Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy (episode 17, 18, 19)



anika just keeps looking at shivaay… his words..
she was shock and as well as happy hearing the magical words..from his mouth..
s-anika tere chuppi se muzje bohot darr lagta hai plz speak up..
he shakes her..
s-mein tuzje kuch puuch rahahunn
will you marry me and settle me properly and complete me..
a-just hugs him and says yes shivaay..i ll
anika breaks hug and says did i say that i need stars and moons..did i say to give you gurantee..
s-in a funny way nods in No..
and says but i know every girl wants it..
s-so miss anika tanejaready for the surprise..
a-yes,Mr shivaay Sarna
shivaay gives a hand to hold and smiles..
she holds his hand and they come to approch to a beace view candle table where there is a cake kept..
she gets glad seeing it..
she turns and finds that hes missing just then she notices him sitting on his knees..

s-anika i know every girl has a wish that this day must be special..i dont know if i was up to ur dream expectation..but still..
will you marry me..
will you permit me the permission to complimemnt you every day..
will you permit me that special right to tease you..
will you permit me that special right to hug to tight when i need..
will you become my better half for the rest of the life..
will you be that only girl in this world whom i ll permit the right to share my cubrd..
will you be that only girl in this world with whom i ll share my world with..
only me you n vo in future..
anika laughs nd cries both and says i permit you every right mr shivaay sarna..
a- yes this day is similar to my dream or no idk,but yes it is most special day in my life..
every girl wnts this to happen in her life and its today in my life..
I LOVE U TOO shivaay..

she keeps staring does he..
then to just break the eye contact..shivaay says can i now stand knees are paining..
she laughs and makes him stand..
pleads a gentle kiss on his cheeks..
and hugs him..
then shivaay makes her were the ring..
s- shivaay tum sirf muzje propose hi karnake liye layethe yaha..?can v cut the cake..i m too hungry..
shivaay smiles..and says just a min..
he calls some one..
and omkara and ridima comes their..
r-so dii how was this date..
dont just thank jiju..thank us also..
a- jiju?
o- are shes ur sister and u have accepted shivaay so hes ur jiju..
shivaay smiles abit..hiding..
o- dekho muje laga tha sirf ladkiya sharmana janti hai..but yaha toh ladke bhi jantee hai..
all have a laugh..
they cut the cake..
and enjoy their..
just then omkara gets the msg of adii asking him is all fine..and by what time are they r comming..?
omkara says v shd lev..
shivaay signs omkara..
omkara understands it and tells ridima to come..
a- are where r u going wait i ll also come..
s- shivaay holds her hand and makes a cute lil face she understands it…
omra leaves..
its only shivika their..
s- i need to give you a gift..
i wanted to be the first to wish u..
so i planned this much..
a- but you wished me..
s- but ridima came and spoilt it..
n wished u ..
but i m more smarter..
a- gives puzzled looks..
s- i made all wathes run 15 min early..
n now its 12:15..
it means its actually 12..
so ek gift toh banta hai..
he goes close to her…
more close ..
still close she stops at the table..
she closes her eyes..
they were too close..
she had an anxil feeling inside..
shivaay goes near to her and wishpers Happy bday miss siyapaa..
urf anika taneja..
she smiles broadly and says thankyou me sadu sarna urf shivaay

ridima n anika reach home…omkara and shivaay heeds to their home..
anika gets many more surprises from adii and leela..
she says all and hugs them..
they all say anika that their is a big surprise to u..
she aks what?
adi- tere bhabhi londaaon se aa rahi hai..
and soon after marriage she ll be here..
she gets too happy..
and says did u all talk to her parents too..and did they say yes..
adi nods ..
she hugs him..
ridima says now i ll meet her firstt..
anika says no i ll..
both start their pillow fight..
adi says enough..
i ll meet her first..and then both f u..
all 3 laugh out..aloud..
adi says stop surprise is not over yet…
tere bhabi ka ek bhai hai..hes of marriage age and maa wants u to see we got proposal for you from them..
boy and his family is very good..and from good family too..
a- par early..atlest u could have asked me..
its about my life..
ad-dont u trust me..?
a- i do..
ad- then go and meet him once if u dont like him..i ll not force you..
she nods..
she had teary eyes..
ridima too was in shock and dint knew how to react..

