Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( episode 3 )

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Hi guys . sorry for being late . hope u like this one too … sorry for mistakes not proof read .
Episode 3 :
After dinner in MM ragini goes to her home . every one r in hall . when ragini is about to head straight to her room .
“ ragini “ dadi calls her
“ dadimaa plz I’m tired . lets talk tomorrow “ ragini replied .
“ just come here . “ dadi in louder tone .
Ragini goes to her unwillingly . n sits opposite to her .
“ wat do u think about urself ? like wat r u doing whole day to get tired so easily . I know wat kind of degree u r doing ? “ dadi shot at her .
Ragini gets angry but she feels let it go as she is so tired right now not at all in a mood to argue . so she kept quite looking away .
“ maa …its already late night . let her sleep na “ shekhar said .
“ that’s wat my problem shekhar . its too late n she is returning home now . wat she doing in maheshwari’s home till now ? wat they think about our upbringing if our girl stays out till late night ? she always spends time with that laksh … u r girl n he is boy … wat society thinks ? “ dadi continues with her routine complaints .
“ maa laksh n ragini r best friends from childhood … he is not random guy he has grown up infront our eyes … “ shekahr said looking her .
“ there will be lot of things which we cant see with eyes shekhar . especially in matter of boys of that family . they r unpredictable . we have seen about that boy wats his name …. Haan sanskar … where is he ? he is perfect example for their upbringing … such a useless boy like him who can be ? don’t know where he is ? wat he is doing ? like criminal he hide his identity … god know wat kind of dirty things he is doing …. “ dadi continued .
Hearing all this about sanskar ragini becomes furious . she gets up at once .
“ dadi maa plz just bcoz u don’t like sanskar from beginning u cant talk all rubbish about him like this . even we don’t know anything about him n wat rights we have to bad mouth about him ? coming to matter of sanskar just bcoz he is far from family it is not compulsory that he must be spoiled guy . he is from maheshwari family . n about maheswari’s u know more than me … how much values n traditions matter to them …. Sanskar belongs to that kind of family n I’m sure even he must be aware of minimum values even though he is far from family “ ragini said angrily .
Every one r shocked to see her in this much angry . before any one could say anything she ran to her room .
Ragini stromed into her n locked door with bang . she sits on bed very angrily . n remained such for while . later she started thinking y she got this much angry .
“ wats wrong with me these days ? y am so messed up ? y should I get angry if dadi says something about sanskar ? y I supported as if I know him very well ? y I over reacted for him as if I’m not at all ready to listen anything wrong about him ? mad me seriously . I talked really rude to dadi . shit seriously she will not talk to me now … god everything bcoz of that sanskar …. Really he is not in my life still he is troubling me wat happens if he really enters . “ ragini thought .

