I Love U Appu … Its The Truth Of My Life & This Love Is For Ever (Intro)

Hi guys its me Nandana… I am writing this for our family to chat and yeah I would try to update every episode before the comment box vanishes and when my school reopens I will be ending this as I don’t like putting it incomplete . And till now I didn’t get any complete story line but now I will give intro as I want my family back soon…

The name of this ff is ” I Love U Appu … Its The Truth Of My Life & This Love Is For Ever ”

Malay Mittal is the male lead….

Aparajita Ghosh aka Appu is the female lead ..

Kalpana Ghosh (Appu’s mother)( Real mother )

Nandita Mittal (Malay’s mother)

Avinash Mittal aka Avi (Malay’s cousin)

Kumkum Mittal (Avi’s mother) (Malay’s aunt)

Rasik Mittal (Avi’s father) (Malay’s uncle)

Every character is same as in the show and here appu is not a vishkanya and kalpana is her real mother too and appu don’t have any siblings also…… Appu’s father died when she was a child and kalpana brought her up …… The family is having a good name in the society ….

Now coming to mittal family …

Here also everything is same as the show and they r from london but has house in India ………….

Now coming to the leads ……..

Appu is a cute girl ……… Everyone likes her … She is very kind to everyone and she is a great devotee of durga maa ……. She goes to temple everyday ….. Is a middle class girl…. Her family is consist of Kalpana who loves appu a lot and her dadi..

Now coming to Malay . His house is in on the way of temple where Appu goes everyday …. A few days ago only malay and family came to India …….. His best buddy id his cousin avi ……….. The Mittal family is very rich . And his mother Nandhitha has that attitude to everyone … And most of the people are feared to enter their house as Nandhitha’s attitude is like that ……… Now they all came to India in order to find a girl for malay and Nandhitha want to get him married only to a girl from rich family . But our Malay is a sweet boy . Who is kind to everyone and a naughty one also ………… But he loves his mother a lot as she too loves him a lot …His family is consist of Kumkum Mittal , Rasik Mittal,Avinash Mittal,His father harshavard mittal , Nandhitha Mittal…

Its the Intro . If has any doubt plz ask and the updates will be very slow but I will make sure that i will send it before the comment box vanishes….

Hope our family will be back together again………..

  1. Nandana

    Hi … I hope everyone will be back again…. Plz come back again ….

    1. I am back.we make all come back

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  2. Nandu nice intro it’s good that finally we can make our family come back no we have to be together again

    1. Nandana

      YEAH I AM waiting for that di…

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  3. nandana our family will be together INSHA ALLAH see i find this ff and now i will be here regularly and try to bring all here

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      Happy to hear that and Me too will be trying my level best get all of them back…

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      I told to Saru di also dear…

    3. waiting for Sare happy u r doing the job very well clapping for Nandana guys

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  4. nice intro keep it up

    1. Nandana

      Thank U dear …

    2. Nandana

      Did u saw my comment on Ek vivah aise bhi page or the girl informed u ? Anyway feeling very very happy to see u dear…

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    Nycc Intro Nandana..A Great Strt again..Hi Frndzz..Hw R U????

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    3. i don’t understand and good afternoon to u too

    4. Nandana

      YEAH for me also Our vishkanya family is the best ever family …. I won’t forget my family till my last … And yeah nowadays I REALLY missing the serial too… As when the serial was been there we all was been here together…. LOVE U ALL ….

  7. AND As Salam o Alaikum to muslim members

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    it’s a part of a song and is for our all missing members but i really mean it guys

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      YEAH dear I can understand I as we all want our family back LETS try together …. I informed it to Bella dear and shai …. But no reply…

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    miss u all
    you’s and always your’s Ooshi

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    Omg its amazing finally we vk family will ge together

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    2. good evening Dear y did u change ur id did me and Nandana change our’s then y u about Rufina i can understand but y u that’s not fair
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      Just like this and this year i won 3rd prize in under 13 girls in chess and i am 14 now and my ff rivanya forever is going to complete 100 epi

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  23. My 3rd epi is posted if u have time do read n comment

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    Hai my dear vishkanya family members,this is maanu..hope u all remember….I missed u all guys…after a long time I’m here wit u ppl…nandu dr thanks for making ff for our family….lots of love for u dr nandu❤❤❤❤

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      Haan di how can we forget u di ? And yeah no need of thanks di and feeling very happy to see u back di… Me too loves a lot and lot……..

    2. Love only to nandu????? n how can we forget u di??how r u??

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    Hi..guys..do u remember me???nandu sis thanks for making ff it seems so interesting??

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      Hi dear how can we all forget u dear ???? Yeah welcome dear ….. And yeah feeling very happy to see u ….

    2. How can we forget u??i am happy that finally our family is getting together.how r u??

  28. hey guys what’s up how r u all missed u all a lot net pkg. was finished so can’t comment from monday to sunday so what’s up how was ur last week and how’s the begining of this MD Maanu Di and Christina u r back happy to see u Dears is it need to yell u that we didn’t forgot u is it i don’t expect this from u just believe that we and specially i can’t forget any one whom i accepted to be my own i just want this believe from u all just this and at the end good afternoon to All Dears of my Dearest family although they r present here or not but we still love u and will always love u and plz. come back soon missing u all a lot Kathy Di ,Naren,Harshan Bhai(onn regular basis) and aaa…ll (Saya,Sisla,Sha…..) sorry for spelling mistake

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