anika in shock ..
the words by adii echo in her ears..
she says i m struck in my brothers love and my love..
ridima asks her to controol her self..
and once talk to jiju..
a- jiju..?
r- aree jese u accepted shivaay i too accepted him as my jiju..
anika gets a slight smile on her face hearing ridima calling shivaay as jiju..
but again remembers adiis words..
r-y dont u talk to him once?
a- what should i say him..?
that how good was my bday with him and how it is comming to an end..?
how to tell him that before our story would got me such situation that..
she starts crying..
but then decides to call shivaay..
but relises that adii had took her cell..
she asks ridima for her cell..
ridima gives her her cellphone anika dials shivaays number and sees that ridima had saved it as shivaay jiju..
she smiles slightly..
she calls him-
s-hello ridima..!
a-(no reply)
s-yar kya homa(what happened?) ..all fine na..twinkl e is fine na..y r u not replying?
shivaay sences that its anika on the cell..
anika i know its you..kya homa bata muzje..
s-ur voice..are you crying anika.. why r u crying?plz say me anika..
a-shivaay everythings over shivaay..
s- anika plz dont make me go mad by confusing me say me straight ..
a- (tells him all)
s- can he do this..
i mean its ur life..the decision is yours..and plz dont say it again that its over..
i m always with you we ll find some solution..oky so plz smile anika..

anika is not getting sleep..
n at mean while there goes a bang on balcony..
she comes their and finds shivaay…
standing down..
he asks her to come down..
she nods..
she goes down and hugs him tight..
she says i acnt live with out you shivaay..
plz do something..
shivaay says but before that lets go a short drive only me and u ..lets live this stupid tension here only..
anika smiles and says oky

after the drive they come back home..
anika doesnt get out of car and looks at shivaay..
she din speak a word but her eyes had many question of what could happen next..
he cupsher face and says you only said me that adii bhai said that final decision ll only be go their meet him and say no..
then i ll handle..
but yes..
try to get some info abut the guy and send me the details..both hug and say goodnight..
she goes for some distance ..
shivaay was standing their till she reaches the door of her home..
she turns and he says bye and gives flying kiss to her..

next day..
a- hii guys..
where is shivaay..?
s- he ll not come for two days to clg..he has some work..
but he said he ll meet us in the evening..

ridima and omkara look at each other and says together
anika we wanted to talk to u..
a- she says yes plz proceed..
as all are only talking n not listening to what i want..
omra-we both got an idea to make the guy run..
a- (in anxity)what is it?
omra- tell her the plan n muted way..
anika hugs them and says thankyou for such fab plan..

Evening(Taneja mansion)
anika-i m ready to meet the guy..
adii- are u sure ..?
if u r not ready u can just..
he is interrupted by leela..
i m sure u ll love him..and ll never regreet that u married him
anika cuts her and adds..
i just said yes to meet him not yes to marriage..
anika heeds towards her room..
adi- anika..
what ever decision you take after meeting him..i m with you..
she nods and leaves to her room
she closes her room door..
and starts dancing like mad..
their she sees shivaay sitting on the chair and seeing her madness and smiling wide.
she comes to him..
and and says m i again dreaming about you..
yes i think i m so deeply loving him that i m seeing him all
shivaay says i m really here..
a- prove it..
shivaay comes and kisses her cheeks…
s- you want me to prove it stil then i can..
she says no nononononononoooooo
but wht the hell are u doing in my room..and how did you reach here..did any one see you..
how u came..dont say by balcony..or by climbing the ladder..
shivaay keeps his finger n her lips..
ek hi barr mein ittne saval..
vo b bina saas liye..

and then hugs him …
she tell him all plan..
s- are you sure about the plan ..i mean its risky..
she nods yes in a naughty way..

