Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 18

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The episode starts with Parveen coming to Gulistan E Abutalib, an orphanage run by Imams (Muslim Priests), she looks around curiously at the children playing outside in the garden, when all of a sudden, she hears a voice, “JADI, JADI!!!”, she turns around to see Sonu looking smilingly at her, he runs forward fast towards her and hugs Parveen tightly, she hugs him back affectionately and fills him with kisses all over. She then pulls him forward and shows him all the gifts which she had brought for him, “Look here Sonu, What Jadi has brought for you!!! The REMOTE-CONTROL HELICOPTER, ROBOT, LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATES….” Before she can continue, Sonu catches her hand and asks her, “Jadi, why can’t I stay with YOU???” Parveen eyes fill with tears on hearing that, she reminisces Kabir’s past, Flashback……

Kabir as a young boy was staying in the same orphanage “Gulistan E Abutalib” when Parveen comes to meet him and reveals his REAL IDENTITY. Kabir is left speechless on hearing about his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS and his FAMILY. Furthermore, he is frustrated of being abandoned in an orphanage even after being the SON OF A NAWAAB, while his twin brother is enjoying all the luxuries of LIFE. He questions Parveen about the bad fate bestowed on him, however she stays DUMB TO HIS QUERIES, later she opens her mouth to speak out, “I know KABIR, you have so many questions on why you were abandoned while Aman given everything on which you too have RIGHTS ON!!! But Kabir, I really don’t have answers for those questions, my SON, I can only say all this happening because I’m a DESCENDANT OF SIFRATI DJINN and YOU are my FIRST BORN!!! Jaddunā knew that if my first BORN are TWINS then they will become the GREATEST WARRIORS OF DJINAAD who can DEFEAT HIM and before my own knowledge he realised that I was bearing TWINS in my first pregnancy….” She breaks into tears before she could continue and says, “Then he made YOUR ABU SO HELPLESS, that he had DEAL WITH YOU to Jaddunā even before your birth, which is why I abandoned you right after your BIRTH, because I was PROTECTING YOU!!! But now after he realised, HE HAD BEEN CHEATED, while trying to POSSESS Aman, he tried all his MEANS TO REACH YOU Kabir and as he is the Sifrati djinn, he will come here anytime!!!” She then folds her hands and says, “Please flee somewhere Kabir where he can’t reach you!!!” and she leaves after saying that.

Kabir is left heartbroken after Parveen’s departure on pondering over and over her COMPLETE REVELATION. He senses the impending danger upon him and decides to leave as soon as possible, so he packs all his stuff and is about to flee when all of a sudden, there is a sudden gust of STRONG WIND. Djinn bgm plays. Sifrati djinn’s feet are shown, all the people there cry in fear and run hither tither. Sifrati djinn comes forward towards the orphanage and shouts, “Where is my hafid, Kabir??” Kabir feels a chill down his spine. He tries to run from the opposite side, when all of a sudden, Sifrati djinn comes and stands in front of him. Kabir grows pale in FEAR, Sifrati djinn bends down and shows his face with an evil grin to him and says, “Won’t you greet your Jadd, Kabir???” Then he brings down his GIANT HAND TOWARDS HIM to capture him when Parveen comes and stands in front of him. She shouts, “Run KABIR!!!” Kabir is puzzled not able to decide what to do, when Parveen shouts once again, “Kabir, don’t think about me, RUN!!!!” Sifrati djinn roars, “Parveen, don’t you dare stand in front of the BADSHAH OF DJINAAD!!!” Parveen shouts back, “I may have sacrificed my LINEAGE Jaddunā but I still have the powers of the MALLIKA OF DJINAAD!!!” She then closes her and then opens her GLOWING BLUE EYES and shouts “Sinsa!!” Sifrati djinn jerks backwards. Kabir shouts “Ammi!!!” Parveen gets emotional, but she does not look back and shouts, “Kabir, I SAID, RUN!!!” Kabir with tears in his eyes flees from there. First Flashback ends with Parveen thinking, “That day I thought I saved my Kabir from him, but then…Again flashback

