Love Story (Kaira & Archi) Chapter 2-A

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We got some comments saying that mention the full names so in this chapter we will mention
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So lets start:
After the collage
Naria: Hey Aryan
Aryan: Hey Naira. Did you inform Sanchi about the plan.
Naria: Oye mad why will I inform Sanchi…. It is a surprise for her na…ha yes I informed Kartik about it.
Aryan:Oh I forgot to inform Kartik….
Naira: I knew that so I informed him…
Aryan: But…from where did u get his no.
Naira: Are u mad what r u asking u know na he is my friend. I was having his no. What happened to u today?
Aryan: Nothing I am just excited.
Naira: why r u so much excited.kher leave it see he came.
Kartik came no his bike as it is shown in the show.
Kartik: Hi Aryan . Hi Naira.
Kartik saw naira and was mesmerized seeing her.
Aryan : Kartik is everything ready in the hotel.
Kartik was brought back in the world by Aryan.
Kartik: Yes…..Yes
Naira: Fine lets go now.
Kartik: Ok I will bring Sanchi to the hotel u both go there…

Before Kartik would complete his sentence Aryan said
Aryan: I will bring Samchi u both go there.
Naira: But…
Aryan : No ifs and no buts
Kartik:Ok fine.
Naira sat behind kartik. Naira was little uncomfortable but she didnt said anything.
They reached the hotel (u can imagine any big hotel from Mumbai)they went inside.
Naira : Wow! So beautiful
Kartik: It should be beautiful as it is for my best friend. Kartik Goenkas best friend understood.
Naira: Yes..yes mendaks best friends bday.
Kartik: You sherni shut up.
Naira: Why what is ur problem? My mouth I can speak anything I want..
Kartik:Yes yes ur mouth but I can hear it so shut ur mouth.
Naira: No.. No.. I will speak u close ur ears. See this
Naira shouts
Naira: Mendak…Mandak….Mandak
Kartik: Ok Naira now it is my mistake so sorry now shut up lets see if everything is otherwise u know Aryan.
Kartik(in mind): what i said . She didn’t know that aryan loves sanchi. And today he is going to confess his feelings.
Kartik: Nothing. Just a slip of tongue.
Naira:ok(not satisfied with the answer)
precap: Aryan and Sanchi Confess their feelings.
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Shruti and Shriya

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