Love is the sweetest poison ever chp 11

Nandini: how did u know m there in the bar?
Manik: I was coming to ur house but then I saw u going with Navya, then I followed u to where u were going and then u got fully drunk and took u home.

Nandini: it was fun to be drunk.
Manik: next time I will join u too.

Just then Harshad comes and scolds her.
Harshad: hey u, stop romancing, when u were supposed to come and perform on stage I doubt u must be busy in romancing and doing God-knows-what stuff.
Manik defends her: hey hallo loser, stop interfering in personal lives, u should think on how to grow your teeth, teethless loser.

Nandini laughs and Harshad goes angrily.

Mukti was going through the corridor when she collides with a boy who finds her attractive.
Boy: u r beautiful
Mukti nods her head in disbelief and goes.
The boy’s name is Abhimanyu, he watches her go and smiles to himself.

Cabir and Navya were sitting together looking around at all the couples.
Cabir: don’t u think we both should also have someone in our lives?
Navya: yes
Cabir: let’s become bf gf for 40 days.
Navya agrees. They shake hands and smile.

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