Next day … ragini enters dadi’s room lil frightened .
“ dadi maa “ ragini calls her .
Dadi looks away . ragini goes to her .
“ dadi maa im sorry … forgive me na “ ragini pleaded holding her hands .
Dadi didn’t give her response .
“ sorry “ ragini said holding her ears with puppy face .
Atlast dadi smiles looking her . n forgives her . ragini becomes happy .
“ so shekhar said u r going to paris on trip day after tomorrow “ dadi asked .
“ haan dadi “ ragini replied excited .
“ u will be away from us for a week “ dadi said lil sad .
Ragini hugs her .
“ just a week … “ ragini said .
“ ok … but take care no naughty things over there ok …. “ dadi said .
Ragini nods with naughty smile .
“ so packing done … “ dadi asked .
“ no dadi I will do it today evening after I return from collg . ok bye I’m getting late “ ragini said n leaves .
@ evening .
After collg ragini is in her basket ball practice . suddenly 10 years old boy comes there . he stands with puppy face waiting ragini to see him . ragini notices him n comes to him .
“ didi “ the boy calls her making world’s saddest face .
“ u know wat ansh ? this kind of look wont suit on shararat master like u … victims like me should make such faces bcoz of u “ ragini said taking her bag .
“ di plz na … save me “ ansh said .
“ how many u will make me ur mausi ? not this time already ur couch got doubt on us “ raginni replied .
“ no di ….u can say like this I know u r managing queen … I know how u r managing dadi maa … all should learn from u how to fool people “ ansh said out without realizing .
Ragini gives him killer look . ansh gets scared .
“ di sorry … galthi se sach bahar aa gaya “ ansh quickly added .
“ ultimate “ ragini murmur n moves away .
“ di sorry “ ansh follows pleading her .
@ shopping mall .
Ragini looking at shampoo bottle in her hand . ansh comes with cola bottles n puts them in shopping trolley . and chewing gums also
“ yeh kya hai ? “ ragini asks looking him.
“ blasting di . u don’t know anything . u know wat we can do with this two things . “ ansh said exciting .
“ oh… do u remember last this blasting happened in my own room … “ ragini said narrowing her eyes .
Ansh bites his tongue .
“ not again …. Go n keep them back “ ragini said .
“ di “ ansh .
“ go “ ragini strictly .
Ansh takes bottles unwillingly .
“ haan one min … in exchange u can get chocolates u want “ ragini said looking his dull face .
“ ok “ ansh happily said n rushed to keep them back .
Ragini smiles looking his childishness . later ragini sees sujatha .
“ hey aunty “ ragini .
“ ragini wat r u doing here in this time ? “ sujatha asked coming to her .
“ wat o do aunty ? according to dadi I’m attending some meeting in dad’s office so that I learn something about business which I’m not at all doing . “ ragini said .
“ di is this ok ? “ ansh coming with chocolates .
“ ok drop them here “ ragini replied .
“ ansh u must in cricket coaching by now right “ sujatha asked looking him .
“ haan aunty . but again MQ helped me to get out “ ansh said quickly .
“ MQ… ???? “ sujatha surprised .
“ MQ offo managi…. “ ansh about to say but ragini quickly closes his mouth .
“ my queen … its me aunty … right na ansh “ ragini asked still closing his mouth with her hand .
Ansh nods .
“ I will seriously kill u if u call me managing queen again “ ragini said only audible to ansh .
“ wat u saying to him secretly “ sujatha asked .
Ragini n ansh nods nothing smiling .
“ so u both skipped ur duties … n y u both land in shopping mall every time ? “ sujatha asked .
“ this free AC facility we cant get on roads na aunty …instead of roaming on polluted roads its far better right “ ragini said .
“ n its only place where mom n MQ’s dadi cant find us . right na MQ “ ansh said .
“ absolutely “ ragini added .
Both gives hi-fi to each other .
“ u two naa … god know when u both will change … both r equally cunning “ sujatha said .
“ after all we r cleverest brother n sister jodi of city “ ansh said with attitude .
“ achaa “sujatha holds ansh’s ear .
Trio laughs .
Finally its big trip day . ragini got all stuff packed . driver keeping all luggage in car . while maheswari n gadodia’s r looking dull .
“ arey its just one week trip . n u all made as if I’m going for years ,,, cheer up guys “ ragini said looking all .
“ oh hello we r not sad bcoz u r leaving but we r scared wat of kind of problem u create there “ laksh said
“ o hello I didn’t ask u “ ragini shot back .
Both gets into fight again .
“ enough …..enough….. ragini u r getting late “ janki reminded .
“ take care … n as laksh said don’t trouble any one there “ janaki added .
Laksh laughs .
“ mom “ ragini in complaining tone .
“ ok sorry “ janaki said .
Ragini hugs her . later every one waves bye to her . ragini left for airport .
Ragini n her friends landed in paris . trio r excited but krithi is super excited .
“ guys I don’t know about u both but I’m super excited … “ krithi said with excitement .
“ haan haan we can see that by looking u “ riya said looking her .
“ I don’t know y but I feel something in this air … I feel at least one of us will find our soul mate here “ krithi said .
“ soulmate ? “ ragini n riya at once shocked .
“ my sense saying “ krithi said .
“ u r mad . lets go “ ragini added .
Trio takes cab n left for hotel .
All five day the girl enjoyed a lot by visiting all places ….
Scence shifts to open place which is grandly decorated …. Clearly its engagement of some one . ragini , krithi n riya comes there in traditional attires . ragini is beautifully dressed up in light pink lehenga with open hair . she looks damn gorgeous . but krithi seems damn upset .
“ wat the hell riya ? we r in paris to enjoy not to attend all this things in this kind of attires ? I look really weird “ krith said .
“ shut up krithi she is my old school friend . even I didn’t expected I will meet her . when she is getting engaged n requested me to come how can I resist her yaar ? anyways just one hour matter … n u look like a girl for first time “ riya said .
“ but…? “ krithi about to say something .
“ krithi its ok . leave it … “ ragini said .
They hear clapping as couple exchanged rings . ragini looks at them .