5 years later

Kabir is a young man who is running a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OF BAKING, he is settled in life after marrying Nilofer from whom he has a baby son, Sonu. But things were not destined to be happy for Kabir. Kabir was baking Nankattais with Nilofer in his bakery when all of a sudden he senses the same intuitions which he had felt when he saw Sifrati djinn for the first time in his life. The djinn bgm plays in the background, Kabir turns around and sees Sifrati djinn standing in front of him, he remembers how he had narrowly escaped Sifrat with the help of his AMMI, but unfortunately his Ammi is not present with him right now. All the people scream and run from the bakery. Nilofer takes Sonu in her arms and hides behind Kabir. Kabir looks daringly towards Sifrat and asks him, “What do you want???”, Sifrati djinn gives out a loud laughter and says, “After all what WILL I WANT FROM MY HAFID!!! I WANT YOU!!!” Then Sifrati djinn sways his GIANT HANDS and pronounces “SINSA!!!” the spell reaches Nilofer, her eyes grow BIG for a moment and then she falls down leaving Sonu wailing and flying in the air. Kabir is shell shocked and cries out “NILOFER!!!!”, He sees Sonu flying in the air and goes to catch when all of a sudden, Sifrati djinn pronounces “Markhab Markhab Saavizawa!!!” with which Sonu floats in mid-air, wailing loudly. Kabir is in tears and shouts, “What do you want Jadd!!! You have killed my NILOFER, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!”, He folds his hands together, kneels down and pleads in front of the Sifrati djinn “…. Please I beg you, Leave my child alone!!!” Sifrati djinn lets a loud EVIL GRIN and says, “Look Djinnad’s Malllika, Look Parveen!!! The SON whom you tried to save is PLEADING in front of me and you cannot do ANYTHING!!!” He then turns towards Kabir and continues, “I want YOU KABIR!!!” Kabir is left dumbstruck and confused. Sifrati djinn continues, “I need you to get back the part of me, which lives inside YOUR TWIN AMAN!!! Since you are the only ONE who can become as POWERFUL as HIM IN DJINAAD’S KINGDOM, I have to BECOME YOU by TAKING YOUR BODY, SO THAT THE BODY WILL BE YOURS, BUT THE SOUL WILL BE OF SIFRATI DJINN’S, THE GREATEST OF ALL DJINN’S………THUS, WHEN I LIVE AS KABIR I WILL SEIZE AMAN AND GET BACK MY POWERS AND DEFEAT HIM ON THE DAY OF THE FALL OF STARS TO BECOME THE INVINCIBLE BEING IN THIS WORLD!!!” Kabir feels a cold shiver in his spine on thinking about the BIGGEST SIN he is about to COMMIT by giving up his body to Sifrati djinn but then he heart leaps on hearing Sonu’s wails, he closes his eyes and asks the devil standing in front of him, “What should I do??” Sifrati smirks and signs to cut his wrist, Kabir takes a knife near the oven and slits his wrist hard with blood oozing fast from it. Parveen in her room jerks all of a sudden, she closes her eyes uses her powers and visualises how Sifrati djinn is about to take CONTROL over Kabir’s body. She opens her eyes and says, “NO KABIR, DON’T DO THAT!!!”, unfortunately her warnings do not reach him. As his blood oozes out, Sifrati djinn turns himself into BLACK SMOKE and enters through the cut on his wrist, soon Kabir opens his GLOWING BLUE EYES and looks at himself, he lets out an evil grin and says, “Now I AM KABIR JUNAID KHAN AND WILL SOON DEFEAT YOU AMAN JUNAID KHAN!!!” He goes from there without turning back even once towards Sonu who was wailing loudly. After Kabir leaves, Parveen reaches there and sees Sonu wailing bitterly all alone near Nilofer’s body, she runs and picks him in her hands and realises that she has lost her KABIR FOREVER, she hugs Sonu tightly and lets out a scream from her heart, “KABIR!!!!!” Flashback ends. Parveen in the present is hugging Sonu tightly in tears thinking, “How to explain to you my child, I don’t want to lose YOU TOO, just in the same way I lost your Abu, my SON!!! And that is why I’m not taking you to my home…” slowly Parveen’s eyes grow red in anger, “I’m sure now that Jaddunā has got my Kabir’s body, he will target Aman by trying to harm you, no I will not LET THAT HAPPEN!!! But since a part of Jaddunā lives inside Aman and Aman being the other GREATEST SOLDIER OF DJINAAD, Jaddunā will fear the MOMENT when KABIR and AMAN will come face to face!!!”

