I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-27)

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Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who was sleeping holding by her waist…ragini smiles, kissed his forehead nd said i love u…sanskar said with closed eyes i love u too…ragini asks r u awake…sanskar opens his eyes nd smiles..ragini said u r awake y dont u wake me up ,we have to go our home na…sanskar tightened his grip on her waist nd said i dnt want to go ,i want to stay like this saying he sensuously passed her hand through her belly…ragini says sanskar plz stop it..sanskar said shhh…saying he came over her nd they get intimate…..
After sometime they got fresh nd headed to mm….
@nikhil place
Nikhil remembering ragsan nd gets angry nd remembers about his nd ragini fb..
[when ragini was in +1 ,nikhil was senior to her..nikhil started love her at first sight ,he always spying on her this is unware about ragini..after his +2 he proposed ragini ,ragini doesnt know about him,even his name also ,she jst knw he was her senior …she rejected him nd said i want to focus on my studies only this is d not age to getting in relationship …nikhil feels bad but he had a hope…after that ragini went to abroad but nikhil doesnt stop loving her….he decided to propose her for mareiage when she cameback to india…he came to knw about ragini arrival for swara marriage …he felt happy but when he was going to airport for ragini,he had a accident,recently he recovered..]fb ends
Nikhil says to him self i have been waiting for u madly since 6 years but u r married with that man…how could u ragini ,i cant let u both live happily u r mine…

Ragsan reached mm nd sees all r at dining…they moves towards them..ap sees ragsan md said areh u both came,ragsan smiles..ap said k come have bf…ragsan said we will eat later…laksh said let them leave maa they must be tired they only need rest now hena bhai..ragini runs to room ,sanskar too followed her ,giving death glare to laksh…
Ragini sits on bed ,sanskar asks is she feel tired ,ragini nodded…he asks her to sleep…ragini smiles nd laydown on bed…sanskar got ready for office nd sees ragini who was sleeping ,he pecks her forehead nd leaves….
Ragini wakesup ,got fresh nd went down where all ladies r present…seeing ragini swara starts teasing while ragini tried to control her blush…ap says dnt tease her u will also have oneday…hearing this swara awkward,ragini rememberd her mission swalak…after sometime they had lunch…
Ragini thought something nd smiles…
Ragini calls sanskar who was in office nd told something…sanskar after cutted d call he went to laksh cabin ..laksh was busy in lapi…sanskar sees laksh mbl on table ,he takes it nd hides without knowledge laksh..
Laksh:kya bhai
Sanskar:vo.. swara called me nd told that she wants u come xyz place
Laksh:y bhai
Sanskar:how could i knw what she planned for u..
Laksh:but y she doent called me
Sanskar:she told she tried to ur no but it was unreachable
Laksh:k i will call her (he searched his mbl but doesnt find)where is my mbl
Sanskar:areh laksh she was waiting for u there..u r wasting time here..go fast
Laksh nodded nd leaves…
Ragini goes to swara room nd told same as sanskar…
Swara nodded and about to leave..ragini asks u go like this..(she wears simple sareee)..swara said ha…ragini drags her to her room nd gives her long frock nd ask her to wear this…swara wore that gown ,ragini did some makeup to swara nd asks her to go now…swara smiles nd leaves…ragini too followed her without knowledge swara…
@xyz place
Laksh came nd surprised..it was like park with fully decorated as romantic dinner date(he thought swara arranged this)..he smiles nd says where is swara nd he turns his head nd sees swara who was walking towards him…laksh was mesmerised to see her..swara sees all decorations(she thought laksh did all this)….
While ragini came nd sees sanskar who was
waiting for her..sanskar asks y r u called me here..ragini said to accompany me…sanskar asks y she came there,u want to bacame kabab me haddi bw thhem…ragini said vo i
want to see how they feel seeing all this so..sanskar smiles nd they both hides behind bush….
Swara sees laksh who was staring at
her..she shakes him..laksh came to sense nd said u r looking beautiful…swara blushes…laksh asks her to sit pointing towards d direction where two chais r present there..both sits opposite to eo..but both kept silent…
Ragini asks sanskar y theyrnt talking anything..sanskar said u wait here i will ask nd come..ragini said very funny…
Suddenly romantic tune plays(ragini only arranged like this)..laksh asks swara for dance…swara agreed nd both r dance very romantically.. both r lost….ragini smiles looking at them while sanskar keeps on kissing her cheek…
Ragini:asanskar stop kissing me ,look at them,they r so cute na.
sanskar : ha let them enjoy like that come we will go home ,i also wants to romance with my wife…
Ragini :sanskarrr
Sanskar(huskily):kya ,plz come na
Ragini:wait for sometime
Sanskarr:areh it is d not good habit to watch some other romance…saying he drags her nd they both leaves…
Swalak who wr lost eo came to sense..laksh asks lets have dinner(avoides eye contact with her)…swara who was looking down nodded…they sees d items which wr swalak favourite…swara feels happy as he ordered her fav food same as laksh…they had their dinner while thinking about eo…after dinner they had some firmal talk like about ragsan nd family …after they they leaves..
Ragini sits on bed nd thinks..sanskar closed d door nd jumps on bed nd asks what r u thinking…ragini said what would swalak r doing now…sanskar said they r must be romancing now stop thinking about them ,think about our romance..he makes her laydown on bed ,he switched off d lights nd
he comes over her nd covers themselves with blanket….
Swalak reached mm nd sleeps while remembering their moments with eo…

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    awesome loved it… ragsan are naughty and swalak are cute

  2. Shana98

    love, love, loved it and amazing episode

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    haha love sanskaar’s eagerness and slowly swalak arestarting to bond love the ragsan moments and post soon..wonder what tsunami nikhil will bring but i hope ragsan remain uneffected.xx

  5. Inu

    Superb epi. Ragsan are best pair and cupids too.

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    Awesome superbbbb………

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    Awwww…very sweet update dear..loved it soooo much……

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  10. Nice episode..swalak scenes are super…and ragsan scenes also superb…waiting for next part soon… Update regularly..

  11. Awesome part dear plz update next part doon

  12. Asw

    Cute episode

  13. Keerthu

    Super dr……….

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    awesome dear….ragsan scenes r super…loved it….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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    awesome awesome awesome…superb update..loved it!!keep rockng n stay blesssed ddr 😉 😉 😉

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Ragsan were really naughty
    Loved Swalak scenes too
    Waiting for the next one……………

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    awesome.ragsan romance and their scenes superb.swalak romantic dinner amazing ya.really enjoy that scenes.really nice dear.

  23. Beautiful

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