Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 20

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The episode starts with both Roshni and Aman in a state of bewilderment on hearing Aman’s sudden confession of love. Roshni composes herself, clears her throat and asks Aman, “Allah know best, Khan Baba, what did you just say???” Aman stares at her and tells “NOTHING!!!!” Roshni is left agape and asks him, “Nothing??? Well I did just hear you say that….” Aman inches close to her and asks her, “What did you HEAR??” Roshni starts gasping for breath with her HEART FLUTTERING FASTER. She stammers while saying, “Kh…Kh…Khan……” Aman smirks and asks, “Yes I’m listening, what do you want to say!!” Roshni pushes him and unconsciously blabbers, “Maintain a distance from me Khan Baba because whenever you are TOO NEAR, MY HEART BEAT RATE INCREASES AND I START RUNNING SHORT OF BREATH!!!” Aman smiles on hearing that, while Roshni gets irritated seeing him smile and tells him, “Allah Knows best, Khan Baba, all because you are a demi-djinn you think you can have your way ALWAYS!!! But you should also remember that Roshni Ahmed…” Aman cuts in while correcting her, “ROSHNI AMAN JUNAID KHAN!”, Roshni eyes widen on hearing that, frowns at him and says, “Ji NO, demi-djinn Nawaab Sahib, Aman Junaid Khan, if you remember last when our Nikaah happened, both of us pronounced QUBOOL HAI unwillingly and there were NO Salatul Ishtikara, Imam Zamin, Mangni, Manjha, Mehndi and….” Again, Aman interrupts, “All those rituals are OVER!!!” Roshni surprisingly asks him, “Huh???”, while Aman continues, “Your accounts section is so STRONG but your memory seems to be TOO WEAK, If you remember Dadi had announced our re-nikaah and herself demanded Imam Sahib to conduct our Salatul Ishtikara, after which phuphi came to your house and conducted your Imam Zamin and the rings on both our hands is THE PROOF of our Magni, when you….” Aman stops himself as he reminisces how Roshni was abducted by Sifrati-djinn right in front of his eyes on the day of their Magni, his eyes fill with tears. Roshni sees his gloomy face and tries to distract him by questioning him in a harsh manner, “But what about Manjha and Mehndi???” Aman takes a long breath and tells her, “Again your MEMORY seems to be really WEAK, a day ago, Baazigar came here and performed our Manjha by applying the turmeric (haldi) which was smothered from me on to him RIGHT ONTO YOUR HEART!” Roshni reminisces how she had felt a great relief when the turmeric (haldi) was rubbed around the skin near her HEART which blistered when Sifrati djinn consumed powers from her and a smile passes through her face. Aman notices it and snaps. When she turns, he shows her his palm where her name (روشنی) is written. He continues, “And since I’m a demi-djinn, I can do MAGIC which is visible on your hands!!!” Roshni looks at the beautiful bridal Mehndi in her hands with Aman’s name ( امن ) written, which magically filled her hands the previous day. Aman asks her, “So doesn’t that make all the necessary rituals required for A NIKAAH??” Roshni frowns at him again and says, “Allah knows Best!!! Again, JI NO, Khan Baba!!” Aman is surprised and asks her, “But why?” Roshni says, “Because OUR NIKAAH IS STILL NOT OVER!!! And if you are demi-djinn, then I too am an Ayaana, a WOMAN with superpowers born with an ANGELIC HEART and my heart won’t accept to marry you until and unless Nawaab sahib Aman Junaid Khan falls on his knees and proposes me in a PLEADING MANNER to MARRY HIM!!!” Aman is astounded to hear her condition and asks her, “Now what kind of CONDITON is that???” Roshni tells him, “It is a punishment for what YOU HAD SAID BEFORE OUR MAGNI!” Aman remembers how he had hurt Roshni before their Magni demanding her to GO FAR AWAY FROM HIM FOREOVER, but how he realised he HAD FALLEN FOR HER WHEN SHE WAS REALLY DISTANCED FROM HIM. Roshni continues, “Allah knows best! I know you have feelings for me, Khan Baba!” Aman touches his ears and says, “No I don’t” Roshni smilingly says, “You are lying because you just touched your ears!” Aman gets embarrassed while Roshni mockingly tells him, “Allah knows Best, you already UNCONCIOUSLY told it Khan Baba, I just want to hear it from in a more ROMANTIC TONE!” Aman feels awkward and tells her, “Shall we do all these discussions later and leave from here right now?”

