a love story…… twinj episode 5

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Hello guys I am soooooooooo sorryyyyyy I know mein 2 months toh late hongi hi maybe well yaar pta nhi I was busy first with my exams and hen my computer was not working and then now days my unit tests have again started and am also busy with reading and commenting for the previus ffs and os which I have left naaa…. 😀
Well am here back with my ff for you all on requests of many I am sooooo sorry….
Soo first a quick recap that till now what happened in my story sooo suys my stry started wid kunj called twinkle in d restraunt for the so called date n uvraj comes there n gives money to d manager n photographer n the scene gets created…..now kunj was angry he beat uv and they had a beat pe boty moment now it was enough for twinkle she stopped them and said to kunj that uv was winning he was sad and said now its all over he tried to tell her the truth and make her understand and now he was fedup…..they both were sad kunj drove from there and went to a bar there he got drunk and it was tie for the bar to get closed then he drove in drunken position a truck was approaching kunj and then he faced the accident here twikle comes to know uvs truth she tries calling kunj but he didn’t picked up the phone the people passing by sees this and calls the ambulance on person calls the first number which was of twinkle she is called she drives fast they both reminces there moments spent together she reach the hospital and sees kunjj is in OPT she cries and when kunj is unconscious then doctor asks twinkle to come in his cabin and talk with him first she doesn’t let docor speak but then she comes to know kunj have lost his memory and is 6 years back the morning of accident and remembers that he is on his honeymoon… ♥♥♥♥♥then she runs to kunjs room and stops him to see his face in the mirror as he was going to washroom she makes him drink milk he gets unconcious his surgery is done and now our hero our heartthrob sid is there then they go back to house on the way twinkle thinks about the flashback how she came to about uv and kunj is sleeping all this while suddenly kunj wakes up and kisses on twinkles cheek they shared eyelock twinkle came back to her senses in the real world now twinkle thinks what should she do she was uilty and careses kunjs hair……. ♥♥♥
Precap twinj reach twinkles room silently and kunj holds twinkle nd they fall on bed and then………leela sees twinkles car and thinks is she home and is going towards twinj room…..
Sooo now guys the story begins
twinj enters taneja mansion and kunj was about to scream leela maa when twinkle kept her hand on his mouth and took him to her room forcefully kunj was protesting but she just told him to shut his mouth through her eyes kunj was lovingly staring her when she reached her room and locked the door…
there leela heard her name and went out from there to see who is there she saw twinkles car she thinks twinkle came and was going towards her room but thinks to go and have water first….
Here in twinkle’s room
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Aaja ve sajna.. Aa..
Aaja ve sajna
Rooh mein shamil tujhe karlun
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Aaja ve sajna
Rooh mein shamil tujhe karloon
Jhindadi mitake rab se
Main haasil tujhe karlun

Twinkle removes her hand from kunj but kunj holds twinkle and doesn’t let out twinkle kunj please leave me noo twinkle ,kunj someone will come… soo let them come sweetheart we are legally married you know….
Ishq ke noor ko
aankhon Mein aa bharloon
Tere liye main jag chad dun
Ban jogan main nach lun
Ban jogan main nach lun
Ishq da rang rang lun
Ban jogan main nach lun
Ban jogan main nach lun
Haayo rabba kuch na jachda
Ishq hoya mainu lagda
He kisses twinkle on her right cheek and twinkle closes her eyes and is enjoying his touch then he kisses he other cheek and then is proceeding towards he neck he kisses and sucks there twinkle is not protesting now finally kunj was proceeding towards her lips but he notices a tear escapes from her eyes..
Haayo rabba kuch na jachda
Ishq hoya mainu lagda
Gallan dil di sunaun
Chain ek pal na paun
Koshishen chahein lakh karlun
Ban jogan main nacha loon
Ban jogan main nacha loon
Ishq da rang rang loon
Ban jogan main nacha loon
Ban jogan main nacha loon
Ishq da rang rang loon
Ishq dooja, naam rab daa
Nain karte, isko sajda sajda

