Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy (episode 20, 21, 22)

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All see shivika comming in and smiling..
and leela says i think both are ready for marriage..
all say that tommo they shall call panditji for deciding the date..(muhurat)
just then adii have flash backs
how he saw shivaay caring for anika and he recognized him as Riyas brother..but still dint utter a word…
just then he is interrupted by a voice omkara
screeming This marriage cannot happen and enters angirly..
all were shocked at his behaviour..
he then makes a puppy cute face and says i m Best friend of shivaay as well as anika and i m not called here..(to shivika’s mothers)Aunties u have disappointed me a lot..
but i liked that u arragned me something which i ll eat now..and feed shivika by their own hands..
and what is that shivika’s moms ask together..
he removes the plate of samosa which he had hid back and goes towards shivika
who make ajeeebbb faces seeing samosas..
and get scared..

they both say they are full..
s-aree i just eat 2 full samosas which anika bought for me ..
a- i m on diet so i cant compromise with know na omi…
so please..u
shivaay’s mom-aree hows that possible..u guys are going to mmarry and u must have it by my hands..
he forces them to have ..
and comes to shivaay..
anika gets worried..
and says sure we will have ..
shivaay looks at her in pain and gives an tuff look..asking her no..
she says but first u..

anikas mom-ohooo u guys continue..
she says we all are going for gurudwar..
as all is happening so good..
shivika takes off relief..that they are escaped..
adi and riya stay back but they dont notice the..
once all lev..
shivika start hitting omkara..
and om is running here and their..
riya says-these all 4 look so good na..
and shivika look made for each other couple..
adii- even we look made for each other couple..
you neva said so..

btwn shivaay is lucky to have anika in his life..
so dooes anika replies riya..
and they both laugh and enjoy mastii..
just then shivika feed om..samosass
om screems–cheeee.
who the hell prepared this yar…
any one can die eating this..
shivika start laughing..
and says so they were saying no to eat..
anika and u guys planned something else but this jhalli queen became 2 steps forward and more over din tell me too..
anika interrupts and says ohh really..u din say me that u were only riya bhabhis brother..
and kept quite seeing me in such state..
i had said u i ll die but not marry any one else other than u..
u know how mad i had became ..
u gave me such good gift on my bday and i got shock of my life too..
ess laga zase paro tale zammen kisak gayeee(sorry,i dont know englisg version as ts a famous proverb of hindi)

shivaay eyes her lovingly..
and says but i had said u..that i ll make everything correct..
Adii and riya were listening this..
shivika have an eye lock…ridima corrects her throt..
and they come to sences,…
anika turns to omra and asks if they are involved in shivaays plan too..they nod no..and anika and omra shivaay..
s-What?(by making his eyebro bow)
they take cusions and start hitting him..
and run all three run behind him..
when they are shocked too see adii and riya standing behind them..
giving angry looks..

a-bhai..actually..i wanted..
riya and adii- its not fare..u guys cant be spared..
all 4 look at each other and are speechless..
riya-and adii together..tum teen aurshivaay ek..
not fare..
both also get cusions and all start pillow fight..
shivaay riya and adii one team
and anika and omra other..
and all get tired..
and sit having some snaks..
r-anika by the way ur plan was awome..
when ever ur bhai would go mad on me after marriage..i ll give him warnings that if he dont bend down then they she ll
make samosas..
the same way..
add-then i promise i ll neva miff with u..
all laugh..
anika-bhai..i know u got to know now that i and shivaay loved each other from before..and i dont want the same to repeat and hurt u..
so we 4 want to talk to u something..
shivika look at omra asking them to speak up..
they are shocked to listen what anika is trying to tll.
ridima-dii plzz.its not right time..
a-but its necessary..
s-yeah ridimai anika is right..
u should..

adii is confused
anika says if not u..ill say..
om-says no not now anika plzzz..
adii-i m relly worried now plzz tell..
a-bhai vo..
omkara and ridima love each other..
adii-gets up and says what..
he looks at ridima..whos bending down her head..
and then at omkara who is ignoring eye contact..
just then shivikas moms and all enter are happy to listen it..
they hug..ridima and says u cant imagin how good m i feeling right now…

now the friendship of me and om;s mom which we had since i was married ..will turn to a relation..i ll call her noww.
just then they see the hall and says what is this…
all start gigglingg..
and riya speaks up saying we were playing and this happened..
leela calls up servent to clen the mess..
all leave for their home after lunch.