“ wats bride name ? “ ragini asked riya .
“ gia “ riya replied .
ragini looks at bridegroom .
“ wats his name ??? “ ragini asked .
“ I don’t know correctly … his name starts with S … “ riya said .
“ S ….. “ ragini thinks .
“ y dude ? he looks hot na “ krithi asked .
“ no … he looks familiar “ ragini replied looking him .
Later ragini ignores . one guest gives mike to gia n ask her to share her love experiences . gia shyly takes mike .
“oh well how should I say now ? “ gia said shyly .
“ dude y she blushing . I think she have only one option she can say only with mouth right . . y she confused ? “ krithi said .
Ragini n riya gives her killer look .
“ this is y we don’t call u a girl “ ragini shot at her .
“ first I thought we r just friends but I don’t know that destiny has chosen him as my life partner already . many times life confuses us especially in choosing life partners . no matter with how much clarity we try to sort out things but we get confused somewhere . even I got confused between my crush n true love . thank god finally I have chosen true love … “ gia said .
“ how do she know that he is her true love ? “ ragini murmurs .
“ even I don’t know wat made me to chose him …. But I just can say we can clearly recognize our love in first sight only . when he comes closer my heart beats faster …. Everything pauses for a while just I can see him only …. Nothing else ….surrounding becomes romantic so suddenly we can even hear light music in back ground too … really guys Only true love vibes can create such magic in air …. “ gia said .
Ragini gets surprised hearing her . later every one r eating food . but ragini comes aside … ragini still thinking about her words .
“ wat she said ? magic … hmm … chalo ek try mar lethi hu “ ragini said to herself .
She closes her eyes tries to see Nikhil image in her mind . bu she felt no signs . she opens her .
“ its not happening to me .. that mean Nikhil is not my true love … no no… if she says I should believe or wat ? come on ragini Nikhil has been my love interest from 8th standard … wat ever she said happens in movie only “ ragini made self talk .
Ragini about to leave . but her dupatta gets struck with chair there . she tries to take her dupatta . but suddenly she feels strange … air blows so cool . ragini rubs her arms feeling chill .suddenly her heart beats faster . she looks around . she finds one guy at table lil far from her drinking wine . she looks at him . she cant see him properly as it is dark . n the guy is busy in having drink . he can see someone girl standing but cant see her face bcoz of his dizziness . suddenly cracker brunt light sky … ragini looks up at beautiful lighting … guy looks up n then at ragini …. He gets lost seeing her angelic face in those lighting . he rubs his eyes to see her properly n when he opened his eyes ragini already went . he thought it was just his imagination no one is there . he again get busy in serving drink for him .
“ sanskar wats all this ? “ gia stormed in shouting .
“ r u blind cant u see wat I’m doing ms. Gia oh…sorry mrs. Future sam Mehta “ sanskar said having his drink .
“ sanskar enough … y u came here ? u know right wats going on here ? “ gia asked .
“ ya I know … that’s y im here to celebrate ur dhooka “ sanskar replied .
“ stop it sanskar …. Its my papa wish to see me get married to sam n I cant say break his heart “ gia said
“ oh hello madam even I have heart …. “ sanskar said placing his hand on his right chest completely under alcohol influence .
“ sanskar heart will be in this side “ gia said placing his on left side .
Sanskar looks at his hand .
“ u don’t have to tell I know very well where my heart is … u girls know very well about hearts that’s y u break them so easily “ sanskar replied .
“ shut up sanskar … I know how u r n wats ur take on love ? u were never serious about love … I even know u don’t love me …. So stop this heart break drama “ gia said .
Ragini comes there both gia n sanskar didn’t notice
“ whatever u broke my heart …. Accept it … when u know I’m not serious about love then y u used me as ur credit card …. Wat do u think about me ? I’m not as funny as I look .. I can even be dangerous … how much invested on u … how many shopping bags I carried like coolie … even I never shopped that much throughout my which I have done for u … finally u r saying gud bye to me … for that crooked guy … have u seen his face properly ?eww…… “ sanskar makes weird face .
“ stop nonsense ok … u cant talk like that about him … he is my would be husband “ gia said .
“ then who am I now ???? ur bhai “ sanskar asked .
Gia laughs .
“ u r laughing behenji …. Wah …. dont know wat kind of creatures exists on this world ? “ sanskar said .
“ y u came here ? “ gia asked .
“ wat do u except from me … ? u will broke my heart n I must empty my wallet sitting in bar … even that expense too I should bear right … no … “ sanskar said having drink .
“ so u came here to drink that’s all … not to do tamasha “ gia asked .
“ genius … “ sanskar said sarcastically n gets up .
He is about to fall gia holds him .
“ now don’t do this much favor for me behenji … “ sanskar said taking off her hands .
Sanskar moves ahead n turns back again …
“ incase by mistake if I get married in future n blessed with girl child I will surely name her Gia “ sanskar said .
“ that’s so sweet …. U can see me in her na “ gia replied .
“ nahin … I don’t need to spend much on her shopping like u looted me … she will loot some one … finally marry the guy whom I chose like u r doing … “ sanskar said .
“ that will not happen ? u n marriage impossible I think “ gia replied .
“ shut up ok … don’t hurt my ego or else I will marry some one right here “ sanskar said .
“ go home now “ gia said .
“ u don’t need to tell me ? u go to ur crooked guy “ sanskar said .
He starts leaving …
“hmmm interesting “ ragini thinks .
ragini follows him … as she heard all convo . sanskar comes out . he is walking on isolated street … ragini coming behind him without his notice .
sanskar is completely under influence of drink . he walking trying not to loose his balance .