kunj stops and holds twinkles face and says twinkle why are you crying dear did I do something wrong…you no naa I cant see tears in your eyes I feel that somebody have stabbed my heart… never kunj nevr ever speak again like this and she keeps her pretty fingers on his lips…. no kunj its nothing like that its just that I was enjoying your touch you know and was happy to see you smile after long and se smiles…kunj clears her tears and was smiling and then suddenly smirks and says soo twinkle you enjoy my touch ♥♥ her eyes widen suddenly and she starts stammering as kunj was coming close to her wo….vo…vo haan kunj mein khe rhi thi that you need rest sooo please sleep haan I will come voh she starts going when kunj held her back and they both fall on the bed and hug eachother tightly as if now it was enough for twinkle she didn’t wanted to loose her kunj again… 😀 she was again having tears thinking how she spent these six years without he life she was living but without her soul her body was there but she was lifeless , souless or say love less ♥♥♥♥♥
A romantic tune was playing in the bg all this while…. 😀
Twinkle hears a knock on her door now she thinks oohh shit babaji now what will I say to leela maa margyi siyappa queen tu toh ab……..
Siyappa queen kya hua why are you tensed kunj asks her she says nothing kunj its just that vo..vo….kya vo vo laga rakhi hai said kunj vo kunj maa yeah maa is here she saw us like this soo what will she think naa soo please get up and change and then sleep ohk dear now go…..
Here leela is knocking twinkle puttar puttar kya kar rhi hai beta……
Twinkle opens the door haan maa twinkle kya hua beta why are you sweating kuch nhi maa voh bas garmi lag rhi thi naa isliye but beta ac toh on hai maa kuch nhi hua hai aap so jao late hogya hai mein aapse kal baat karti hun naa nhi beta but I want to talk to you right now I want to know where were you since these three days maa mein batati hun naa I was in masoori…..masoori but why I mean maa I will tell you ohk kal I am very sleepy please let me sleep naa acha beta good night and haan take care ohk ohk maa love you good night…. 😀
Here she closes the door and kunj enters the room and they both lie down n he bed and sleep together peacefully after long time for twinkle it was like she was feeling safe again and peace again after long……they both slept….
Now its midnight and someone is seen walking out of twinkles room and walking towards leelas room its looking like he or she I asleep and is walking in neend baba neend……..

Precap: someone is walking to leelas room and his shadow is shown…….
😀 love u all lods please comment haan vaise hi itne dino baad I have posted it….naaa sooo please……. ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Awesome….and heart touching plzzz try to post nxt asap

    1. Baby

      thanks anyaali glad u liked it…♥

  2. Sameera

    Awww ab post kiya u know how much I was missing ur ff yaar hayeeeeeeee just loved kunj and his siyappa queen soo much ?????
    Well baby epi was amazing awesome yaar loved each n every scene ..
    Omg precap seems scary ????
    Do cont soon if possible plshh
    Ba byee love u soooo much

    1. Baby

      awww..thnaks soooo mch sam di glad u lykd it n even cmntd thnks sooo mch n yeah i no m hell late glad u enjoyed it well will surely post nxt soon……♥♥♥ love u 2 3 4 5 6 infinity…..♥

  3. Sohi

    Finally you have posted i had also forgot the story but now I remembered plz post regularly and one question is he or she walking in sleep looking forward

  4. Sohi

    Finally you have posted i had also forgot the story but now I remembered plz post regularly and one question is he or she walking in sleep looking forward for next episode

    1. Baby

      thanks glad u lykd it well will post nxt soon n woh i thnk better ho mayb agar suspense mein hi rhe hehe 😀 ♥♥u ll cum 2 know it soon dear..

    2. Baby

      thanks glad u lykd it well will post nxt soon n woh i thnk better ho mayb agar suspense mein hi rhe hehe 😀 ♥♥u ll cum 2 know it soon dear…♥

  5. Supriya18d

    Missed u Baby….pls post daily…and epi was awsm

    1. Baby

      awww….i didnt knew ki meri ff ke silent readers bhi the thank u soooo much….
      will post soon thanks ………♥♥♥ for supporting keep smiling and keep commenting…♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Joonakanksha

    Awesome dear

    1. Baby

      hey junnu srsl missing u sooo mch glad u lykd it n sbse bdi baat ki u cmntd 😀
      love u lods ♥♥♥♥♥n m missing u ♥♥♥♥♥a lot alot……love u ♥ 😀

      1. Joonakanksha

        I miss all of u….bt i alwayz read the ff…
        Love u 2 dear

  7. Ayu

    Finally!!! I was waiting for it!!! N as we say…back with a bang!!! Loved it yaar!!!! Do cont soon. Loads of love?

