I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-28)

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Sanskar wakesup nd sees ragini who was sleeping wearing his shirt…sanskar smiles nd caressed her hair lovingly….ragini wakesup nd looks at sanskar while smiling…
Sanskar: good mrng my queen
Ragini : gud mrng my king
Sanskar( smiles) :y did u wear my shirt…

Ragini :my wish ,i wore my hubby shirt only na…
Sanskar:k ur hubby wants to wear his shirt give it…
Ragini: wear another one….
Sanskar:no ,i want this one only
Ragini:k wait…after my shower i will give u..
Saying she gets up
Sanskar pulls her nd said:no i want now only saying he unbuttoning shirt…ragini stops him nd says no…
Ragini:sanskar plz

Sanskar:k ,lets go to washroom atleast we will bath together
Ragini(warned):only bath
Sanskar:k k
Sanskar lifts her nd take her into washroom…

@swalak room
Laksh wakesup swara gave coffee to him…
Swara:y ?for this coffee
Laksh(smiles):no ,for last night surprise
Swara(confusing):but y r u thanking me..u only planned na
Laksh:no im not..
Swalak looks at eo with confusion faces

Laksh:who told u to come there
Swara:ragini..she told what ragini told
Laksh :bhai told me as same
Swalak:it means its ragsan plan..
Both looked at eo nd feels bad as swara thought laksh planned date for her but knowing he was not ,she gets dissopinted same as laksh…

Swalak came where all r present…they had bf…laksh went to ragini nd said thanks for date…ragini understands they came to knw about her plan…ragini about to speak something to laksh ,sanskar who was in room calls ragini…ragini goes..
Ragini:kya sanskar
Sanskar:im going to office
Ragini:tho go y did u called me

Sanskar(pout):k bye(about to go)
Ragini stops him nd kissed his forehead nd said bye…sanskar smiles ,he pecks her lips nd leaves while saying tc….
Sanlak left for office…ragini came to swara who was lost in thoughts…
Ragini:thinking about laksh
Swara(not in sense):ha
Ragini(smiles):what is ur opinion on laksh
Swara(while smilimg):he was good,caring very sweet guy..
Ragini:do u love him

Swara:may be yes
Ragini :may be?
Swara(closed her eyes nd remembering his smile ,their moments his funny acts ,a wide smile spreaded on her lips):yes i love him..i love laksh ..she opens her eyes nd sees ragini who was smiling at her..
Swara(came to reality):ragini tu..tum
Ragini:oho u loves laksh
Ragini hugs her nd said im happy…
Swara(brk d hug):btw y dnt u told me that u planned that date…i felt very happy when u told laksh planned that but when i got to know that he ws nt
Ragini:u got dissopinted right

Swara blinks her eyes
Ragini(smiles):i knw laksh also loves u
Swara:how do u know ,is he told(excited)
Ragini:no he doesnt told me
Swara:thn ?what if hadnt love me
Ragini:he loves u…he will confess u soon…i have one plan..do as i said
Swara nodded…

[email protected]
Sanlak wr in same cabin..sanskar got a call frm ragini…he went to aside
Sanskar:bolo baby
Ragini:me nd swara going to badi

Ragini told something
Sanskar:then sent swara ,dnt u go plz
Ragini:its jst one day
Sanskarr:how can i stay without u
Sanskar:k go..i will miss u
Ragini:me too ,i love u
Sanskarr:love u too..
After cutting d call sanskar came to laksh…
Laksh:kya hua bhai
Sanskar:ragini nd swara r going to badi

Laksh:y now
Sanskar:they wants to see their family..
Lakshh:oh(he felt bad as swara doesnt informed him)
Swaragini r going to mm in car..ragini was driving swara besides her…ragini mistakenly hits bike ,one boy who was on it fell on ground…ragini stops d car nd ragswa getdwn frm car nd moves towards that boy nd said sorry…the boy lifts his head ,it was nikhil…seeing ragini he was happy…swaragini remembered nikhil(ragini doesnt remembered thst he was his school mate ,only she knwa he was laksh friend)…
He had small injuries on his head(lightly bleeding) nd leg…
Ragini(helping him to get up):im extremely sry..

