Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 13

Guys, It was definitely a long break from my last episode, and as I usually continue with relevance to the original series, it was quite difficult for me to create this episode as in the original series certain things have ben revealed like Tabeezi is Junaid’s second wife, Sifrati Jinn has turned into a human and Aman will fall in LOVE with Roshni after her death. These things will also be added in my ff. But let me inform you guys, in my ff, Aman falling in love causing her DEATH, is not going to be same as the original series, while it will have certain intimate scenes of ROSHAN. I had received earlier the feedback that in my 4th episode which had a bathroom scene of ROSHAN with them naked had made readers uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the way I have to go forward with my plot I have to introduce the intimacy of Roshan a bit later, hope it won’t be too discomforting for my readers, and if you want speak out something please feel free to share them in the comments.


The episode starts with tears falling from Aman’s eyes after listening to Tabeezi’s revelation. He falls on his knees. Tabeezi continues, “Yes Aman, Roshni is an AYAANA, a GIRL BORN WITH A ANGEL’S HEART, and naturally having ANGELIC POWERS, ANGELS are ALLAH’S KIN, Aman, they have the power to ward off any darkness from this world, and so Roshni’s heart is JINN’S GREATEST HOPE TO REMOVE THE CURSE BEFALLEN ON HIM!!!” Aman looks sadly at Tabeezi, “So that means????” Tabeezi understands his query and nods sadly, “Yes, Jinn will try to take out Roshni’s HEART!!!!” Aman gets furious, he turns into a DEMI-JINN, and bangs the floor hard with his fists, the floor cracks and everyone falls down, Aman roars in anger and soon the glass on the photo frames break with his uproar. Tabeezi gets up, takes out a black tabeez from her pocket and rushes towards Aman and places it in his palm saying, “Aman, listen to me, it will not be EASY for Sifrati Jinn to take out Roshni’s heart, for an AYAANA’S HEART can be possessed only by a BEING to whom she has CONNECTED her heart with!!!” Aman pushes her, Tabeezi falls away but shouts out, “And right now, Roshni has connected her HEART with yours AMAN!!!!” Aman calms down and while becoming into his human self again.  All breathe a sigh of relief, Parveen runs to him in concern and asks, “Aman are you alright???” While Aman ignores her turns towards Tabeezi and asks, “What did YOU JUST SAY???” Tabeezi smiles and continues, “What you heard, Aman, Roshni’s HEART is connected to yours and that is why you could sense every voice, pain and emotion coming from deep within her HEART!!! So right now, you are the only who can save her from Jinn’s captivity!!!” Parveen interrupts while shouting, “Just shut up, Rubina, Jinn is already behind my Aman, and now you are sending him directly to his TRAP, just for that GIRL, who LIKE YOU CAN ONLY BREAK A FAMILY!!!” Aman is shocked to hear that, Dadi tries to stop Parveen, but before that Parveen points out her hand before her saying, “Don’t stop me today, Ammi, Aman needs to know the truth of this WOMAN!!!” Parveen continues in tears to Aman, “ Aman this was the WOMAN who snatched your ABU from YOU, SARA AND SAIMA and my HUSBAND from me, and now she is trying to snatch my SON  by sending him FOR A WOMAN who like her was ready to SEPARATE A MAN FROM HIS FAMILY!!!!” Aman shockingly looks at Tabeezi, he frowns at her disgustedly and folds his fists. Tabeezi looks down in pain, gulps her spit and says, “Aman, I know what you are thinking about me, but let me tell you one thing, don’t let your past decide your present, so don’t let your Abu’s mistakes let you JUDGE Roshni, because remember, Roshni was the same GIRL, who risked her OWN LIFE to SAVE YOU, she was the same GIRL who came in between you and SIFRATI JINN, and now it’s your turn Aman, as you are the only one who can REACH HER!!!!” Tabeezi slowly turns after saying this and leaves, while Aman looks on reminiscing the moment how Roshni had saved his life.

