Love story with hatred, fights, romance, care, anger, jealous, pyaar abhigya epi6

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Guys i think many of you dont like this ss so im going to end it within one to two shots.
Recap abhi college days n abhigya meeting abhis dream.

Screen shifts to wards rani she asked pragya tell me na how abhi n you met again .fb
As pragya was going abhis gang saw her n made fun of her n thiught to rag her n one of those went near her n whisphered something in her ear he said otherwise you cant live or study happily pragya nodde okk that guy guided pragya to abhi n said cmmom do it pragya went near abhi dragged him near that guy n gave a slappppp abhi was shocked n stunned n thought why did she slapp that guy raised his hands to slap her but abhi said aryan stoppp wats happening here pragya explained that they asked her to hug n kiss abhi as it was his order abhi was shocked n asked them did i say anything like that why r u guys always using my name hereafter dont do this all nodded okkk n went abhi asked sorry to pragya she said no sorry only coffee with me then ill forgive you.abhi smiled n nodded they drank coffeee n returned many girls were jealous seeing abhi hanging out with a girl n they all fumed n many guys were jealous seeing abhigya

But abhigya didnt mind later they become close frnds n abhi started to feel special for pragya he decided to confront her n tell his feelings while He saw a girl slapping a boy saying i thought u as my bst frnd but how dare u luv me n went abhi thought what if My pragya too hates me so he quitted pragya came n closed his eyes n said abhi dont ask where come with .e abhi too went with her she took him to stage n abhi opened his eyes he was stunned to see decorations then pragya said happy birthday to the most wonderful person who spread colours in my life happy biryhday abhi then whole college wished him birthday abhi was overhelmed n he hugged pragya pragya felt butterflies somersaulting in her stomach .then they both went home n celebratwd abhis birthday n went to places which abhi liked abhi thought pragya was an angel whom god had sent to him so he musnt lose her.after few days pragya started getting mysterious letters she showed it to abhi abhi said good for while hiding his tears see how romantic it is

If there was a chance that
Wecould be lovers
Id love to write a book of thousand handwritten letters
N burn them all to write it once again(i remember reading this somewhere so i quoted this).do you love me

By mr love
N next day too she got a letter it was written when i walk with you i feel as if i had a flower in my buttonhole oh my love pls accept me pragya smiled after reading she guessed who it was it was abhi her abhi she too love him she found out on third day she saw keeping letter on her closet she followed n listened him talking how much he loves pragya went to abhi n said i dont have time i love you meet me at cafe after 1 n went abhi was stunned but thought casually she said it thats it n went to cafe as soon as he went to cafe glitters started showering on him n slowly as he walked he noticed a rose petals on way he is walking n suddenly ballons started to make the word i love you guys actually due to some holes with air gap gives different pressure makes the ballon to form a world its my imagination only suddenly some clips were playing on the screen in which abhigya funny pics were there abhi smiled n called pragra whr r u come out soon .he heard someone singing

Un vizhigalil vizhunthu nan elugiren
Elunthume marupadi vizhugiten
Un parvaiyil thonrida alaigiren
Alainthu than marupadi tholaigiren
Or nodiyil unnai nan pirinthal
Porkalathai adaiven uyire
En asai ellam serthu or
Kaditham varigiren anbe……….

Thorathil thonridum megathai polave
Nan unai parkiren anbe…
Saralai or murai nee enai theendinai
Unakathu therintha anbe…….
Stopped as abhi came near pragya n hugged her pragya said abhi its not fair you found me so soon i was going to propose you abhi said so wat fo now pragya said okkk n went on her knees n said
If there was a chance
That we could be lovers
Id swim seven oceans of deep depth
Until you slip that word
That belong to your lip

I love you abhi love you love you love you…………..abhi was overhelmed n he gave a kiss on her lips they broke theur kiss n abhi said pragya i love youuuuuuuuuuuu after that they wete happy they were love birds of the college so.e were jealous but happy too all was fine until that one day…..
Screen shifts towards abhi
Abhi was very much worried he thought what if this drms come true like last tima a fb
After pragya n abhi proposed one day weather was cool n chill but one heart was restless it was abhi he couldnt come out of the shock.
7hrs bfr

A girl wearing yellow chudi was running n abhi was chasing her.he said stoppppp he said look back before that girl could register it a black ducati hit her her head was bleeding abhi kept here face in his lap n caressed her face she muttered qbhi she was our pragya.abhi woke up with a jerk shouting her name he decided to stay at home the .
Present the clock struck 11am abhi got a call that pragya is so ill so he panicked n went n was shocked to see her playing with hose pipes he went to her but pragya started running she was wearing yellow chudi abhi ran after her to stop but got hit n was admitted in hospital pragya was sad but consoled abhi that she wont prank anymore abhi said i would have died there if something haplened to you abhi said pragya pls listen me hereafter.pragya nodded n asked abhi to hug her she felt safe in his embrace.abhi came out of his thoughts n went somewhere

Precap:one incident changed abhigya world topsy turvy n their patchup pls yr

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