Nikhil:its k..he holds his leg nd screams with pain(pretends)
Ragini:i thinks it was injuried ,nd ur head also bleeding come with us ,i will do first aid
Nikhil:i will manage dont wry

Swara:no no..our house is there in some distance..come
Nikhil nodded
Swaragini helps him to getin car…while he smirks looking at ragini….
They reached badi…sumi shek welcomes them..swarag told about nikhil…ragini brings first aid box,shekhar takes it nd applied ointment ,nikhil glares at him as he expected raginj will do…after a while nikhil said k i should leave now..saying he gets up nd again pretends as it was paining ,nd he acted he was not able to walk..
Shekar:areh beta ,u r not able to walk,how can u go ,thst too it was night..stay tonight here
Nikhil:no uncle,i dnt want to troubles u all

Sumi:nothing like that beta..plz stay
Nikhil nodded..sumi shows him guest room..
Sanlak came frm office nd got fresh…they had dinner nd went to their rooms…laksh entered his room nd missing swara presence..he was not able to sleep thinking about swara….sanskar also not getting sleep without ragini…


Swara also havnt slept she was lost in laksh toughts…ragini also misses sanskar ,she sleeps hugging pillow….nikhil was thinking how to get ragini….
After sometime one man enters ragini room through d balcony…he slowely closed balcony door nd see ragini..he went towards bed nd sleeps besides her ,he takes pillow which was ragini huggedd(without disturbing her)..he slowly lifts her head nd placed on his chest nd caressing her hear…jst then someone knocked d door…hearing knock ragini opens her eyes nd shocked &surprised(he he it was sanskar only)
Ragini looks at sanskar who was smiling mischiviously…
They hear again knock sound
Sanskar:someone knocking ,first u go nd open
Ragini:but u..what if maa r papa see u ,what they will think…
Sanskar:i will hide ,u go
Sanskar hides under bed…ragini opens nd sees nikhil there..

Ragini:nikhil tum
nikhil:vo…my legs wr aching ,can i have pain killer
Ragini:k ,she fastly goes to cupboard nd gives him medicine
Nikhil:peeps inside nd said ur room was beautiful
Ragini:fakely smiles
Nikhil:can i see ur room once
Ragini:sry im sleepy bye..she shuts door on his face..nikhil felt bad…
Ragini looks at sanskar who was coming frm under bed…
Sanskar :who was it
Ragini:i did an accident

Sanskar:accident?he worriedly looks at herr hands nd face..
Ragini:im fine nd she told what had happend
Sanskar:this much happend but y didnt u told me..
Ragini:i dnt want u worried
Sanskarr:shutup ,who told u to drive car..u should take driver with u..what if anything happend to u
Ragini:k sorry baba…nxt time i will be carefull…plz dnt angry on me..
Ragini hugs sanskar tightly nd said sorry….
Sanskar:k now lets sleep

Ragini:btw when did u came ,y dont u getme up
Sanskar:i jst came now only…u r sleeping peacefully without me..but i cant ,i tried alot to sleep but i cant ..so i came..
Ragini smiles nd said i love u…
Sanskar smiles they sleeps while hugging eo…
This is all seen by nikhil who was peeping into ragini room throug window..he clenched his fist…

Guys tell me if it was boring..i will end it

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  1. I want swalak confession dear plz make it fast and don’t separate ragsan

  2. Awesome and plz don’t feel it was boring….it was so amazing and interesting

  3. Sindhura

    Nice yar dont end
    If you want to end
    Then end nikhil character and increases sanrag moments

  4. Pirassenadevi

    Then what about laksh…..did he came to see swara

  5. Jazzy

    it is not at all boring it is superb

  6. Superb, please post your other ff

  7. Silent_writer

    Awwww superbbbbbbb update

  8. Asw

    Nice keep going don’t end

  9. Shana98

    Awesome loved it cant wait for more

  10. Ragsan scenes are superb..don’t separate ragsan…I hate nikhil to the core.. I want swalak.confession.. Update regularly…

  11. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Please don’t end it it was not at all boring
    Waiting for the next one…………….

  12. Inu

    Superb epi

  13. Dharani


  14. Nice epi…ragsan scenes are so cute…swalak also…devil nikil…pls don’t end this ff..ur ff is so nice and more interesting….

  15. Crystal089

    awesome superb ragsan are so cute loved their moments plsz don’t end ur ff plsz its really awesome

  16. Awesome and wants swalak confession.

  17. Asra

    amazing dear….it’s not boring yar…plz don’t end it continue dear…ragsan r soo cute and adorable…waiting for nxt one dear…tkcr dear….

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  19. Fairy

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  21. A.xx

    loved it and love ragsan moments and finally swalak have started feeling for each other
    can’t wait to see what nikhil does and what sanky will do when he finds out about nikhils intentions,,loved it and post soon.xx

  22. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  23. Too good

  24. Hemalattha

    please continue that.all scenes amazing.ragsan scenes superb.the first scene too nice and swalak scene also good.go ahead.

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