Aman reaches the place in the Kaala Jungle where the Djinaad’s caste stands hovered by DARK CLOUDS. He asks Baazigar, “Isn’t this the place where Roshni is held CAPTIVE?” Baazigar nods his head, he keeps his FIRST FOOT forward, when all of a sudden there is a SHAKE INSIDE THE DJINN’S CASTLE, Kabir and Roshni sense Aman presence. Roshni looks at her mehndi and calls out “Khan Baba!!” Aman stops himself feels the call from Roshni, touches the tabeez on his wrist and kisses it. Roshni touches her cheek feeling his kiss (Kahani humari plays…)


To be continued.

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  1. Omg lovely as usual. You FF is way more awesome than the current track. Well thought out. Pleas keep ✍️

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey MD,
      I really am thanking you from the bottom of my heart, becasue the STAR READER OF THIS FF who doesn’t stop from giving comments for any of the episodes. Thanks a million MD!!!
      The next update will be on Friday so continue reading and giving in your support in the same way!!!

      1. That’s so sweet of you to recognize me:) ❤️ Keep writing. May be send your scripts to the production houses.

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a lot MD, but unfortunately in television industry things happen with power and contacts, which unfortunately, I’m not HAVING!!!
        That is why my scripts are just mere fanfics!!! But I’m so HAPPY that you find them WORTHY!!!
        Thanks a million again, MD!!!!

      3. No harm in applying one never knows. Never say never. You write very well.
        Can’t wait for the next episode

  2. Well Will you please make aman and roshni meet…..m just waiting for months…. you are focusing here and there but not on their romance n love….

  3. You ff was so awesome,the way you explain everything was quite awesome and easy to understand😀😀😀😀. your ff is way more better than the current ongoing track.😌😌😌😌After reading your ff I almost thought that this is the actual original series and what I saw on tv and phone was some ff😁😁😁😁.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot Petal, you seem to be a new reader with an INTERESTING NAME!!!
      Glad to hear those appreciating words. Do read the earlier episodes if you like them and continue to read the following update on Friday and give in your views.
      Thanks again!!!

      1. Well yeah I am a new reader here😁😁.Your ff was so awesome that I could not stop myself from commenting on it😌😌😌😌.I like very few serial and ff and this is one of them.Eagerly waiting for next update🤩🤩🤩🤩.

      2. Aleyamma

        Thanks a lot, Petal!!!

      3. Your welcome😄😄😄😄

  4. Aleyamma

    I can totally understand your DESPERATION regarding the meeting of ROSHAN and the ROMANTIC MOMENTS which is going to follow that MEETING!!!
    But as you have pointed out the meeting DID NOT HAPPEN not because I was focusing here and there, but because I have started taking BREAKS in between the EPISODES which I never used to before!!!
    And that is why the MEETING of ROSHAN WAS PROLONGED!!!
    Other than that if you think this story is too much of unwanted crap,
    Then I would like to JUSTIFY MYSELF by saying that usually whenever I follow any genre. I usually give a clean cut development for EVERY CHARACTER OF MINE!!!
    All these were absolutely necessary to be portrayed for avoiding confusions in the upcoming events and to give logical reasoning of the FANTASY ROMANCE of YJHJK.
    I assure you don’t have to wait much longer for your ANTICIPATED MOMENTS!!!
    So keep your fingers crossed and continue reading the next update on Friday!!!

  5. Your ff was really amazing! It’s lovely and interesting 😃. I heard about ff stories but never tried to read them😅. This is my first ff that I am reading and its really 👌👌.
    You are truly a good writer and I think I made a good choice of reading Ur ff

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Tina, So happy to notice that you got to read my episodes in the middle but are liking them and following them.
      Thank you so much for appreciating my work and my writing skills, that was very KIND of YOU!!!

      1. My pleasure 😃
        Keep going
        Waiting for your Friday’s ff

  6. Waiting for next one

    1. Same here MD,I am also waiting for next one,because the ongoing story of original series is so boring right now and the ex gf track is so frustrating.But the story of ff is so good and interesting I am also waiting for next update

      1. Aleyamma

        Pardon me MD and Petal, got held due to exams!!!But I will update the next episode on Friday!!!
        Hope you guys will patiently till then!!!

      2. Well I can totally understand your dilemma,because my clg exams is also going on🙂🙂🙂🙂.and I know it is difficult to manage your schedule when exam is going on ,actually I am kinda relieved at this time because it is difficult to focus on other things during examination
        All the best for your exam.😁😄😁😄

      3. Aleyamma

        Thanks a million, Petal !!!

      4. Your welcome😊😊😊😊

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