“ Kho gaya, gum ho gaya

Waqt se churaya tha jo

Apna banaya tha..

Ho tera, woh mera

Saath nibhaaya tha jo

Apna banaya tha..
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni

Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni

Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni ” sanskar starts singing lines while walking .
Whereas ragini closes her ears tightly with her both hands unable to hear his voice .
“ gosh … is he singing or trying to kill people by his dirty singing ? wat days have come in my life I have hear all this or wat ? ” ragini made self talk closing her ears .
Suddenly she opens her eyes n gets shocked to see no one infront of her . she looks around n looks down finds sanskar fallen on ground . she goes him .
“ oh hello mister “ ragini calls shaking his arm .
Sanskar not at all in senses .
“ excuse me … oh hello ” ragini calls pating on his cheek .
“ yes whose on line ? ” sanskar asked opening his eyes .
“ wats ur name ? ” ragini asked .
“ do I have any name ? ” sanskar asked holding his head .
Ragini rolls her eyes .
“ no use … he completely not in senses ” ragini thinks .
“ wat should I do now ? should I leave him like this n go ?ragini wt u thinking ? how can u leave someone on road that too he is heart broken … I think I must help him “ ragini thinks .
“ excuse me can u tell me ur address ? ” ragini asks .
Sanskar didn’t give any response . she searches his jacket pocket n finds his plat keys … she sees apt name n door no on key chain . she helps sanskar in getting up . sanskar thrown across on ragini shoulders . ragini feels it difficult n uncomfortable to walk like this …but she tries her best .
Sanskar tries to look her but his vision is blurred .
“ this is wat ur parents taught u ? get drunk n fall on roads ” ragini asked in complaining tone .
“ I’m gud boy cutie … all this bcoz of gia … u know wat she broke my lil heart … ” sanskar replied .
“ shut up … don’t blame her … its ur mistake to get drunk like this … ”ragini shot back .
“ u r soo gud … helping me … not like gia wats ur name ? ”sanskar asked .
“ none of ur business …I’m no interested in telling details to drunkards like u ” ragini replied .
“ but u r interested in helping them … ” sanskar shot back .
“ shut ur mouth orelse I will drop u here itself ” ragini replied .
Finally they reach his flat . ragini makes him stand against wall as she opening door . later she takes him inside n she is about to make him lie on bed in process sanskar pulls her too … she too falls on him . sanskar looks at her … her hair strands falls on her face .. sanskar clears them . ragini looks on . she quickly takes off his hand n gets up . she looks around .
“ its like he stays alone ” ragini thinks .
She covers him with blanket n sits on bean bag near bed .
“ hmmm … wat the hell I’m doing ? who r u idiot ? ” ragini thinks with hand under her chin .
Ragini yawns … but tries to stay awake . whereas sanskar already fell asleep .
Episode ends .

Precap : # tum ho kaun ????????

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