Episode starts with anika getting the morning and seeing a note ..
good morning MY JALLI QUEEN..and all the best for the plan..
i know you are nerver inside but ur shivaay is always with you so u dont need to worry..
if any things happens i have plan B..
i know now u r thinking what is that..
but dont worry much and dont take tension varna tere beautiful se chere pe badi badi zuriya aajayengii..
and u will look old n early days..
she smiles and sys sometimes this sadu says proper i love my face equally..
she smiles just then their is a knock on door..
she quickly hides the note and goes to her bed cover herself with blanket..
and says its open..
its adii
he says goodmorining jaan
she replies good morning jaan..
so are u rrally wana meet the guy..
she says yes..
he hugs her gives gentel kiss on her forehead and says get ready..
she gets up and gets ready and weres a blue anarkali..
she leaves her hair..
applies glose..
now mr what ever u are..
i ll not reject u..but you will reject me..and smiles and kisses her cell..which had shivaays pic in it..

boys family arrive..
his mom dad are sitting their..
adii greets them and asks for riya..
as ridima and anika both could not meet her last time..due to their collage..
actually she ll be late..
leela says are app kuch kayiye..
these samosa are made by anika..
and by the way where is are jamai..
anika heres this and says
maa ko muzje bejneki ittne jaldi vo kisiko be jamai bol re hai..
all have fun while anika stares them angrily…adii sees this..
and messges anika..
anikas cell beeps..
she says it might be shivaay..
she huridly reads it..
but its message by adii..
he smile fades..
she reads..
inko itna b math hugrooo varna tere akhen bahar agayengiii..
she stares him…

secne shifts..
are bahi anika ko toh abb bulalo..
leela ssys i ll call her..
just then she comes with ridima..
the lady says she likes her alot..
and would match her son in all ways..
leela-aree bhai anika b agayii but where is ur son..
she says he is in garden..i think stil his talk is not over..
leela-anika take samosas and u only go to garden..
to meet him..
this way u ll get time to speak freely with him so will he..
she goes to kitchen..
gets some samosas which she had hid before..
and makes coffee..and takes it ..
while going to garden towards the boy..
she remembers how she made samosas with her own hands..
by putting 5-8 teaspoons of salt and chilly..
and how she added salt in coffee instead of sugar..she smirks
and leaves the guy was standing their..
she comes to him..
his back is facing her..
she offers samosas and coffee to him and continues..
i know u came for my allinace..

but i m sorry icant marry you..but still if u want to marry me..then ladki ke sath bachha free.
as i m pregnenet..
she says i know you….(Continusly talking to him and making her character ill)just then the guy takes sip of cofee..and somehow consumes it..and then
takes plate of samosas and eats a bite ..and suddenly starts coffing and splitting..
anika tu kitni buri cook hai yar..
anika is shell shocked to know that the guyis shivaay..
anika is furious at him..
shivaay says anika sunn na yar..
a- how dare u shivaay..i mean u knew it..and u were pretending it as if u dont know anything..
did u even relise how worst was my condition thinking about this situation…
no, you wll not….
s-cups her face and says i m sorry plz dont cry..plzzz.
he kneels down..and says sorry by holding his ears..
anika ignorees him
he continues i wanted to see ur happy face when u see me as theguy..but u flopped my plan and made me have thee yakkkkkk

she starts laughing..
he says but u din say me that this was also one f ur plan..
she says it was suddenly planned by ur jhalli queen ..
he says and ur sadu dint love it..but..
both strat laughing….
just then riya comes..
and sees them laughing..and enjoying she just sneeks in without disturbing them..
all are happy seeing riya their..
adii has such big broad smile on his face..
ridima comes their and says bhai..apni smile control karo…he says ruk tu ikno jane dephir tuze me batatahun..
riya takes blessings afrom all their
leela says ye bachee kuch zayada deer nahi karre..
riya..-karnedijiye na aunty vo tu bohot zor zor se has rahe hai..
aur maza kar rahehai..
app toh rishta pakka samjo..
ridima gets shock..
and thinks how is this possible..

i cant imagine my jiju expect shivaay..
she huridly calls om..
omkara attends call and says congrats ..i know anika is well actor..
r-congrats gaya tel lene..
just now bhabhi came and said that dii and that guy are lauging looud and enjoying..
o-then what the hell are u doing..go ..go fast and chk and confirm with ur eyes..just then shivika enter and ridima opens her mouth wide …
bol na yar..
r-shivaay vo..matlab..anika..
om- are say it proper dammit..
r-she says in single breath the guy is shivaay itself..
he asks what..

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