In Jinaad’s Palace

Rakh Jinn asks Sifrati Jinn, “Abba, our TARGET IS AMAN, then why have you brought that girl here??? Don’t you know she is AN AYAANA, our BIGGEST HURDLE TO GET AMAN!!!” Sifrati Jinn still covered his face with his hood, smirks. He signs using his giant hands towards his HEART, Rakh Jinn gets thinking and asks, “You mean we have to have to use THE POWERS FROM HER HEART!!!!” Sifrati Jinn nods. Rakh Jinn smirks and goes to the prison where Roshni had been held captive, Roshni looks up at her and gets irritated, “Allah know Best!!! Hey you torn saree wali, why have you come here, do you know who I am???? Then she stops and remembers how Rakh Jinn had attacked Aman, she rushes forward and catches her neck, “Allah knows best!! How dare you???? How dare you attack KHAN BABA???” Rakh Jinn smirks and asks, “Seems like you are so concerned for that KHAN BABA, but he hardly cares ABOUT YOU!!!” Roshni gets shocked on hearing that, she leaves her hand down. Rakh Jinn pulls her and takes her towards Sifrati Jinn. Roshni is totally unaware about whatever is happening and keeps looking downwards, soon Sifrati Jinn starts chanting something and smokes starts coming out of Roshni’s chest which turns into fire and gets consummated by Sifrati Jinn, he slowly starts turning into fire, more smoke starts coming out of Roshni’s heart and soon Sifrati Jinn turns into a ball of fire, and from it comes Sifrati Jinn turned into a human being, Roshni falls down without realising whatever had happened to her. Aman feels a deep pain in his heart.

In Junaid Mahal, it is Saima’s Manjha, all are dressed in bright yellow, when Aman is constantly feeling a deep pain in his chest. He senses something wrong has happened to Roshni. He stumbles forward and falls on to a bowl of turmeric, his face gets covered with turmeric. Baazigar flies onto Aman’s shoulder and rubs his face on him, when the turmeric on Aman gets smoulded on Baazigar. Aman still feels pain in his heart. He gets reminded of both his Ammi and Rubina’s words, and tells himself, “No I can’t leave Roshni in danger, I will have to find her” He orders Baazigar, “Baazigar, find out in which direction Sifrati Jinn has taken her!!!” Baazigar flies, as Aman looks on.


To be continued.

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    Superb! Continue your ff in the same flow…..Waiting for the next part…

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Maddie, yours, Lisa and Seema’s comments on usual episodes have helped to get into the story of the original series.
      Seems like you have a bond with Lisa.
      Lisa is a short tempered kid, but her reasoning skills are good. She used to comment for my KKM story of love and war ff, and also commented on a few episodes of this ff.
      All those comments were really useful for me.

  2. Damn you’re awesome!!!!!

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Maddie and Darkkh,
      I thought since the show is in the 1st place, no one will be interested in my FF anymore.
      Thank you guys for reading

    2. I look forward to FF more than the show please keep writing :):):)

    3. No we will not stop reading this. This ff is actually quite interesting to follow.

    4. We are waiting for next part of ff

    5. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot MD, Acy and Honey!!!

  3. excuse me but you shouldn’t say angels are Allah’s kin that’s against the religion so please don’t say this again

    other than that amazing

    1. Aleyamma

      MY BAD Reem,
      It wasn’t INTENTIONAL at all,
      I usually research a lot before adding anything into my plot.
      Since Roshni is a character with angelic qualities,
      And also since Angels are GOD’S Own family who pass messages from him to humans on Earth and also fight for him as his soldiers.
      I added a sentence like that, according to the context.
      However I am always secular in my writing without offending or glorifying any religion in my works.
      Mark my words I will definitely replace”Allah’s kin” with “God’s kin” in the later episodes as GOD is a neutral term with no references to any religion.
      Thanks for your feedback.

    2. thank you so much
      waiting for the next one

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      Pardon me, Sunaina and Honey, I had a really busy schedule after coming out of my viral!!!

      Thank you so much Sara, for your support and concern regarding my health!!!

  6. Ur story is way better than the actually one. I like to read ur updates. They r very interesting. I wish if u could have been the writer of the serial.

    I’m…a …actually we r waiting for the next update. Can’t wait to read what is next???

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot for that kind appreciation.
      Hope that you enjoy the rest of the episodes of my ff in the same way!!!

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