love u till my last my last breathe (episode 2) by mehak

Hello everyone!I m back next episode of love u till my last breathe.First,thank u so much for your love and,here’s my episode-2 of my ff.
recap-shivika romance.

shivaay is preparing breakfast and anika enters in kitchen.
anika-aaj kya bana rahe shivaay.(what r u cooking today).
shivaay-your favourite allo puri.
anika-i help u shivaay.
shivaay-no.i will manage u just sit there.(on couch)
anika-nahi aap mujhe tamatar dijiye main unhe kat ti ho(no i will help.u give me those tamatoes i will cut them.)
shivaay-ok my jhansi ki rani.(he gives her tamatoes)but be careful.
shivaay-what aww.

anika-when u become cute billuji from tadibaaz sso u look so cute.
shivaay gets shocked after hearing anika words.
anika-kya hua shivaay(what happened shivaay)
anika-a shivaay-s
s-nothing u just cut tamatoes.
anika is cutting tamatoes.after seeing the shivaay.
s-anika tum tamatoes ka murder kyu kar rhi ho(why r u killing those tamatoes).
a-main kaha murder kar rhi ho tamataro ka.
s-stop calling tamataro call them tamatoes ok.
a-aap fir se shuru ho apna gyaan dene.(u again start giving lessons).
s-wait.i will teach u.

shivaay go near anika.he is standing back of her.he holds her hand and anika is holding knife.shivaay starts cutting tamatoes.they have an eyelock and ojaana plays….
omru enters.
omru(coughing)-ahem ahem.
shivika get senses.
rudra-r om-o
r-billu biili ka romance katam ho gya ho toh hum apko join kare.(if u completed your romance so shall we join you).
s- shut up rudra .aaisa kuch nahi h(nothing is like that).main sirf anika ko tamatar.(nothing is like that i m just teaching her how to cut tamatoes)
omruani cutting shivaay words between and
omruani-kya tamatar.
s-i mean tamatoes kat krana sikha rha tha.
o-(teasing mood)its ok!shivaay.we can understand.
r-ha waise bhi aap husband or wife u can do romance.
s-rudra stop it .now i will beat u.
a-i think we should concentrate on breakfast.
s-yes u r right anika .

om-after so many daya we r happy.when fake shivaay is here .no peace is left in OM bcoz great wall of shivaay is missing.
r-yes bhaiya.i miss oberoi moment so much.thank u anika bhabhi if u don’t find our shivaay how we live?
a-no rudra no needs to thanks bcoz u all r my family and i can’t live without u all.
after hearing anika words shivaay is is very happy and starts looking her
omru-not again
s-common lets do oberoi moment.come anika.
shivomruani-dil bole oberoi.
lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi plays…..

precap-sry guys i promise u all that new entry takes place here. but sry i introduce new character in next episode.
precap-new entry and that person is realted to anika and oberois also.

bye .hope u like it. plz ignore grammatical mistake….
plz comment.

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