Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 17

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The episode starts with Roshni opening her eyes on hearing Aman’s name, she feels as if Aman is next to her somewhere and with joy in her heart, she pronounces, “Khan baba!!!” Aman feels the joyful expression from Roshni’s heart and understands that his message has reached her, he smiles while tears roll down his cheeks and says, “Tabeezi, this tabeez has done wonders, Roshni has heard me, as I can feel that she has responded to my message!!!” Rubina smiles, “Yes this tabeez can help you send messages and also to reach Roshni!!” Just then baazigar comes there flying and sits, he spreads out his right and points out to Aman the direction where the Djinnad’s Palace stands while Aman notices wounds on Baazigar’s wings, he gets concerned while Tabeezi examines it and says “This wound was caused because Baazigar hit djinn’s protective shield, that means djinn knows that you are going to come there in search of Roshni, Aman, you will have to hurry up, otherwise you could LOSE….” Before she could continue, Aman stops her saying, “No Tabeezi, nothing will happen to Roshni, I will not let anything happen to her!!!” he then goes out of the library still in tears with Baazigar on his shoulder.

As he is out, he sees Saima’s Manjha function still going on, he comes near her, gives out a sad smile and applies turmeric on her. While leaving, Saima holds his hand pulls him close and whispers, “I know Bhaijan how much worried you are, you need not say, your eyes speak and YOU KNOW WHY ALL THIS HAPPENING TO YOU???” Aman looks at her puzzled, Saima continues with a smile, “Because it is not only Roshni Bhabhijan who IS IN LOVE and connected HER HEART WITH YOURS, but YOU TOO HAVE FALLEN DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HER, BHAIJAN!!!” Aman’s eyes grow big on hearing it, he tries to deny it by shaking his head, but Saima again stops him and says, “You CAN DENY AND LIE TO THE WHOLE WORLD BHAIJAN, but not to your HEART AND DESTINY!!! Roshni bhabhijan PAINS can be felt by you because of her powers, but what is the cause of YOUR PAIN, Bhaijan, Your pain is that you cannot BEAR THE THOUGHT of Bhabhijan in PAIN. Now, look at the TURMERIC on your chest, bhaijan, today Qazi sahib had fixed the date for my MANJHA, but before my Manjha function happened yours and Roshni bhabhijan’s manjha ceremony happened because YOU BOTH ARE DESTINED TO BECOME ONE, bhaijan, so no matter how much you try to distance bhabhijan from you, she cannot SEPARATE FROM YOU.” After hearing all that, Aman is left speechless, he reminisces how he had asked Roshni to go out of his life forever as he did not want her to be part of his CURSED LIFE and how he had hurt her every time when DESTINY had already decided them to be ONE. He gets up and goes towards lost in these thoughts (Kahani humari plays…)

The next day, everybody are preparing for Saima’s Mehndi function, while Aman in his room quickly packs all his stuff to start towards the djinaad’s palace. As he is coming downstairs with baazigar on his shoulder, he hides his bag behind him not to be seen by anyone and craftily goes to the exit. But as he nears the exit, Saima calls him out, he closes his eyes in disappointment and turns towards her who looks with a sad smile towards him. He is about to open his eyes and give an excuse but before that Saima starts saying, “I know that you are going in search of BAHBHIJAN before my wedding and I WILL NOT STOP YOU BHAIJAN!!” Aman open his eyes in amazement towards her. Saima continues, “I really wished my Bhaijan is here during my wedding but right now, my Bhabhijan needs you more!!!” she breaks into tears and hugs Aman tightly, while Aman hugs her back with a joyful smile. Then Saima pulls him forward takes out a mehndi cone from her pocket and says, “Mehndi is ALSO KNOWN AS A SYMBOL OF LOVE, bhaijan, doesn’t this tabeez help you send EMOTIONAL MESSAGES to Bhabhijan???” Saima asks pointing out at the tabeez which Rubina had given to Aman. Aman nods signing YES, then you see when I write Bhabhijan’s name in your hands, your LOVE and this TABEEZ will create the most beautiful mehndi of LOVE in bhabhijan’s hands. On saying this Saima writes Roshni (روشنی) in Urdu in Aman’s palm, at that same moment, Roshni hands magically fill with a beautiful design of Mehndi. Roshni is astonished and overwhelmed to see such beautiful Mehendi in her hands with one hand having a GROOM and the other BRIDE with Aman ( امن ) written on top of the bride. Roshni looks at it and says, “Allah knows best, this Khan Baba wants to dominate over me, that is why he has written his name on top of the BRIDE’S HEAD.” Aman senses her words and says, “TOTAL RUBBISH!!!”. Saima is puzzled. Aman shakes his head saying, “Your Bhabhijan is MAD!!!” but then he gasps thinking of the impending dangers on Roshni and says, “But I will have to find her as soon as possible!!!” Then he slowly takes leave and walks towards the direction djinaad’s palace with Baazigar.


To be continued

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  1. The episode was cute especially the RELIZATION OF LOVE by Aman!!!😘😘😘
    Saima doesn’t have much role in the original series, but in your ff, I lke the cute brother-sister bond,👌👌👌
    So Aman has started his journey towards Jinaad’s house???🤔🤔🤔
    Hope, ROSHAN unison happens soon!!!😉😉😉
    The last part where Roshni’s hands filled with Mehendi and her dialogue was so sweet🥰🥰🥰, Aman replying, TOTAL RUBBISH sounded funny!!!😅😅😅

    1. Amazing!!!Aleyamma

    2. Where can I watch this love story of demi jinn….

    3. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Lisa, that was a brilliant analysis!!!
      A heartfelt thank you Sara, was missing your comments!!!
      Tina, you will not able to watch because this is just a ff made by me so you can read and visualize it within yourself!!!

  2. Awesome keep writing can’t wait for more

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot MD, you are the best and the most encouraging reader of this ff of mine!!!
      Please do continue to encourage me in the same way!!!

  3. Thank you…
    Well I have started reading Ur ff and it’s really interesting
    Keep going
    All the Best

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million Tina!! I’ve just posted the next episode. Do read that and give in your opinions!!!
      And continue reading the next update on Friday!!!

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