All are happy that shivika ,Adiya(Aditya+Riya: hope u liked this jugalbandii) and now omra all got such good life partners..


@anikas home
anika’s mom infornt of god..
hai waheguru…(I just hope i m not wrong as i dont know much to whom punjabi people pray but my frnd used to say this so i added,sorry if i m wrong in it…mafiii plz)
today i m really very happy
my all 3 childers got such good lifepartners..
i just wish that now everything will be oky…
just then all 3 (anika,ridima aditya )start fighting..
ridima comes to her and says dekho na maa..
dii muzje chidarahi hai..
a-accha mein tuze chida rahi hon..
no ma i m not teasing her i m just telling bhai how omkara proposed her ..then insted of givving him answer how she ran away making om scare

Adii says..i m just too happy that my both princess ll be in secured hands..
and i just hope both will never let me down..
just then anika gets a message..
cell was in hall..
so anika asks ridima to get it..
ridima-its ur cell u shd get it..
a-but i m bigger then u get it..
adi-fine both stop it now…ridima go get it..
r-i knew it..u love anika dii more than me..
adi-its nothing like that..u are standing near to it..
so go and get..
r-oky fine (she walks and sees d cell and smirks and talks out loud..)

a-kiska hai..bol na..
r-MEssage nahi Voice message hhai..
aur vo be hamare pyare jiju ka..
a-jiju kon..(just then she realises it as shivaay)and runs behind ridima..
a-ridima mera phone de..
r-no wait its downloading i want to resd it..
a-reading someones personal things is not good manners..
and ur my good..sanskari behana..
so give it..
r-and here the voice message..
“anika abhi se mein tuje miss karrahan hon..
n cant wait to these rituals to complete ..and get u in my home as Mrs.shivaay Oberoi
and our would be room is also waiting for u…
par plzz shadi mein na koi gadbad math karna..i know ur jhalli queen and like too do crazy things but not here plzz
Love u anika”
anika feels shy reading it..
all clears her throut…
and comes to anika and says muje nahi pata tha ki meri beti itni acche se sharma bhi sakti hai..anika feels ackward..
she snatches her cell from ridima and runs to her room..

@omkars home
om reaches home and is standing at the door..and thinks i must tell mom the truth just then om’s mom notices him brings him in..

catches his hands in hers and rotates..and then kisses him on his forehead and says i m just too happy for u omkara..
i always wished my both sons to marry the daughters of Leela(anikas mom)..
but i never wanted to force my decisions on u never uttered a single word…but when leela called me up and said that u and ridima both love each other
i was just like my wishes came true..

but promise me om..
that u ll never walk on the steps of ur dad..
after divorse i only met him twice a year..
once on ur bday and once on ur brothers..
but i had fear ki u may walk on his foot steps so i kept him far from u..
i know i was selfish..
om interrupts her..
and hugs her..
he says mom i just love u..u gave me more love than anyone..
ur my dad and as well as my mom..
ur my lioness..
u know that..
and i love u most..

and dont worry i have seen u crying for ages for dad’s deeds but never mind..
but do u like ridima…?
“I just dont like her but i love her a lot..i ll kepp her as my daughter…
om one more thing its been 6 months that ur dad passed away..
but ur brother is also my son..
and its my duty to call him in marriage and i m thinking to ask him stay with us..
just if u dont mind..”
om-mom if u ll be happy then i m happy..
my first priority is was and always be u..
i..m tired a i ll rest..
mom-Yes plz we shd go to aniks home tommo..panditji is comming their only…
he nods and leaves..
om (Self talk)
mom has seen a lot in her life i cant hurt her..
but at the same time i cant marry ridima as i dont love her..
but all thinks that i love ridima…
but i dont in reality..
but y m i confused..

