Love starts here…. (Kanchi) chapter 3

Hi! This chapter has more Kanchi scenes then ever so enjoy!!! This is really long btw!! Sanchi: How am I going to open this door!!!! And who even locked the door!!!! Sanchi then looks through the door window and sees Nobody! I know veer left, Pragay and Isha left too! And all the other interns are gone back to their hostels! Maybe Dr Kabir is here! Even if he is here how Am I going to tell him I’m trapped here! Nobody can here me!! Well I’m in a cabin, so I can call pragaya with the landline! Sanchi dials the phone number but the land line is not working!! I hear somebody!! I think it’s Dr Kabir! Ok! I can just write on this paper ? and write the door is locked and drag the paper under the door!! Ok! Dr Kabir is talking with someone on the phone! Let him hang up and then I will drag the paper!! Kabir: yes Ma I will come home asap! Yes I ate lunch today! Oh! Sanchi is in my cabin doing work! Ok bye ma! Then Sanchi drags the paper under! Kabir notices and reads the paper and immediately opens the door! He sees Sanchi on the chair with closed eyes praying! Kabir: Sanchi??? Sanchi runs and Hugs Kabir! She has a scared look on her face! Sanchi: thank u sir! I was afraid I would be stuck here till morning! Then she Notices she is hugging Kabir and Stoppes hugging him! Sanchi: sorry about that! Kabir: its ok… A busboy thinks nobody is in the cabin and closes the door and locks it! Kabir: ok Sanchi let’s take u to ur hostel! Sanchi: Ok sir! Then they try to open the door but they can’t open it! Kabir: oh no! I think it’s locked! And I was the only one here in the hospital! Sanchi: Sir do u have a phone!? Kabir nods and call All Of Sanchi’s friends! Veer, pragay, and isha! But nobody pickes up! Kabir: I guess we have to sleep here today Sanchi. Sanchi: Oh! Kabir: why don’t u finish sorting my files for the morning and u can go to hostel in morning and rest?? Sanchi: sure sir! They both help each other when Sanchi falls asleep on Kabirs arm! Kabir smiles and falls asleep! This was long but hoped u enjoyed!❤️

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