoyed…
Sanskar wakes up nd got ready..laksh too got ready nd both sanlak r coming downstairs …jst then ragini came seeing ragini laksh was happy as he expected swara also coming…he looking at entrance…ragsan look at eo nd smiles…ragini sees laksh nd asks whom he was searching…laksh said no i didnt search for anyone…rag smiles…sujatha ,ap asks about swara ,ragini said she wants to stay there for 1wk…hearing dis laksh gets sad…sanlak leaves for office after having bf….

Laksh was not able to concentrate on work…he felt she avoidded him it doesnt digest by laksh…

Sanskar came frm office nd hugs ragini nd said u have good news . .
ragini :what
Sanskar:k i will told but i want return gift..
Ragini:tell me first
Sanskar:first agree to give gift
Ragini:k what do u want
Sanskar( passes his hand inside her saree through waist nd pulls her close):i will told at night..
Sanskar:i already told dnt blush infront of me i cant control myself seeing ur blush..
Sanskar:k listen laksh told me he loves swara alot nd he went badi to take swara here…
Sanskar:ha my queen
Ragini gets happy nd she gave a bine crushing hug to sanskar…
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar(placed his hand on his chest):kuch nay
Ragini(glares at him)removes his hand nd unbuttioning his shirt..
Sanskarr:not now ragini ,wait till night
Ragini(angrily):chup..she unbuttoned nd finds scratch on his chest
Ragini(worriedly)what happend sanskar
Sanskar:vo..morning when i climbed down d pipe its happend..
Ragini:sry ,i coulnt let u go like that..
Sanskar:areh leave it na..its jst small scratch
Ragini:is it paining
Ragini caressed it nd kissed there…sanskar smiles..

Sumi shek welcomes laksh…laksh asks about swara…sumi said she was in her room..
Laksh went to swara room…
Laksh:come we should go mm
Swara: i want to stay here
Laksh:but i cant stay without u there
Swara looks at him surprised…laksh said ha i missed u so much ,i realized that..swara looks at him with exicitement…laksh said i love u swara…hearing this swara hugs him nd said i love u 2…they hug eo with so much of love…
Laksh(brk d hug):im angry on u
Laksh:y u havnt told me that u r coming here..nd u decided to stay here fir 1wk even u didnt think about me…
Swara:vo..actually its ragini plan..
Swara:ha to knw about ur fellings..
Laksh glares at her
Swara:sry(holding her ears)
Laksh smiles nd after some time they leave to mm…

All r sitting in hall…swalak came…ragini was damm happy…
Ap:swara u came..bur ragini told u will come after 1wk..
Ragini:ha maa she said but i think someone was missing her ,so she came for him..hena laksh
Laksh sarcastically smiles nd goes to get fresh….after a while they had dinner…

@swalak room
Laksh closed d door nd hugs swara who was arranging bed…swara blushes…he makes her turn nd pulls her closer ,both r lost…then came sense by door knock…laksh opens d door nd sees ragini was there…
Ragini:swara (she calls her)
Swara came ,ragini drags her while laksh looking at her confused….laksh about to follow them but sanskar came nd pulls him inside laksh room..
Laksh:kya hua bhai..y did ragini takes swara
Sanskar:dnt take ragini name infront of me..
Laksh(shocked):what happend
Sanskar:i had fight with her
Sanskar:plz laksh dnt ask me ,today i sleep here only
Sanskar:ha i dnt want to see her face..saying he lie on bed
Laksh:but bhai plz tell me hua kya..i will talk with ragini..
Sanskar:no need ..sleep
Laksh gets sad as tdy also he should stay away frm swara..he sits on bed helplessly…jst tjen ragini came lakah sees her…
Laksh:ragini ,kya hua y u had fight with bhai..
Ragini doesnt said anythhing jst she stands without expression…
Laksh(irritated):areh tell na
Ragsan burst out into laugh…laksh understands its their plan…he eyes them angrily…
Sanskar(controling his laugh):see his face
Sanskar:kya bhai..this my revenge (jst kidding) what u have done in my first night.
Sanskar:say sry to me
Ragini:stp it sanskar..she calls swara who was at outsude room..swara came by got ready in beautiful saree…
Sanskar hugs laksh nd wishoered in ears enjoy…ragini smiled at laksh who was staring at swara…ragsan leaves…laksh closed door nd moves towards swara nd said u r looking beautiful…swara blushes..laksh kissed her forehead nd they had long liplick..laksh lifts her onto bed..they consumateed their mrg..

Ragini sits on bed..sanskar besides her nd said now its our time..
Ragini blushes..sanskar pushes her on bed…he removd his shirt..he lie on her nd kissed her forehead ,ragini too kissed his foeehead ,sanskar kissed her both cheeks
ragini kissed his both cheeks..sanskar placed his lips on her lips…he kissed hardly…after a whike he brk d kiss nd he
removed her saree nd starts sucking her belly…ragini holds him tightly…he bites her
belly hardly..nd he moves to her neck nd kissing…whike kissing he untied her blouse knot…he takes off their clothes…they get intimate…

Ragsan wr awake (still on bed)..sanskar caressed her hair nd said sorry ,i became wild last night…ragini smiles nd hugs him nd said i can bear anything for my king…sanskar too hugs her tightly nd said i love u…ragini brks d hug nd kissed his both eyes nd said i love u too….they gets up frm bed nd went to washroom to get fresh…after got ready..they cones out frm their riom nd collied with swalak who was jst coming frm their room…
Sanskar(looking at laksh):laksh what happened to ur face..
Laksh(tensed as is there any marks r there):he touches his face..
While ragini giggles ,swara gets embarrsed…
Ragini:sanskar tdy u have to go office alnoe..
Ragini:areh he need some rest now..look at his face ,i think he hadnt sleep last night
Sanskar:ha u r right..he must be
Laksh folded his both hands infront of ragsan nd said bas,plz leave me…ragsan smiles…nd they 4 went to living room….they had bf,sanlak left for office..

[email protected]
Sanskar sees some files ,he hears knock…sanskar asks comein…ragini came ,he surprised..
Sanskar:u here(gets up frm chair)
Ragini(placed her hand around his neck)::ha ,missed u
Sanskar(he encircled his both hands around her waist):achaa ,if u told me this ,i should only come home na…
Ragini:i thought to surprise u
Sanskar:i liked ur surprise(whike kissing her cheek)
Ragini:can we go longdrive
Sanskar:iffcourse my queen..
Ragini:k chalo..
Ragsan informed laksh nd leaves…
Sanskar was driving car ,ragini rests her head in sanskar shoulder…
Ragini:can i drive
Sanskar:k becarefull
They exchange seets…
Sanskar:drive slowly
Ragini(smiles):y r u loving me so much
Sanskar:bcz u r my life..i cant even think my life without u..i love u sooo much…
Ragini(moisty eyes):thank u for coming into my life…
Sanskar kissed her forehead nd he rested his head on her shoulder…..suddenly a big truck came nd hits their car..bhooom

Guys im sorry i cant able to give regular updates….i will update my another ff on sunday…..

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