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Shot 2; Part 1:

“ Better luck for your future in DPM industries….” Sanskar said from back.
Ragini stood still as she heard his words and then turned , “ I have got this job?” She asked in utmost shock. Sanskar smiled and nodded in a “Yes” indicating towards his still raised hands.
Ragini looked at it and raised her hands to shake hands with him , as she held his hand , something strange led its way from his hand to her heart. A spark rose her body and she raised her eyelashes to look at him.
“ You can join in from tomorrow…” Sanskar said pulling Ragini out of her trance. She left his hand in a hurry and walked out of a room speaking a Thank you.
“ What am I doing ? He’s married…” She thought to herself confused as she walked out.
“ Did you get the job?” Nikhil beamed as he spotted her walking totally lost. Ragini nodded in a “ Yes” and moved past him.

Nikhil grasped her hand and turned her , “ What? My Party….” he said in an angry tone.
Ragini looked at him and smiled , “ Party? Where’s my party? You got job much before me…..”
“ Haww…..thats wrong…..” Nikhil said like a child.
“ My party and then your party….” Ragini said as she freed her hand and started moving towards the door.
“ Please give this to Sanskar sir….” A girl came towards Ragini from the door giving her a Tiffin box. Before Ragini could clarify anything the girl ran out of the office in a hurry. Ragini looked towards the tiffin and turned back , “ Am I here to be a servant………what the…..” She thought as she walked back to Sanskar’s cabin.
“ May I come in sir?” Ragini asked knocking the door. Sanskar looked towards her and nodded.
“ You? Back?” He asked looking at her.

“ Sir , someone gave this to me and told me to give it to you…” Ragini said handing him the tiffin while Sanskar looked towards the tiffin remembering the morning incident.
“ Ok , thanks…” He said as he started opening the tiffin while Ragini started moving out.
As soon as Sanskar opened the tiffin , he saw a piece of paper in it , “ ….I love you..” was written with a blue colour. He picked it up as a smile came up his face.
Another piece of paper followed with “ ……I love you…..” Written in Yellow. Many more pieces followed with different colours while Sanskar’s smile continued to grow larger with each one, as he neared the end , he had almost a think pile of papers in his hands while the last one contained , “………I love you……………..Yours Swara………” In red. He picked up his phone instantly as he ended with the papers and called Swara.
“ Hello Swara……You are here in my office……..Right??” He asked with a smile.

Ragini who was outside the door stopped as she heard his voice.
“ No Sanskar…I am in my office..” Swara replied with a smile as she realized that he had got her sweet gift.
“ Don’t lie…….I know you are here…..” Sanskar still asked smiling.
“ In your heart na…..” Swara again replied smiling.
“ Swara , don’t irritate me……” Sanskar said still trying to smile.
“ Sanskar , You know I have my office , why would I be there…….I am in my office…….acha tell me did you like my gift….???” Swara asked now herself confused.
Sanskar lost his patience and shouted over the phone , “ Alright , you have time to right this nonsense on Paper but you don’t have time to visit me……..” Swara was shocked as she realized that Sanskar actually thought she was around.
“ Sanskar , I just thought to make you smile , I………………” Swara was speaking but before she could complete Sanskar had thrown his phone down angrily.
Swara looked towards her phone while a drop of tear escaped her till now twinkling eyes. What she thought and what had happened were completely opposite.

Ragini who heard the conversation of Sanskar’s side thought something.
“ If they are not happy together then what would be my fault if I come between them? Maybe it would be a help to let them both out of this unwanted relationship… One sided love can never work……” Ragini said to herself as she smiled with some plans in her mind.
She walked out from there with a smirk on her face as she left the office.
Sanskar looked at the pieces of paper in his hand and held them close to his heart as drops of tears started felling down his eyelids.
He sat on his office’s floor and looked towards the pieces while Swara stared at Sanskar’s frame kept on her work desk.

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  1. Simin

    Sanskar what was that
    She loves u why are u shouting on her

  2. Vyshu10

    superb….don’t separate swasan plz

  3. Soujanya


  4. don’t make rag villain plzz make it ragsan next part soon

  5. Arshaanya

    Oh sanskar dere was nothing to shout on swara… n dis ragini ???? stay away from swasan… loved d chappy

  6. Plz dont make rag as villan plzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  7. Jazzy

    omg ragini looks scary now

  8. Superb awesome continue

  9. LovelyAliya

    I’m not swasan fan but I think here you should not separate them! they are married and in love! Please don’t make Ragini bad, I’m fed up to see her vilain 🙂 rest is up to you 🙂

  10. Awesome nd plzz dont separate swasan….

  11. Awesome dear

  12. A.xx

    aww feel bad for them but why r u making rags evil.xx

  13. Akshata

    awesome, dont separate swasan, swara loved him and they are married. i am not swasan fan but still feeling bad for swara. pls dont make ragini negative.

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