Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 12

The episode starts with Roshni gaining conscious in the prison of the Jinaad’s palace, she gets up weakly and walks towards the prison door and shouts, “Allah knows best, you 100 foot tall, two horned giant devil, why have you put me here behind the bars??? Do  you know that I’m the warrior princess Ayaana and you won’t be able to save yourself from my hands if I unleash my powers onto you and where the hell is that torn saree waali assistant of yours, I will tear her full clothes if she fights with my KHAN BABA once again!!!” Aman still in tears thinking of Roshni senses her voice, he looks around, when Roshni realises what she just told and murmurs, “My KHAN BABA”, Aman again senses her voice, he gets up and asks Baazigar, “Baazigar, did you hear Roshni’s voice???” Baazigar shakes his head, signing “NO”, which makes Aman think, “Why is that I’m able to listen to Roshni’s voice, as if she is near me.” While in Jinaad’s palace, Roshni breaks down reminiscing the way Aman had told her that he will never consider her his BIWI, nor a PART of his family. She says to herself, “Allah knows best!! How can I call that cute eyes, attitude wala Khan Baba as my Khan baba, after all  he never considers me neither as his wife nor as his family, then why should I consider him to be my…” two large droplets fall from Roshni’s eyes as she says, “my shohur!!!” at the same moment water droplets fall from the roof onto Aman. He looks upwards, puzzled and again questions Baazigar, “What is happening Baazigar??? I’m hearing Roshni’s voice then and there, water is falling from our waterproofed ceiling even when it is not raining outside, what is all this???”

Just then Dadi, Parveen and Baby come there to dress his wounds, Aman tells them angrily, “Dadi I don’t want these wounds to be healed until I see Roshni!!!” Parveen interrupts worriedly, “But Aman…” Aman says raising his voice, “Ammi I told, I don’t want the wounds to be covered until I see Roshni safe in front of my eyes!!!” Dadi sadly tells him, “Aman you are a….”, she stops before pronouncing, “DEMI-JINN”, Baby shouts out on hearing JINN, “Hai mera Rabba, Jinn, jinn, where is the Jinn???” Dadi stares at her sharply, Baby tells sticking out her tongue, “Oh yeah I forgot, you were talking about Aman being a Demi-jinn” Dadi continues, “Since you have the jinn’s powers to recover oneself, your own wounds were supposed to heal on its own, but look at you now, You whole body is bleeding profusely after attacked by that Rakh Jinn, we are not able to understand, why is it happening so???” Aman consoles her saying, “Don’t worry about your grandson Dadi, instead worry about of the one who risked her life to save your grandson!!!” Parveen looks on at him disgustedly, while Dadi and Baby are saddened at his words. Aman continues, “Dadi prepare Saima for Imam Zamin rasam, I’ve called Aftab’s family who will be arriving here tomorrow morning, and in the evening, there will be her Magni, the next day, we have to keep her manjha and….” Parveen interrupts asking him, “Aman Saima is your sister, then why are you rushing her nikah as if……” before she could Aman interrupts her and tells her, “And Roshni is my BIWI, AMMI!!!” Parveen is shocked on hearing that, Aman continues saying, “I know you don’t consider her as your daughter-in-law but she considers you and our family as her own, which is why she has risked her own life to save me!!! And I need to reach her before it is too late, so let me finish my duties as SAIMA’S BHAIJAN, so that I can go looking out for Roshni!!” Parveen is annoyed while Dadi and Baby are glad and surprised with Aman’s emotions over Roshni. Dadi tells, “We have to call TABEEZI here to find a solution for all this!!!” She rings up Tabeezi and narrates her all the events who informs her she will visit them the next day.