i liked anika so i went to propose her but ridima came in between..
and all taught that..
but ridima was so happy when i…
then the reality that shivika loved each other..
and then ridima and me making up team to unite them..
ohhh god…
i dont love ridima but still i shd marry mom is really very happy..
and this happiness was different


its morning..
all leave for Oberoi Mansion
here shivaay is waitng for his lady love..his dhadkan(heartbeat)..
just when their is a sound of car..
peee peee(sorry for being childishh)
and shivaays heart just bloom like a rose in the garden ..
like the smell of the mud when water fall off on dry land..
he huridly rushes to balcony to see anika..
the car door open..
first omkara gets down..
then leela..followed up by om’s mom..
he was serching for his love but none came out..

all slipped n to mansion..
shivaay got upsset for a min..
as he was still in his balcony and could not find anika..
he was angry on anika..but at same time was missing her much..
he was just lost just then riya enters and says shivaay how m i looking..
he doesnt reply but still his eyes were searching his love..
his akon ka tara(shining star of eyes)
riya came in front of him..
but our shivaay the great lost in his own taughts..
riya came near to him and very slowly and gently wishpered anika..
shivaay-kaha hai vo jhall….
he stops when he sees riya their..

s-riya tum yaha kabb aayii?
R-tab when u were dreaming about anika..
s-i n dreaming …and that to of anika no chance Riya..
u known behen se kya chipaana(now whats inn hiding from sister)
yes i love her..i mean i love her a lot..but instead of dreaming and thinking of her i have many work to do..
and u here..koi kammm?
(shivaay was facing the door,and anika was standing there..and our handsome hunk shivaay was unawre of it)
R-my dearest brother just chill out as i never asked u to give explanations..
and i had just came here to show my dress to u and ask u how m i looking as u gifted this dress to me..
and for now get ready..ok..
s-get ready for what?
R-u act too innocent sometimes..
(she goes away..)
shivaay to himself-y m i thinking so much of this jhalli queen ..let her come today then i ll tell her who is shivaay Oberoi..

i…i…han i ll not allow her to do makeup after marriage..then when she ll look like chudeal na then i ll remove pics of her and tease her
no not chudeal infact a dinasourrr..or
(anika to herself: saru billu..akdu .. rukja..u blunderout ur heart then i ll say u )
then i ll not let her step to my room..
but i m alredy in room..our to be room right shivaay..?
shivaay for a min..gets shock to hear anikas voice..and turns back..
s-anika tu..i was thinking of u only…
a-yeah ki how ll i look when i dont do makeup..
how i llok like chudeal ..diansour..
and u never think and dream of u have too much work..
i taught u ll b happy seeing me but u..

saru SSO..
she takes a pillow and starts hitting him..
he starts defending but no use..
anika says i ll never talk to u..get ready for u..too..
and yeah comming up to room matter then after marriage ill show u whose room is it..
she again throes apillow and goes off..
a-ani..anika..meri baat to suun le..yar..
anika fumes and come down and riya asks her u met shivaay..
and i hope bhabhi g ki u dint scold him more..
a-gives asmile and goes and stands beside ridima where as all elders were siting and talking to guriji

for fixing the date..
ridima-dii kya hova(di what happened)
r-u know u vcant hide anything from me..
so say..
a-tell her everything..
and on other hand so that shivaay to om..
ridima and anika come to garden where they find boys(shivaay and om)sitting on bench..
a-dekna ridima again they ll b blundering their heart out about us..i bet u..
r-no is not like this..
they come close to them/..
s-abb mein kya karu yeh bol(now what should i do..u say me that fisrt)..and stop joking as anika is very furious
om-let me think..but seroiusly u said right thing..
that both sisters do lots of makeup..
and one day without makeup can make them go carzy..

shivaay finds both girls their and stops laughing..
om-yar..shivaay tere chehere ke bara kyun baje hai..
dont worry anika ll be back to normal once u say her soory..
thank god ridima is not like this..
yeah i mean make up thing..
s-chupp kar na yar..(Shut ur mouth yar)
s-coz if u dont shut..i m sure tere bhi bara bajenge..
om-ur saying as if u saw ..and turns back..and finds anika and ridima their..
om-could’nt u say it before..
s-i was saying u stop stop..but yeah bak bak machine band hone ka namm hi nahi late(but this bak bak machine nevr stops)
anika and ridima get furious and leave..

prcep-mission Manaooo girls(by shivaay and om)

n yup do tell me how r u going on with my other ff..
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coz i dout that tu would allow me to post the devil angel ff..
coz its highly mature ff i think after 10 episodes..
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