    1. Baby

      awww……… 😀 thanks soo much ayu dear ♥♥
      n m glad dat u loved it… ♥♥♥♥
      love u too dear…..

  8. SidMin23

    It beautiful and precap seen scary and post soon can’t wait to read more of this ff.

    1. Baby

      thnaks sooo much sidmin yeah will post soon
      glad u liked it..♥♥♥

  9. Hi I m silent reader. I m thinking ki when u post ur ff and finally u posted….wow epi was awesome and precep seems to Scarry ……pls post next epi soon coz I m waiting …soon tc,, love u and bye……..our cuteiiiii baby g……..m

    1. Baby

      awww……aaaaaaahahaha woooohhooo
      yr m soo happy to c dat silent readers commenting n also were w8ing for my ff thanks soooo much glad u lykd it well will post soon ho ska toh aaj hi 😀
      love u lods ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Hey baby glad to see u back missed u .
    Episode was amazing awesome don’t know wt happens next
    Please asap dear

    1. Baby

      hey ramya thanku soooooo much
      glad ulykd it♥♥
      luv u lods ♥♥♥♥♥ 😀
      ☻☻☻☻yeah will post asap dear luv u …

  11. Simiyy

    Baby finally you posted
    I loved it
    Post soon

    1. Baby

      hey simmy thanks sooo much glad u lykd it
      well yeah ll post soon n
      if u dont mind can i know ur age?
      love u lods♥♥♥

      1. Simiyy

        Baby I am 16
        What about you ?

    2. Baby

      hey same here m also 16♥♥

  12. Hey baby,
    After so long, u finally posted ur ff yaar.Itna intazaar kiya uski toh baat he maat karo.Awesome plus amazing epi.Luved the twinj moments aur sajna ve song too gud yaar.kya baat.Aab jayda dher maat karna.Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

    1. Baby

      hey twinj thanks soooooo much glad u lykd it
      haan w8 bhot kradiya mene sooo sorry
      will post nxt asap n thanks agn for commenting keep commenting keep smiling♥♥♥♥♥
      love u lods 😀

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

    1. Baby

      hey thanks sooo much purnima glad u lykd it…♥♥

  14. Chiku

    Waoooohhh it’s awesome ????loved it.
    Lovely. Thanks for posting it dear
    Love u ?
    Post soon

    1. Baby

      hey chiku darlinggggg………….♥♥
      hahaa agn dese monkeys haan
      i guess u love dem very much haina 😀
      well thanks yeah i finally posted n will post nxt soon thanku♥♥♥
      love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Hayeeee mera Baby u posted ur ff dhanya ho aap…. thank u so much yarrr…. I was missing it very very very much bcz its remind me my Twinj, their momnts n Tei…..

    Well epi was awesome fabulous n cute…. n sajna ve song hayee main vari javan it was too cute yarrr…. their emotions n happiness was too good…. loved kunjs romantic avtar….. ab main samjhi tu mujhse mere ff mein jyada romance ki demand kyu kar rahi thi….. hawww tu to badi besharm nikli choti hai par romance ke liye nahi…hai na? but I love ur besharmi…. chal tere liye mera next epi romantic hoga….

    Waise this is not fair mujhse long epi ki demand aur khud chotu sa… very bad… par koi nahi exams hain so maaf kiya…

    Well post next epi as soon as posible… abki der mat kariyo… samjhi?

    Ba bye tc n keep smiling
    Best of for ur unit tests…
    Look long cmnt like my ff epi hai na?

    ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥Love uuuuuu♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥


    1. Baby

      ohhhhhhhh god thanku sooooo much neha di welllllll…..
      ummm …hahaa u know m nt atall gud at romance yeh toh i read it here on odr ffs n just u tried n made it up or kuch bhi nhi hai n den fir di aappkkaaa itna cute cmnt awwww…luv u soooo much neha di u r fabulous♥♥♥
      n thanks maaf krne keliye kyaa krun uff yeh uts naa……
      hahahaaa besharami uff meri besharmi nhi nhi yr mein kahan besharam hahaaa
      di glad u lykd it n mein aapko tei ki yaad dilati rhungi….thanku love lods u♥♥♥♥
      n thanks for wishing me luck i needed it…♥♥♥♥
      yeah will post soon.. 😀

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    I missed you so much yaar… I m really really happy that ur back… I loved the epi… it was so cute…

    love you

    1. Baby

      thanks tammy
      glad u loved it
      n yeah now i ll post soon pakka… 😀
      love u lods♥♥♥

  17. Adya

    Hey di….pahle to welcome back nd secondly sooo sry for the late comment….it was lovely..
    Missed u soo much..
    Well glad u r back…nd hnn thnku for ur precious comment…
    It means a lot…

    A ques …..are u really a baby …cute si baby….tell me…surely okaayyyyy !!!!!!!!
    Well post soonest…
    Love u…

    1. Baby

      well hahaaa aww…dear adya merko di puchke mujhse yeh puchna ki mein really mein ek cute si baby hun ki nhi was really very cute n cool haan awww……darling well m 16 n u are?
      acha vaise ek baat punchun yeh question aaya kaise in ur brain haan…hhee 😀
      well thanks sis glad u lyk it i was wrid ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love u lods n lods n lods n lods♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Adya

        Well I’m 15… So no worry calling u di..
        Actually even I have my unit tests now…till Tuesday…that idiot school..huh…terrific…
        Well pata Ni ye ques dimag me kaise Aya…bs aa Gya Aur maine Puch Liya …u know …hehehe …… Cute si baby di… ???
        Love u tooo ???

    2. Baby

      aww soo sweet luv u yr♥♥

  18. Yaayy finally you’re back with ur ff.. missed it soo muchh??.. the epi was amazing as always.. loved kunj n his siyappa queen??.. and very sorry for the late comment.. do cont soon ??

    1. Baby

      ohh dear sidvee no ways u were nt at all late dear all was my fault
      its k n thnku sooooo mch for dis cute sa cmnt♥♥♥love u…

  19. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Aye haye baby..
    Post kr diya.
    Gud..very gud…
    Ab episode k baare mein kya bataun…
    Ek dum dhasu…dhinchak…mast..amazing…fabulous..

    1. Baby

      ohhhooo babaji
      DQ put a full stop dude hehee are thnku soooo much dear ♥
      glad u lykd it 😀 ♥

  20. Paavu

    Dekha bola tha na meri damu jaan matt dar tu ………..
    all ll like tu hai hi itni shweetu ki tera sab kuch shweetu hai tujhe pata hi hai I missedu kitna zyada these days and ur ff uski toh means itne dino baad chal post kia na
    dialogues……… .
    Awesome feel and romance was awesone der live and ya precap
    Whhooooooo GUMNAAM HAI KOI KAUN HAI LAGTA HAI KI TERA HOTTIE I mean hunara hottie gaina u always leave me speechless chal ab jahan bji hai jst cme I missss u love u yrrrr

    1. Baby

      ji haaannn meri ishu jaan thanks for d sweet cmnt awww…..luv u soooooo mch yr
      yeah dear u r crct hottiiee hi hai♥♥
      thanks sooooo much glad u lykd it yr
      shi kaha tha mat dar le tere liye specially tha 😀
      muaaahhhhhhh love u sis….. alot♥♥♥

  21. SidMin

    Finally you posted I was waiting for this ff since long 🙂 Loved it and Twinj secrete Romance was too good 🙂
    Loved it 🙂
    Love you 🙂 post soon 🙂

    1. Baby

      hey shruti thanks sooooooo much
      luv u 2 dear ♥♥♥♥♥
      yeah will post soon:D ☻☻☻

  22. karthikaJasmin

    Aah… After a loooooong….gap..u.poosted…
    Tnx BABY…
    Lvd ittitt…
    ??Post SOOOoOOnn…..

    1. Baby

      hey thanks alot glad u loved it…♥♥
      yeah will post soon☻☻

  23. Jisha

    Missed you baby… happy you are back… twinj was a bliss to read… loved it…,loved kunj…

    1. Baby

      thanks di☻♥

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