Suddenly, Kabir calls out and asks them from behind, “Where are you off too in a hurry, Aman???” Aman turns around and sees Kabir with Rakh djinn standing right next to him. He feels a strange jerk inside on seeing Kabir and realises that he is related to man somehow but does not understand how, as he has never met Kabir before. He asks Kabir, “Who are YOU?” Kabir smirks and tells him, “When YOUR OWN FAMILY DOESN’T RECOGNIZE YOU, baat yahan se chub si jaati hain! We both are TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN Aman! Then how couldn’t you recognise me?” Aman frowns his eyebrows confusingly at him, while Kabir continues, “I’m your ELDER TWIN BROTHER, KABIR JUNAID KHAN, Aman!” Aman and Roshni are thunderstruck at that revelation. Kabir grins evilly and continues, “Now leave about the BLOOD RELATIONS, how couldn’t you still recognise me Aman when a part of me LIVES INSIDE YOU!” Both Aman and Roshni don’t get his words once again, so Kabir closes his eyes and opens it to make it glowering blue and sways his hands to draw a lighting arc. When the shadow of the tall Sifrati djinn covers him from behind. Roshni and Aman are spellbound to realise that Kabir is INFACT THE SIFRATI DJINN” Aman asks him in a breaking voice, “If you are my ELDER BROTHER, Kabir, then how can YOU BE THE SIFRATI DJINN?” Kabir gives out a loud laughter and says, “Well it is a really really long story my little brother and only AMMI can explain it to YOU, I’m not here to explain you that! But I’m here TO STOP YOU!” Aman asks him, “Stop me???” Kabir continues, “Yes! Stop you from taking Ayaana with you, because I cannot allow you TO REACH YOUR DESTINY which is the biggest STONE on my PATH!” After saying this, Kabir moves forward towards Roshni, when Aman comes and stands in between saying, “And today no one will stop me from taking Roshni!” Kabir smirks and says, “You can overpower neither Sifrati djinn nor your elder brother, Aman!” Aman replies, “And I know you will never kill me because a PART OF YOU LIVES INSIDE ME!” Kabir gets vexed on hearing that and pronounces, “Sinsaa!” Aman is thrown on to a stony wall and falls down while groaning. Roshni gets concerned and runs towards him, but before she could do that. Kabir pulls her towards him. She lands in his arms and as Kabir gets looking into Roshni’s eyes, the Sifrati djinn grows weak and Kabir awakens inside him, he emotionally looks into Roshni’s eyes and calls out “NILOFER!”


To be continued.

(Next update will be on 28-02-2020)

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  1. Omg soo cool… is Niloofer, Ka it’s wife? This is so fasinating. Can’t wait for the next one. Pleas post two at a time please please please

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million MD. That is really sweet of you to read and tell me your opinions Yes Nilofer is Kabir’s wife and Sonu’s mother. There are more facts which you will get to know later. I really don’t know if I can post two episodes at a time like earlier, because last semester I was quite free which gave me more time to write. But this semester I have this submission of DISSERTATION which is why I have even halted some of my ffs. Hope you understand! And thanks again for your comment

  2. Wow what a great update it is😊😊,this is something I was really missing in the original series. You are too good aleyamma, I enjoyed every word of this update written by you☺☺. ROSHAN’S cute nok-jhok was really awesome and
    ‘aww-some’😍😍. When kabir said that a part of me is living inside you,so it reminds me of a famous anime character naruto,it really freshen up my memory.
    And I really miss kabir’s dialogue “Baat yaha kuch Chubh si gayi hai”. The whole update is really awesome,cool. One question in my mind who is nilofer🤔🤔,does she be the wife of kabir
    Can’t wait for next update ,ureally enjoyed this one🥰😍🥰😍.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million, Petal, that was a good observation! Yeah Nilofer is Kabir’s wife, she was last mentioned in Episode 18. And, hope I will continue to amuse in the later episodes.

      1. @Aleyamma
        Actually I want to thank you,you made this ff really interesting than original series🥰😍🥰😍.

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a lot again for that compliment, Petal!

      3. @Aleyamma
        Your welcome😊🥰😊🥰.

  3. It was surely a nice ff. But where is the next FF.

  4. Aleyamma

    Thanks a lot Amashi. Apologies, I’m so busy with my work that I don’t get much time to write these days. I hope you understand. Why don’t I see your comments. Please do put in your opinions on my epiosdes so that I know what is good and bad about my updates.

  5. Saniya fathima

    Same here aleyamma even i am busy wit all semesters and stuffs that i dont have tym 2 visit this site i am just focussing on one of my newly obsessed ff ZINDAAN… At first i had tym 2 comment even ur’s but now i have changed myself into silent reader HOPE U UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION… by the way ur ff is interesting and i do read it quite frequently so continue writing… Bye

    1. Aleyamma

      I totally get it and I’m glad that you still find my FF interesting and do read it when you get time.
      Do comment if something strikes you in the story (It’s absolutely alright even if it is negative). And have a happy reading with ZINDAAN. I haven’t read it, but I’m sure that it must be a great ff too!
      So enjoy reading Saniya!

  6. Aleyamma

    Guys, Apologies for making you all wait for long, but the next update is here, so please check out!

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