Next day, soon after Saima’s Imam Zamin, Tabeezi reaches there and examines Aman’s wounds, after looking into them closely, she gives out a disappointed look. She signs Dadi and the others to come outside. Before leaving, Aman stops her and tells, “Tabeezi, I could also feel Roshni calling me, then and there, and yesterday, I felt two droplets of water on me from above, when it wasn’t even raining!! I can’t understand why all this is happening to me??” while there was a gleam in Tabeezi’s eyes when Aman narrates everything. She tells Aman, “I’ll let you know what can be done Aman!!!” Aman nods with his eyes filled with hope.

Outside Parveen asks Tabeezi desperately, “Why aren’t Aman’s wounds healing Tabeezi??” who replies soberly, “Because he was ATTACKED TO DEATH by another JINN, and he would have DIED IF……” Parveen falls down on hearing that, Dadi and Baby reach out to her, Parveen stammers, “My Aman would have died in that ATTACK???” Tabeezi sadly nods at her in affirmation, “Just like only ONE JINN can create ANOTHER, in the same way, ONLY ONE JINN CAN KILL ANOTHER!!! And if a Jinn determines to kill another and attacks fatally to his death, like Rakh Jinn attacked Aman, then the other had no possibilities to survive!!! And as you all know Aman is a demi-jinn, so the fight with Rakh jinn would have resulted in his death but….” Dadi asks her curiously, “But then what Tabeezi, how did he survive???” Tabeezi continues, “Because at that moment, Aman was in full determination to fight with anything to save ROSHNI, which made him fight with his OWN DEATH!!!” Dadi praises god saying, “Shukar hai Allah ki!!! That Ayaana has saved our Aman once again!!!” Parveen shouts at Dadi saying, “That girl is not Ayaana, Ammi!!! How can she be Ayaana when she is the one is responsible for this state of Aman!!” Tabeezi says, “She is only AYAANA, Parveen Bhaisaab!!!” all look towards Tabeezi, she continues, “As everyone knows, Ayaana’s heart is that of an ANGEL, and she can connect her HEART to the person whom she LOVES the most, and here Roshni has connected her heart to Aman which is why he could sense her every call, her every tear poured out from her HEART!!! But I’m afraid if Aman can save her!!!” Aman shouts out, “Why can’t I Tabeezi???” All are shocked to see him right behind them. He limps forward fast and asks Tabeezi, “Why can’t I save Roshni, Tabeezi??” Tabeezi disappointedly tells him, “Just like only an Ayaana can save you from Jinn’s dark powers, the same way only a Ayaana’s heart can remove A CURSE FALLEN OVER A JINN FOREVER!!!” All are left astounded over the revelation, while Aman’s eyes grow red in tears.


To be continued

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    Superb! Actually, I find your ff’s plot to be much more interesting than YJHJK’s current plot…
    The way you move your story forward without any lagging is too good..
    I guess the makers of YJHJK will have to make you as their scriptwriter?…. Then the show will have much higher ratings due to your interesting and fast pacing plot… ????
    Good Job! Keep continuing in the same flow…
    Waiting for the next part…

    1. Aleyamma

      I’m not influential person to become the script writer of YJHJK, but good to hear that you feel my ff to be worth it!!!
      Thanks da!!

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      Most Welcome!
      By the way, check out my new ff:
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    3. Aleyamma

      Done b4 mentioned !!!

  2. Lovely. Your plot is way cooler than the current scene. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep it up

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks dear!!!

  3. loved ur each and every episode. Waiting for the next one

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Khan Baba!!!

  4. Is the above mentioned story real?

    1. Aleyamma

      No not at all, it’s just a ff!!!!

  5. Super❤di waiting for next part

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  7. When is the next update? Can’t wait. The love track is kind of annoying.

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  9. Why are u not posting anymore updates of YJHJK fanfic

  10. Aleyamma

    My apologies to all of you guys,
    Got sick after a long week of exams and submissions!!!
    Hope all of don’t leave my ff and continue reading!!!
    And thanks a million to DIMPU, CRIZ, MD, SARA, SUNAINA for reading my ff with so much of enthusiasm.
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