Love still has its ways — characters + questions (Part-3)

Om, age: 34: in love with gauri. Would die a million times only for her. But before of  what happened, he had to shoot her. Their love story is unique from the beginning.

Gauri ya Akira, age: 31: she had to marry om 2 years after their son’s and daughter’s birth. She belongs to royalty. She was shot but does not know why. Their love story is unique.

Viren, age: 14: first son of rikara.

Aliya, age: 13: second child of rikara.

Naina a.k.a munni, age: 7: the sweet daughter of rikara. Third one.

Paridhi a.k.a pari, age: 3: the baby in the mansion and the youngest daughter of rikara.

shivika’s Children:

Ruhi, age: 18

Naira, age: 17

Aarti, age: 16

Sanjay, age: 13 (older than aliya)

Shivay and Anika are both 37. ( their love story lead to ruhi)

rumya’s children:

Naksh, age: 11

Ruhi, age: 8

Rudy and somu are both 32

We all know how the donkey ajay looks





om came back from that blo*dy place. the family saw him entering looking sad. his children rushed to him.

aliya: papa, why do you look sad?

munni: yes daddy. mummy say something?

viren: dad, why aren’t you looking happy? what happened?

pari: mummy?

om was silent.

anika: what happened?

shivay: why aren’t you saying anything?

om bit the bottom of his lip nervously.

Aliya: Papa, please say something, this silence is scaring us all. See look at pari’s face.

She shows Pari’s scared face.

Viren: what happened exactly? Why is mum with you?

Munni: why is mummy not with you?

Aliya: tell us na.

Rudy: look O, this silence is killing us. Tell us else I will tell Gauri bhabhi.

Jhanvi: stop this childish drama of being silent Om. Tell me.

Pari: mummy?

Somu: Gauri?

Shivay: where is she?

Rudy: come on yaar. I need to know how her surprise was.

Viren: same here. Come on dad, say something at least!

Munni: where is mummy?

Anika: very strange! Not responding!!! It’s like he is deaf!!!!!! Shout people.

All: WHERE IS GAURI????!!!!!????

Kids: WHERE IS MAMA?!!!???/ WHERE IS CHACHI?!?!?!!

Om tried to speak but nothing came but a’g’

Naira: what are you trying to say chachu???

Aliya: Papa, please say something about Mama, please.

Om: g…. ga…Gauri had to go to jaipur kyunki her work.

Aliya: Bechara.

Om: I know right.

Anika: it took you forever to say that!!! Stupid idiot!!!

Om: sorry. I’ll go upstairs.

He was about to go when viren blocked the stairs.

Viren: if anything is wrong, do tell me dad.

Om: will do beta.

Viren smiles and lets Om go upstairs. Om goes in his and gauri’s room and locks it tight. Gauri’s Sweet rose fragrance was smelt around the entire room. Om collapsed on the floor praying for Gauri.

Precap: ‘I am very sorry but……’

So what must have happened now???

Sorry for short chappy but I promise next will be quite long kyunki shockedkara.

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