Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 2

The episode starts with Parveen shouting and informing Roshni and Aman, that Roshni is not Ayaana. Both Aman and Roshni are shocked to hear the same from Parveen. Aman asks her, “What are saying Ammi???” Parveen replies, “The truth, that Roshni is NOT AYAANA”, she continues with Roshni “You need to leave the JUNAID MAHAL, right now!!!”, Roshni is shocked and asks, “But Ammi???” Parveen catches Roshni’s hand tightly and tries to pull her towards the exit, when she feels a pull backwards, she looks back to see Aman holding her hand and stopping her, she is surprised and asks Aman, “Aman, what are you doing, she needs to leave this house right now!!!” Aman continues, “SHE IS MY WIFE, AMMI and also THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this house, she is MRS. ROSHNI AMAN KHAN, so she has as much rights to stay in the house as we all do” Both Roshni and Parveen are in for a shock, Roshni keeps looking into Aman’s eyes. Parveen asks him, “Aman have you lost your mind??? Is this woman more important for you than your AMMI’S WORDS” Aman is saddened at those words from Parveen, he holds down his breath, closes his eyes, looks down and finally looking straight into Parveen’s eyes and says, “I’m only doing my DUTY as a HUSBAND.” Parveen eyes widen up big and tears roll down from them staring at Aman, while a slight smile brightens up Roshni’s face as she hears those words from Aman. Parveen continues, “Okay, fine, if you are doing your DUTIES as a HUSBAND, then I too as a MOTHER have to save my SON’S LIFE, and I know that she is not AYAANA.” Aman questions her back, “How can you say that Ammi???” Parveen shouts back, “AMAN DO YOU REMEMBER, SHE WAS THE SAME WOMAN WHO TRIED TO SEPARATE A MAN FROM HIS FAMILY FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY????” Roshni is shocked and confused, she is not able to understand the meaning behind Parveen’s words. Aman continues “Ammi, now why are you bringing in all that???” Parveen continues frustratedly, “Because at that time she was fooling that man and now she is fooling you and our family for MONEY, because after all she is a COURTESAN’S DAUGHTER” Roshni interrupts, “But Ammi, I never tried to fool anyone!!!” Parveen asks her angrily, “Then why were you marrying an already married man????” Roshni eyes widen in shock, she reminisces her marriage rituals with Sameer and how she felt uncomfortable with him every time, she realises that she was used as a PAWN by her mother for MONEY. Roshni is about to defend herself in front Parveen, when the latter signs her not to open her mouth. Parveen continues with Aman, “In the same way she is fooling all of us Aman because it was not her but Adaa who saved your life!!!!” Aman frowns in shock because he remembers well, how Roshni had saved him from the jinn soldiers. Parveen says, “When Adaa called, I unknowingly told her about your condition, and also blurted out that only if Ayaana risks her life, YOU WILL BE SAVED, so ADAA risked her own life and saved YOU, AMAN!!!!” Both Aman and Roshni look on in SHOCK.

Parveen says to Aman, “And I have decided that this COURTESAN will no be in your LIFE neither as your WIFE, nor as THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this family, you shall give her TALAQ!!!” A chill pass through Aman’s spine and even unknown to him, two drops of tears roll down from his eyes. While Roshni falls down in shock. Parveen says “So she shall leave right now from this house.” Parveen pulls Roshni up and starts dragging her to the exit. Roshni catches Aman’s hand, while he stands motionless still in shock over Parveen’s words.” Slowly Parveen overpowers Roshni and pulls her strongly, such that Roshni’s hand detaches from Aman’s. As soon Roshni leaves Aman’s hands, he realises the situation around and tries to run behind Parveen and Roshni, but then he starts feeling weak, and stumbles down. Baazigar flies towards him and rubs his face on Aman’s, Aman gets reminded of his FIRST MEETING with Roshni, and in his heart something tells him that he does not want Roshni to go AWAY FROM HIM. He slowly strengthens himself and runs behind Roshni and Parveen.

Downstairs, Parveen is about to throw Roshni out of the house saying, “A COURTESAN like you is a SHAME to be called the DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this house”, when Aman, shouts, “Ammi, STOP!!!!” Dadi, Baby, Sarah, Saima and Chotu too come there. Dadi interferes and tells Aman, “Aman, let ROSHNI GO!!!”  All are shocked to listen to Dadi’s decision. Aman comes near her and asks her, “Dadi, what are you saying???” Dadi continues, “Whatever you have heard Aman, Saima will be married off soon, and I don’t want anyone in this society accuse ROSHNI for being a COURTESAN in this house.” Aman and Roshni stare at her agape, Dadi continues, “So before Saima’s nikah, there will be AMAN AND ROSHNI NIKAH with full rituals and pomp all over LUCKNOW, first there will IMAM ZAMIN, then MANGNI, MANJHA, MEHENDI, SANCHAQ AND THEN NIKAAH, such that the whole Lucknow comes to know, Roshni is not a COURTESAN anymore, but AMAN’S WIFE, ROSHNI AMAN KHAN” All are shocked to hear that.


To be continued

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